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Anthony Robbins – The Body You Deserve 2/2

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and you deserve that we're going to help you guide yourself to the point of finding that empowering alternative for you as well that's how you create the change that's lasting and I will tell you that even her study after eight years some people backslide that was an average time backsliding doesn't mean it doesn't work what these people were missing though is the fifth step that I want to share with you and that is they never really condition the change so it would last you don't have to remember so much of us as we said earlier with an automatic pilot so much of our body movements our breathing our eating we don't think about a lot of it and so what we're going to do is show you how to reinforce these new patterns till they're in your nervous system we're going to use the science of neuro associative conditioning to show you how you can have the impact in your body so that you will automatically leaks for the kinds of foods that support you you'll automatically desire the kinds of exercise that will be respectful both of your time and of your emotional desires as well you'll begin to get addicted to the new feelings and to the new behavior so that they're automatic instead of constantly being in a battle between what you used to do and what you want to do today that kind of conditioning can work because anything you reinforce enough will remain a conditioned pattern when you're done we're going to show you how to make it happen and finally the sixth step we got to get yourself to test that so you know it works and the best time to test it is right while we're doing the conditioning you want to wait and check it out if you weeks from now so we want to put you in environments where you normally would be tempted to eat certain foods or normally tempted not to follow through on the commitments you've made and you'll be able to show yourself that hey I'm doing this automatically now I don't have to think about our to force myself it's part of who I am and that is when you'll achieve that experience called the body you deserve because it won't just be something that happens for the short-term but something you'll experience for a lifetime and I want to warn you in advance we're gonna do some pretty outrageous things to help you break your patterns here and myself and your Co coach dr.

