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Okay so there's this 7, 38, 55 rule – which
says that 7 percent of all communication is words, 38 percent is your tone of voice,
and a whopping 55 percent of all communication is through your body language – and if you
add it up, it turns out that more than 90% of all communication is non-verbal. So, if you want to present yourself as a confident
person, the best way to achieve that is through your tonality and body language – and by the
end of the video you will learn exactly how to do that.

This video will be divided into 2 parts. First, we will discuss body language tips
and habits of extremely confident individuals and in the second part we will go from head
to toes, covering your feet, legs, torso, arms and head. Now, here are the 4 tips that you can literally
start using today to improve your body language and exude a powerful, calm yet confident vibe
in all of conversations and social interactions. First:
Look your best. This is how our society works right now. Whether you like it or now you will be judged
by your appearance. I know this is not strictly a body language
tip, but it's important! because depending if you look your best or if you don't care
about your appearance at all it can either increase or decrease the effectiveness of
the tips that follow. Plus, you will automatically feel more confident
when you look your best, I'm sure you've experienced this already.

And by looking your best I don't mean expensive
brands and golden watches, what I mean is that you're clean, smell nice and your clothes
are appropriate and fit nicely. Second:
Use power poses. Whenever you are feeling powerful you tend
to subconsciously use a power pose. But what Social psychologist Amy Cuddy revealed
in her TED talk is that standing or sitting with certain poses for as little two minutes
raises testosterone levels and lowers cortisol (also known as the stress hormone). Those hormone levels are associated with power
and dominance. In other words, if you use power poses even
if you are not feeling confident, you Will begin to feel powerful, dominant, optimistic
– traits that belong to the confident alpha.

I will link the TED talk in the description
so you can learn more about the poses and I highly recommend that you go ahead and watch
the whole thing. Third:
Slow yourself down. This was absolutely the tip that made the
biggest difference in my case. And by slowing down I mean slow your movement,
your speech, slow down your arms, if someone calls you slow down as you're turning your
head, simply imagine that you are in a pool of water and act with that speed. The reason why slowing down works is because
it shows people that you got everything under control even if you don't. And it shows that you are not afraid, you're
confident and calm, even if something bad happens you will find a way to fix it.

The opposite of being slow is being impulsive,
nervous and fidgeting. So, try to lower those things as much as possible,
and simply remember to slow yourself down. Fourth:
Practice smiling and holding eye contact correctly. Looking down when walking or talking is the
fastest way to show someone that you are uncomfortable and not confident. What you should do instead is to hold firm
eye contact about 80% of the conversation. If you are not comfortable holding eye contact,
you can try looking your partner in the eyebrows at first, it will be much easier and they
won't notice the difference – after that gradually work your way up into full eye contact.

Also wear a smirk, a light smile on your face
throughout the day, so you come across as approachable, fun and confident person. After the video go ahead and look yourself
in the mirror, compare having a dead serious face with a light playful confident smile,
you'll notice the difference immediately. Now let's go over your stance and posture. Start with your feet shoulder width apart,
and your toes pointing outwards. This is considered open body language. If your legs are crossed or you have one leg
behind the other – this type of body language is called closed body language and its associated
with fear, anxiety, defense and lack of confidence traits that are not so attractive. On the other hand, open body language is associated
with confidence and power, so feet shoulder width apart and toes pointed outwards.

Bonus tip for your feet and legs is to take
big steps. Or at least, don't take small steps. Shuffling or creeping makes you look nervous. So, take firm strides. Arms: Don't cross them! When we're nervous, we tend to put our hands
in our pockets, behind our backs or cross them to cover our chest, and that can be seen
as shy, introverted and passive. So, don't cross them, don't hide them, keep
them relaxed by your side, on your waist or use them to emphasize certain points in your
conversation. Now I want you to pay close attention to the
next 2 groups because they will literally change how people see you. It's your shoulders and chest. I want you to notice your posture right now,
most of you watching this video will have your shoulders slouched forward and your chest
inwards – and, because we spend a lot of time in this position because of computers
and phones, without thinking we carry it throughout the day.

What you should do is, first bring your shoulders
back and then down. This will fix your posture, open up your chest
and straighten your neck. Speaking about the neck, it should be in line
with your body, and your head should be facing forward. You should bring your chin just a little bit
upwards, but don't overdo it as you may come across as arrogant. Also avoid tilting your head down as it signals
uncertainty and lack of confidence.

There is a lot of information in this video
and it might be hard to think about all of those things during the day, so I want you
to kinda learn all of this stuff, get a feel for it instead of memorizing it. Confident body language is all about opening
yourself up, doing slow and controlled motions, speaking with calm and confident voice, having
a straight posture with your shoulders back and your chest up, not being afraid to take
up space and looking and feeling comfortable, a rule of thumb is if you feel comfortable
you look comfortable. Give yourself 10-15 minutes in front of the
mirror after this video, correct some of the things you think need to fixed with your posture,
walking or talking. Practice some of the power poses, because
those 15 minutes may change how people perceive you.

You can literally become more confident, attractive
and successful in your social life and in your life in general if you apply these concepts. If you look and feel confident long enough
on the outside, I guarantee – you will also start to feel it on the inside. Anyway, thanks for watching, and I'll see
you next time..

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