Instant Manifestation: How to Get Things Fast

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How to get things fast.
If you have watched what has happened over the last hundred years or 150 years, civilization
and evolution have moved fast. We want everything to happen fast.
There is even fast food shops, fast computers. So, it's human nature, wanting to be fast.
They don't want to wait. And I have also spoken many times that waiting
is a waste of time. So, nobody wants to wait.
Everybody wants everything instantaneously. And that is not a bad idea at all.
As far as manifestation is concerned, I have said many times that it takes place in a zone
of no time. Time is not involved in manifestation at all. In other words, manifestation then
is instantaneous. I have done a few small videos for you on Time and how to get beyond
this Time. And I put the meditation on the Sun and Moon for you to practice. But, somehow,
it has been lost in the many videos that Ihave done.

But I just want to explain to you: That
is the Most Powerful Meditation ever. To transcend time and to be in a place where
you can manifest very quick. What about the Sun and what about the Moon?
And how are they are related to Time? So the Sun and the Moon create Time.
You know, we have Solar calendars. We have lunar calendars.
And what is the, what are these calendars? They are just only representation of the movement
of Time. And the Sun moves through the Zodiacs. 365
days create one year. And the Sun and the Moon move through the
Zodiacs and that is how we created the Solar, the Solar and the Lunar calendar.
So, if you can arrest the moment of the Sun and the Moon, then you see that you are in
a timeless space.

You see the symbolism of the Sun and Moon everywhere. In the Rosicrucians
too and it represents the two Brains. The Sun represents the Left Brain and the Moon,
the Right Brain. But, the Meditation is to have the Sun and
the Moon to merge within, within the heart. Then, what happens is Time comes to a standstill.
So, time and again, you should visualize the Sun in your heart, and then Moon getting into
the Sun and merging. And if you, you don't have to do anything.
Just have this image all the time. within your consciousness. Then you will find
the time coming to an end. And this technique has come from Yoga Vasistha.
Vasistha, the greatest Guru the world has ever known, tells Rama, the Avatar, "Hey Rama,
don't do anything. Just do this. Then you will see the external reality is just an Illusion.
Then you are the master of the world." So, this is a great technique.
I want every one of you to, to do this very simple technique.

And you will get a lot of
benefit out of it..

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