Diabetes Risk Test! Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes – Type 2 Diabetes #4

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Hi Welcome back to Type 2 where we discuss
everything about type 2 Diabetes in a way that everyone can understand. I'm Dr Vladmir Carvalho.Today we are going
to do something special. We will see your chances of getting type 2
diabetes in the next few years Now what you might already know is that there
are more than 460 million people living with diabetes right now. And more than 90% of them are type 2. And about 10% of the health expenditure is
spent on diabetes. You know, that’s a lot! But what you might not know is that half of
the people with type 2 diabetes do not even know they have it.

And then there’s an extra 370 something,
74 million people with Impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) . That means they are not diabetics
but they are getting there. Chances are that some of you watching this
video might be one of them We will take this simple test from ADA, American
Diabetes Association. And I will put a link in the description below,
if you want to download it. It’s pretty simple to follow, we have 7
questions. And according to your answers, you will get
some points. And the more points you have, the closer you
are to type 2 diabetes. Now let’s look at the first one. How old are you? This is the easiest one. Now if you are less than 40 years old, you
are pretty safe, 0 points; 40 to 49, 1 point; 50 to 59, two points; and 60 or more, you
have 3 points. But remember the more points you get the higher
your risk of getting type 2 diabetes is.

Now let’s look at the second question: Are
you a man or a woman? If you are a man you have higher chances of
getting diabetes. There is no equality here. So, we just take it and go
If you are a woman, and you have a history of gestational diabetes. That means diabetes when you were expecting
a baby, but after that it went back to normal. If yes you have a point, if not 0 points. So this doesn’t apply to me, I will just… Number four: Do you have parents or siblings
with diabetes? If yes, a point, no, no points. It’s easy
Question number 4. History of high blood pressure? If you have it, if you have high blood pressure
you get a point, if you don’t, nothing.

In my case it’s very difficult to say because
when I was heavier, I did have high blood pressure. But then, now that I’m light, I'm back to
normal. So… ok. Now number 6. Are you physically active? Do you do physical exercise for at least 150
minutes a week? If yes, 0 points, if no, one point; But I
don’t fully agree with this one because some of us do a lot of exercise, you know. we should get a minus something. And professional athletes should, you know,
maybe minus 5. But let me just erase that to not confuse
everybody. I don’t have an eraser
Now for the last question. Are you overweight? Now there’s a table that I’m going to
put here.

Then you just need to look at your height. Now when you find your height, ignore everything
else on that table. You just need to look at that line and find
your weight. If you weigh less than what you can find in
that table, you have 0 points. If it’s the first one you get 1, the second
one you get 2, and the third one 3.

Now that you have everything you need to count
your points. For me, 3. Now if you score 5 or more know that diabetes
is about to knock at your door. But… Ok, not literally, you know, for you to be
sure if you are going to have diabetes or not, you need to go to the hospital and check
with your doctor. But if you scored 5 or higher you are at increased
risk of having type 2 diabetes. Fortunately you can do something about it. Because diabetes can be prevented. It’s not like something that you get anyhow. You can prevent it. You know, If we look at studies like DPP for
example, Diabetes Prevention Program. They found that just a moderate weight loss
of about 7% and 150 minutes of exercise per week can reduce the incident of type 2 diabetes
by 58%. That's a lot! That’s better than metformin.

You know, a lot times when patients find out
that they have type 2 diabetes, they tell us you know, my grandmother, my grandfather,
they died of it, you know, that’s why they gave it to me. Or my mother, my father… They have a lot of excuses. But when we look at the risk test, that is
just 1 point. And we already know that a moderate weight
loss of 7% and 150 minutes of exercise per week can reduce the incident of type 2 diabetes
by 58%. Now can you imagine if you do more than that? Right? And if you have high blood pressure, you need
to take care of it. If you…well if you are a man, you know,
stay man! Don’t do anything about that one. And if you are old…anyways just know if
you are at risk. You know the message from IDF (International
Diabetes Federation) this year is: Protect your family. So take this test and also do it for your
family members. Wait before you go write in the comments section
below how many points you got. And we will discuss there.

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family that are sharing my videos in different places. I really appreciate that! Have a blessed week. Bye.

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