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How To Lose 15 pounds in 7 days with Peel-a-Pound Soup

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hey everybody thanks for joining us here at to your cooks I appreciate it I got a recipe for a cabbage soup from my grandmother probably 30-plus years ago and if memory serves she got this recipe from a heart hospital in Baton Rouge that would give it to heart patients that needed surgery and if they were a little too obese to have the surgery when they came in they would put them on this restrictive diet and have them eat this soup along with a bunch of fruit and stuff to help them lose weight so this is an excellent suit I mean it really really does taste good and the key to this soup though is you can eat as much of as you want because it takes more energy for your body to burn the calories that are in this soup then calories that the soup gives you so you're actually burning calories by eating this soup pretty cool huh really simple to make easy to throw together and again it tastes wonderful folks let me show you what goes in this all right everybody this is the bashful ingredients here let me show you the recipe this is an old recipe is originally called peel of pound soup and it's a seven-day restrictive diet this first paragraph that's the ingredients for the soup and tells you how to make it it's very simple I'll put that in description box for you you don't need some onion soup mix okay one packet you're gonna need six to seven beef bouillon cubes or I guess you could use beef stock if you want doesn't matter you gonna need if you use the cubes though be futian cubes you're going to need about three cups of work you don't need celery you're going to need onion you gonna need garlic it calls for either stew – stood tomatoes or whole peeled tomatoes I'm using the whole peeled tomatoes one can head of cabbage you're gonna need some bell peppers I'm using both red and green doesn't matter alright folks let's start putting all this together again this is my whole peeled tomatoes going in with those just squeezing the juice out of them what you have those busted up quit though and you're in the soup mix without a Meister this is the blue young cubes in water I'll put three cups of water in there go ahead go in with all your veggies there's most of now Williams chopped up garlic going over the cabbage again you can see that coarse chop and this is you're gonna need a pretty large pot to start off with what this cabbage is going to cook down folks so if you can't fit it all in your pot let it cook down a little bit and then we add the rest of this after that cooks down just a little bit all right everybody it's been about 15 minutes this come up to a boil I'm fixing to turn it down to simmer and again it did stir it up and as you can see the cabbage just wilted down go nicely you want to stir this up every once in a while and again put the lid on it simmer it just until the veggies are done to your liking as tender as you like them alright folks let's check this out and it cooked down till to my liking here it's probably been hour and a half maybe two hours then that look gorgeous smells terrific if you notice I did not add any salt or pepper my opinion it does not need salt or pepper let's give this a taste all right everybody got me a nice spoonful here still piping hot tell you what this is a fabulous suit folks I really do hope you'll give it a try and again the more you eat the more weight you're going to lose so y'all give it a shot appreciate ya'll watching now give me a thumbs up if you like the video and if you notice up please go ahead and sub and as always I hope you share the video and when you do please tell all your friends that T Roy cooks responsibly I see how next time everybody Cheers

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