Nate Boothe who's helped me to put together this program we're going to guide you through taking some actions maybe you're not used to but remember successful people do what the failures won't and if you really want to get new results together be willing to try new things this program is proven and it works you've committed the energy and the time and the capital to have this program you're still watching me so I know you're committed so let's make this a set of steps that you take to guide you not only to take control of your body but maybe your mind your emotions and your spirit something that takes your life to a new level of quality because that's what it's really about it's not just about your body it's about living your dream finally I just want to say to you that I hope you'll enjoy the process of doing this program together with us because so many people in life are always trying to make something happen and force it to happen and I got to lose this extra panel anyway myself how much progress I've made today have I succeeded or I failed that kind of attitude will get you to link pain to creating change what you want to do is love change you want to be like a kid and get curious about yourself every day you're gonna learn a little bit more about yourself emotionally not only physically what makes you tick a little bit and that information can help you to make your relationships better that information can help you better it to be better at your work it can help you just to enjoy your life more so get curious get playful have some fun with me here and let's not just make the change let's make a quality of life happen for you that you've always desired and deserves and we're going to talk a lot about deserving because inside you've got to begin to know that you deserve to have your life at the highest level you deserve to have the vitality and energy the physical power that comes with the body dessert so turn off this video and let's get started immediately listen to audio tape one and I'll look forward to visiting with you there till then remember to live with passion hi and welcome to day seven I'm assuming this is day seven for you and you're not cheating and moving in on the videotape here seriously I want to just congratulate you on the progress you've already made so the purpose of this tape is just to be a very quick morning exercise for your mind see how do you develop a good body you don't go on and do aerobics one time and say okay now I'm healthy for life what you do is you go in and you develop a consistent system so that you're physically vital for the rest your life and it becomes how you think how you feel so what I've designed this little six minute segment to do is really designed to help you to do a couple of bread quick things can get you started in the morning in the right way to tune up your mind and your motions in your body so that you're on track and you're not having to battle with yourself but rather you're on a roll so where are those well I'm holding one of them we're going to teach you a system we call Quisp QSP kind of a weird set of words it stands for questions swish and physiology now what do these things mean well as we talked about so far what human beings do is purely based on the state that they're in at that moment in time and the way they've conditioned themselves to respond to different states for example when you're in a frustrated state you're going to behave differently than if you feel like you're really excited or really happy you're really alive we're really grateful we're feeling really great but we don't snap at people we don't snap at ourselves we don't reach for a cigarette usually in those moments we don't go drink something or have something to eat necessarily in those moments unless those are conditioned patterns so what we want to do is change the way we feel and one of the most powerful ways to change the way we feel is by changing what we focus upon you recall we talked about whatever you focus on you'll feel if right now you want to feel lousy it's real easy to do all you have to do is think of something that once happened to your life that felt bad remember it again in detail you feel lousy all over again some people say I don't have to wait I feel bad enough today and I want to think about my past or other people think of things that haven't even happened yet and they feel bad about it in advance not very bright at the same time we can feel good just by changing what we focus on you could think of something that made you feel really good in the past and remember it enough detail you could feel it again you could if you really wanted to start to notice things that are happening around you right now things that you're grateful for things you're happy about and feel connected to that and I promise you your behavior will change in those emotional states or you can think of things that haven't even happened yet and feel good about it in advance how do we change our focus well we can do it by trying to force it by doing affirmations one on FB MFP M hit me of MP but that rarely works brain goes B s in order to get ourselves to really change our focus we've got to change the questions we ask ourselves one of the most potent discoveries ever made in my life was that our thinking is controlled by the questions we ask ourselves every moment you're alive consciously or unconsciously you're constantly asking and answering questions what should I do what does this mean what are they thinking what am i thinking what's going on here is that true all these questions are going by so fast we're not even aware of them the problem is many of us have a ooooh questions that keep us from a succeeding just asking you salad shall receive right so sometimes we ask questions like how come I always screw myself up well you may not be screwing yourself up but if you ask a lousy question you're gonna go lousy answer you say how come I can never lose weight your brain is gonna come back and say cuz you're a pig right I mean you got to ask a better question to get a better answer in your life so one of the things that we want to do is start out each morning by asking better questions when you wake up you're in the shower your shave and you're asking questions you might be saying how come I have to get up why do I have to do this those are lousy questions how come I get to do this or what do I want to make out of this day those are better questions but I developed a series of questions that I want to invite you to use throughout this program maybe for the rest of your life maybe you'll change them and you're going to see them up on the screen next first question I always ask is what am I really happy about my life right now now you might say well nothing and sometimes my brain says nothing I'm frustrated I'm upset but when your brain says nothing say well then what could I be happy about if I really want to be happy about something and as you do this don't just go I'm happy because I'm alone if you've got to get associated to what is you're happy about what I mean by that is really think about follow-up what am i happy about with you know why does that make me happy how does that make me feel when you get associated to those feelings in your body you'll light up and a state of happiness I can promise you you're going to behave differently than the state of frustration or anger overwhelm or depression or whatever other feelings people tend to often find themselves caught up in this is a good question second question what am I really excited about in my life right now we all want to be excited and passionate we don't want to just make it through the day so each morning start out with what you're excited about load the system load your computer with that information without feeling once you get into a feeling state by the way you tend to get on a roll it's kind of like if you've ever been you know pulled over on the side of the road or somebody's cut in front of you let's say while you're driving on the freeway and you get all upset and 10-15 minutes later you think it's over but you're still kind of stirred up you get to the office and he says how's it going you'll find you're still got a little part of that residue that emotion going on momentum we want to create positive momentum in our lives we want to build those emotional patterns and every day want to make them habits so go through the rest of these questions they're right there on the card you'll see them on the screen and as you answer the questions get associated feeling got a step one to your mental robic each day take this time to answer each of the morning questions make sure you answer each question before you go on to the next give yourself the gift of emotionally experiencing each answer fully what am I most happy about in my life now what about that makes me happy how does that make me feel what am I most excited about my life now what about that makes me excited how does that make me feel what am I most proud about in my life now what about that makes me proud how does that make me feel what am I most grateful about in my life now what about that makes me grateful how does that make me feel am i enjoying most of my life right now what about that do I enjoy how does that make me feel what am I committed to in my life right now

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