Red Tea Detox

Full day Detox diet plan for weight loss in hindi | Detox drinks , detox salad recipes

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Hi guys, my name is Anwesha Mukherjee,
and you are watching SimpleTips Anwesha. In today's video we are going
to discuss about a detox diet plan and some detox tips and hacks which will
definitely help you in your weight loss journey. Now, people have different
types of views regarding detox diet some say it doesn't help them at all, also there is a school of thought which
stress on detoxification and detox diet very much. Now, body itself definitely can
cleanse the toxin from within but to assist it these little hacks,
tips and diet plans helps a lot.

The basic concept of a detox diet is to
consciously choose some healthier alternative. A detox diet plan will boost
metabolism in your body, it will clean toxins from your body, it will cure blotting in your body, and it will assist you in your weight loss journey. In today's video, we will learn some hacks and also will learn some recipes.

Let's begin. To start with, in the morning
we will begin with a bottle of water and for detoxification, oil pulling is the best method
to cleanse your body. The detoxification cleaning starts from your mouth. For oil pulling, you can take
1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil and swill it for 10 minutes inside
your mouth, and then throw it off, and then you brush your teeth. Next, of course, is my favourite
apple cider vinegar water.

And for those it suits, they must include it,
because it boosts your metabolism. And people for whom
apple cider vinegar doesn't suit they can take fennel seeds. You can let the fennel seeds
wet throughout the night, or you can powder it, and
drink it by mixing with water. If you do detoxification
throughout the day, try to include raw vegetables, fruits in your diet. I'm going to share a recipe for breakfast,
okay, let's watch it. In the morning I have prepared
kiwi and banana smoothie. I have used 1 banana
and 2 Kiwis and soya milk. As today is detox day,
that's why we will remain dairy free. So this is very tasty and yummy, definitely very easy. We are going to avoid dairy,
so we will have green tea on a detox day. And cucumber, we will take cucumber, if we felt
like having midmorning snack hunger. Along with it, I am going to make Quinoa Pulao. So let's see the recipe. We pour some oil in the cooking pan and added cumin seeds,
cinnamon stick, black pepper and I will sauté it by
add bay leaf and red chilly.

After that, I'm going to add Asafoetida and then again sauté it very nicely. After that, I'm going to add
chopped onions, then chopped garlic and then again sauté it,
till it turns brown and after that we will add capsicum,
green chilli, beans, green peas and carrots, and sauté all these things nicely. Add a pinch of salt,
and sauté the vegetables once again. So vegetables are ready for Pulao. I have rinsed and then boiled
this quinoa properly. I have black colour quinoa
but usually it is white. Then add it to the mixture and sauté it well. Adding the spices, usual ones. Salt, black pepper, garam masala, cumin powder And again, mix the ingredients well. So your quinoa pulao is ready, very tasty! During evening snacks you can again
take your green tea and green coffee, also you can take Makhana (Fox Nuts) Or if you're very busy or you're in office or you're in a rush
and you have no time to make anything, definitely you can also include
meal replacement in your diet.

Which I will talk about later. Now let's go and see dinner recipe. We are making mushroom veg soup. We will add chopped garlic in the olive oil and sauté it well. After that, we will add capsicum and
mushroom, and sauté them as well. You can keep it, as it is or you can
add a little bit more vegetables also.

After that, I will add some beans and carrots but this step is optional. We will add water after sautéing well. We will add water according to our
desired consistency. We will add salt and black pepper powder. So here I have 1 tablespoon cornflour and I'm pouring a little water in it. I am adding very little,
just half tablespoon of soy sauce. And I will mix it well,
and make a paste out of it. And I'm going to add it to the soup.

So meanwhile it's boiling, we will cover it and after a few minutes, we are going
to check the consistency of the soup. Keep sautéing and checking it.
It has a Chinese flavour due to the soy sauce. So this is ready, it's very yummy, do try. I'm sharing all my recipes with you. Their calorie intake will be very low And on detox day try to do yoga. I have many yoga videos, you can watch
any of them, and do for 15 to 20 minutes. We will try to go to sleep early. I have already shared my night-time routine,
please do watch it. So these are some hacks
and tricks that you can try.

Like before I was telling you So I have this Kapiva's
plant-based meal replacement. This is the Kapiva's slim shake weight
control powered by Ayurveda. By six Ayurvedic herbs. It has green coffee beans
that will boost your metabolism. Garcinia aids in weight loss,
apple cider vinegar which controls hunger. Cinnamon that reduces sugar cravings. Green tea burns fat and
Boswellia which is anti-inflammatory. You should not take meal replacement daily but yes, in days when you are very busy
or you're planning something like detox diet and you need to eat something within
500 cal, then definitely you can include this because it is safe enough
to be included in your diet. You just need to add one scoop to the water,
and it serves as a very good meal replacement. You can replace your lunch, evening
snacks or dinner or breakfast with it. And it's completely gluten-free and safe to have. I have the link in the description box below and there is a discount code: anwesha20
with this you can get a 20% discount from Kapiva.

Also it has more proteins than carb. It will keep you fuller for
a very longer period of time. So, in conclusion, I would like to say guys,
if you are planning a meal for full-day detox then you can include this type of recipes in your diet. Of course, you can switch, you can include different kinds of
fibre, different vegetable, different fruits. And you can have one detox day like this. I would technically tell you,
that you can plan a detox day like this once in 15 days or once a month. Now, whenever I do a detox diet
I always share it on YouTube and I haven't done such
a detox day for a long time.

It was, of course, a detox day is definitely
different from other days of your meal planning, right? So these are some hacks and tips,
which you can definitely include and see how it helps you in your weight loss journey,
how it helps to… Things which happens with me is
whenever I plan a diet for detox day usually I'm not that frequent with fasting
and with detox diet, I'm not big fan of the things but the day when I do it, I have seen,
it really makes me feel nice light weighted and I feel good.

So one day for me, such a diet
really really helps me. Definitely it breaks the monotony. So yes definitely try it. See if it works for you. And I see you guys soon, do not forget to check the
description box for the Kapiva product. I love you guys so much, take care. Bye! Watch my other contents here. And of course do not forget
to do the September challenges. Bye guys..

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