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A Robbins – Developing Outstanding Standards

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one of the things that changes your life is when you think you've hit your highest standard what makes wife never the same again is when you literally decide that there is a higher standard for you when you decide there is more and that's a conscious decision you see in an athlete when there's nothing physically left inside of them it appears and no one else expects it from them and they reach down inside and they step up right to the challenge and you can just see it it's determination right it's will its faith its courage its passion it's when you reach down you find something more inside of you and by the way that's where all the juice is that's what you all came here for whether you tell me that or not and it looks what you really want you may have other ways of languaging what you want but you're hoping for are those core feelings but those core feelings are things you can have in a heartbeat you just must exert them but it starts with even the way you move so I want you to think about constantly raising the standard because if you and life are in a position will you do a poor job at something and that's your standard like in on a regular basis pretty you don't really you don't even do a good job you're pretty poor at it and life you too poor job what kind of rewards do you get for a poor job or that's what I used to think too I used to think if you did a poor job you got poor rewards seem to make sense that's not how life is rigged you do a poor job you get no rewards you do poor job you get the door poor job too often you're out of here you get downsized right-sized out sourced isn't that true you do a poor job in a relationship it's that person is not going to stick around you do poor job with your kids they end up in jail poor equals pain poor there are no rewards for poor it's not an equal deal you poor job you get poor reward wrong let's say that standards way down here now the next level of standards would be a huge jump way up here to something called good now when you do a good job at something what kind of rewards you get some of you say good no I used to think that's who you do a good job you get good rewards wrong I'll tell you the most scary thing that happens to me every day in my life I get stopped every single day by at least a dozen people they come up they either tell me incredible stories about their life has changed they'll say something like mr.

Robbins and they're really serious and you can see there's some pain they go you know I watched you on TV and I thought I've ever met you I might ask you this question ask me questions something like I'm really good man how come my wife left me or it's heartbreaking or so say I'm really good wife how come my husband left me or I'm really I care about my kids how come they hate me how come my kids on cocaine and it tears me up inside because I care so much about people and you can't tell them what the truth is the truth is you did a good job and that's the problem that's the problem because we can do a good job what kind of word you get or so the bottom line is most people here are really trying to do a good job and most people are really good you know they're really good I was a good man and I was fat and I was overweight and in the emotional sense I was broke financially I was broke spiritually as wiped out I was a good guy man I was so frustrated as I said I'm good you got to know goods not good enough now I know none of you would settle for good you wouldn't come here you're all overachievers right so poor is not even in the realm of your possibility good this big jump here you go that's for wusses you guys here are ultimate zebras you're way up here with thing called excellence am i right that's what I thought how many here are community excellent say aye outstanding we do an excellent job at something what kind of rewards do you get good and you know what it really annoys you too doesn't it because most people wait a sec I mean ever done this ever chief the goal man you win for it you achieved it man you made it happen that you went is this all there is how many been in that place it's kind of like a depressing moment isn't it because you work so hard for you achieve the goal and you're still not happy that's because you were really excellent si excellence is like you're like one of the best you know excellence is you really do you know an excellent job and you're not just good you're certainly not poor for God's sakes you should have bigger rewards emotionally or financially or in your career in your relationship for being excellent nope you know I don't have any left there's nothing left to me I've given my all nope you're not giving your all there's that little piece you haven't got to that if you get to it you get all the rewards because if this is poor huge jump to good huge jumps excellence here's the good news all the rewards are at the next level and their disproportionate I mean they're like way beyond what you can imagine and the good news is they're about this much higher than excellence and a little right there right right back and that level hallelujah it feels like it feels like a sermon at this point right that level right here that's just a few inches above it's called outstanding and when you are outstanding when you stand out from all the rest and your courage and your commitment and your persistence and your love and your dedication and your skill set in your whatever you get all the rewards and it's unfair really because you're only a little bit better those people they're excellent but your rewards are like a gazillion amount it's just being outstanding on a consistent basis instead of being excellent and that difference by the way is not usually really a large skill difference it's a psychology difference it's a standard difference it's what you hold yourself to I mean did you watch the opening to the Olympics in Atlanta when this guy walked out on if you remember how many how many saw the opening to the Olympics and this little guy walks out he's 97 years old he's the oldest living gold medalist he walks out of the field what happens 100,000 people see him stand up and clap the president cried I mean why don't you know who this guy is because they know he was outstanding probably 40 50 60 years ago unbelievable think about it 70 years ago that's what we value outstanding in a culture good example is Kerri Strug now this little girl remember what happened this little girl gets her injured it's like a movie right it's like a Rocky movie all encapsulated because you're watching like the Americans finally look like for the first time they're gonna be able to finally win finally beat the Russians and sure enough also this girl wrecks her leg and she does it everybody's like oh my god it's over I can't happen there she goes hold it in and what happens she goes away everybody's there knows from the hall monitor comes angles my god I can't believe it I can't believe she's standing up she's walking towards the mat she couldn't she can't it couldn't be she's not gonna try this she the whole place gets really dramatic and quiet and this little girl with nothing but guts in a heart through the pain goes and lands holds just long going to pull that leg up and everybody goes crazy they win the gold medal how many of you cried come on right up there come on you don't even know this girl if you felt the emotion in that moment if you cry or you felt celebratory the only one reason why because in that moment you recognize the part of you that's what made you me feel moved you know there's a part of you that's outstanding if you cried it may have been that you're not fully utilizing that part of you and you realize that Philip felt celebratory maybe you just for a moment a member would feel like if you engage that part of you that only happens by a decision because it wasn't skill that made her win it was heart and that's something you have total control of if you'll push yourself beyond anything you thought was available like lifting a weight like I mean how do you build a bicep how do you do it what do you got to do you've got a demand you're going to put a huge demand on a consistently don't you you have to take away you can exercise it if you don't exercise it it atrophies but to grow a muscle like really build it you've got to take on something that's much harder much more uncomfortable not what you plan for not what's comfortable for you and if you make yourself do it even though it's uncomfortable and you do it again and again you get growth because as you would make a demand the muscle expands so it is true with the muscle called passion the more you demand of it the more it'll expand but if you just do what you're already comfortable with you leave here kind of pumped up feeling good and yes it wasn't that a cool seminar but your life won't be changed you'll have a great weekend that'll last a month or so that's not why I came by I really want to see you give yourself the gift of raising the standard by the way if I'm going to do ten curls which one of those ten gives me which one does ten do I want to do the least probably which one number ten which one gives you all the growth a number eleven good people do ten when ten is what's asked of them excellent people usually ten in a little half outstanding people always do more than it's expected them because they're not doing it for someone else they're doing it for what they know they're capable of it's when you feel like you don't have an ounce left and you make yourself do it when all of your life has changed so imagine you've come to the mental emotional and spiritual gym I'm not here to tell you what to believe religiously in any way of no conversation for you there I am respectful of whatever you believe whatever you believe I'd say practice it but spirituality is not just religion it's the way you live your life so if you entered the mental emotional physical and spiritual gym then what you'd be here to do is to push yourself harder than ever before because if you go in that gym and just kind of hang out you're going to get exactly what you put into this gym I won't ask you to do anything I don't put myself there first so I will be an example of what's possible in my own way but you want to be your way but I'll show you the standard of what can be done here because I know that if you'll join me in this little part of the journey you're going to experience more of yourself because it's just a law of you it's not me it's the law of physiology the law of their mind in the emotion this conversation make any sense

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