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Anthony Robbins: What’s the #1 Key to All Success?

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the number one key to all success my definition of success changed through the years to doing what I want when I want where I want with whomever I want as much as I want in a way that hopefully also benefits other people simultaneously that to me is ultimate for you in that success how many of you willing to play with that as the definition at least for this weekend's a I hold the POE motion scary now that was my idea success and I'd have that in my life and I wanted it again so I thought okay what I need to learn is what is there are all these things you can do there's this and this and there's all these different elements you can study I want to know one thing what's the one thing if you just work on that everything else will fall into place what is the number one key to all success that's all I wanted to know so I went around and I started studying it I started picking up books and have you ever done this if you ever ask yourself a question picked up a book open the right name of the middle of a book and there's the exact answer and you were looking for how many got experience like that so here I am and sure enough I'm reading through this book and I open it up wham-o says the number one key to all success is almost the very way of language in my head so I thought sure enough here it is gold setting I think that's true because if you don't have a goal you have no reason to use your skill or ability or that old phrase it said what a man without a goals like a ship without a rudder they both end up on the rocks kind of corny but true I thought that is it the number one key to success is goal-setting of course I'm a good student to always read another book the second book says forget goal setting goal settings nice but that is not it you can set goal to your blows to you're blue in the face what you going to do in your life is manage your time because you have great goals but if you don't manage your time time is the only resource you can control it is your life I thought that's true the number one key to all success time management of course then I read a third book said forget time management forget goals a whole key to it all is discipline you can play with your time management all day long with you can't discipline yourself you've got nothing that's true it's discipline till I read the fourth book which says forget this one forget time I forgot stuff it's all belief because if your discipline but you don't believe it's going to work it won't or even if it does you won't see it working now by the way which one of these is too the number-one foundational key to all success that's right they all are in fact the list doesn't end here does it so I got me frustrated I thought God how do you work on all these things simultaneously I want to know the one thing that you worked on this alone everything else will fall into place and I searched and I searched and I interviewed people until one day I came across the number one key to all success in life if you're interested you might want to write this down only if you're interested in the number one key to all success in life if not don't bother to jot it down the answer I came up with a number one key to all success is knowledge knowledge I said certainly people who succeed they know things that other people just don't know that's why they're so much more successful but knowledge is it and as soon as I wrote down knowledge of my notes I cross it out because that's definitely not it how could you even write that down come on you got to know better than that see if it was knowledge and everybody who's educated would be successful you know that's not true right how many of you in this room how many of you people in this room right now know somebody who should change your life they know they should change their life even know how they could change their life but they still don't do it how are you know somebody like this maybe intimately yeah that's right so knowledge about it selves not enough see knowing is great but it's not enough knowledge is not power knowledge is information how are something else and what I think is the really number one key to all success is something I call personal power this is really it jot it down personal power that to me is the single number one foundational key to all success if you use it you can get everything else that you want personal power means the ability to take action to follow through to take the steps that are necessary to take an idea and translate it into reality and it's the number one tool that most people like never exercise and forget that every one of us has right now and in any moment or life even if you haven't used this gift for twenty years right now by one decision you could start using your power you could start following through you could take this idea in your head and turn it into physical reality whether that idea is how you want to make your relationship or how you want to influence your children or the kind of money you want to make or a business you want to start it doesn't matter it is available right now all you do is decide and then follow through now you go put Tony what if I do all that stuff and it doesn't work guess what you'll learn something Tony hard to imagine this now as we look at you in this setting but when you were in that 400 square foot apartment 38 pounds overweight broke in this deep dark hole couldn't get out what was the first thing you did what was the first thought you had to get yourself out I think part of as I felt so darn much pain I had to change you know I was in a place where I hated what I was doing I hated the environment I thought to myself why do I have to do this why am i experiencing all this in my life I don't want to work I don't want doing these things and that didn't change me I once I got enough pain one day I changed the question I was asking myself and instead of saying why do I have to do this or how come this has happened to me I asked the question of what would happen if what would happen if I turn my whole life around what would happen if all of a sudden I went to learn some things it could change at all and what I began to do literally is open up a new possibility I think most people's lives they fail primarily because they don't open up the possibility so they never take the actions that could change their life and because I asked how can I turn my life around now what can I do to make things work I started getting new answers you know they say ask and you shall receive asking you shall receive and the key is if you ask why is my life so horrible you'll get lots of information about why absorb if you say why can't I ever succeed your brain will tell you all the reasons why you can't say how come I always succeed how can I turn this around how can I make my life greater how can I contribute you'll get those answers too if you want to change your life change the quality of questions you ask yourself each day

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