Instant Manifestation Techniques An Intro to Law of Attraction Steps Part 1 With Amanda Jane

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] it's a man to Jane and welcome to get a gorgeous which is a lifestyle channel for women who dare to live their dreams and for those of you who want to go from feeling frustrated in any area of your life to feeling more in control and fabulous and creating that life that you truly want and that you truly deserve so today I am going to get into the three steps to instant manifestation techniques so make sure you've got your journal and write them down and this is an introduction to the laws of attraction that will help you create and live your dreams in time and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified of all the videos that are pulled up each and every week because these videos are potent and very powerful if you implement each of the steps and strategies that I share with you all based on my own journey my experience and my results in life as well as the results of other people that I have helped over the past 15 years so let's get into it I wrote down some steps in my own journal because I didn't want to miss out on anything for you so part one have you ever wondered why it seems that some people seem to have their life together they seem happy they've got health they've got wealth they've got great relationships a job or a career that they love lots of friends and they just seem happy all the time and yet you look in the mirror and you think to yourself what happened to me where did I go wrong why can't my life go the way I thought it would go or the way I had planned it well I can share with you that success in life doesn't just happen success in life comes from having a proven formula and using the laws of the universe to help you create or manifest that life that you truly want so let's talk about technique number one I want you to get your journal or write something write on something so you don't forget these really and notes that I'm about to share with you technique number one I call that awareness here's the thing if you look at your current life so think about say the three areas of your life that encumber all areas your health your wealth and your happiness now looking at your life right now under the microscope so to speak what does it look like for you is it what you thought it would be now is it everything that you hopes that you're a young person that it would be are you happy in terms of your health are you happy in terms of what wolf you've created in all areas of your life and do you truly wake up each and every morning feeling happy you feel worthwhile you feel enthusiastic about jumping into your day or like so many other people do you wake up not wanting to get out of bed not knowing what is even driving you not living your own hopes and dreams you see creating this life that you really want and using the instant manifestation techniques first of all takes absolute awareness now the great news for you is that it doesn't matter who you are or where you've been all that matters is where you are going and so what I do the first step or to take the first step and this is what I've done for 22 years now is actually look at my life in all those areas and write down what I thought it would look like now and then what I'm going to do is take you into step two and ask you some more questions that will help you wherever you are right now is the perfect place to begin don't worry about the past the past has already happened all we have is the now and that's why I call these principles live now success principles while we plan and create an amazing future and I can say from my own results that the law of success and the laws of attraction play at hand and what I'm about to share with you so as I said technique number one is just becoming aware of our outer world because our outer world is a reflection of out in a world now that takes me into technique number two and I say that is understanding and knowing our thoughts did you know that we have about seventy nine thousand thoughts each and every day but here's the thing most of the thoughts that we have today are the same thoughts or similar to those that we had yesterday last week last month last year in fact for years and years and those thoughts that we have create habits in our life those thoughts that we have create our outer world and so technique number two is really starting to track and understand what your thoughts are each and every day and so I've written down a couple of things and I want you to write this down as well would you say that your thoughts are empowering your life or are they disempowering you so what is the language that you're using first of all for your self-talk you know that inner chatter that goes on in our head what is your talk like is it helping you achieve the life you want or do you feel that it's really holding you back and then how do you talk to other people what are your thoughts and what are your language and so would you say that your self-talk is toxic or is it self loving I mean I look at my life for so many years in my early childhood right into my teenage years I had really bad toxic self-talk and that really held me back from creating my dream life and these are the things that I needed to learn to go and change the way I felt about myself I had to change first of all had to become aware and then I had to learn to control my thoughts and not just let my thoughts control me so write that down and the second thing I'd ask you is or the third thing that asked you is do you feel worthy do you feel worthy or unworthy of having a life that you truly dream about there is no right no wrong it's just what's important for you what's inspiring for you and what's meaningful for you so as I said before this is just a very short introduction to the laws of a action in more videos coming soon I'm going to delve really deep into helping you think about and plan and create that life that you want but today's just an intro so the first two steps awareness and what are your thoughts are they going to help you get the life you want or are they going to hold you back and what I will do there track these things for the next 14 days okay look at the world around you then start to track your thinking and your thought processes for the next 14 days so that you can become more aware and you know what you're actually saying to yourself then technique number three and that is about becoming aware of the way you feel you see your thoughts create your feelings and the way you feel then dictates your habits your words and your actions and therefore if you don't love the life that you currently live in any of those areas health wealth and happiness then that comes down to the way you think because you're there your thoughts and then how you feel because based on how we feel that determines the actions that we will then take now those actions are they congruent with the life that you want to live or not congruent are they in your highest interests are they helping you achieve those goals and those intentions that you want to live ok so I want you just write that down and here's the indication and this goes back to the laws of attraction all you need to know is or take note of is how you feel if you feel good you are moving towards something that's great something that you can achieve something that is meaningful for you but if you don't feel so good then maybe you're concentrating on something that's not serving you concentrating or thinking about something that you can't change and it might be in the past or future fear and worry and so I know this sounds like a lot to take in for an intro but these are the things that really start to change your life and therefore help you man of a life that you've been thinking about and dreaming about perhaps for many years as I was and so how you feel moment to moment is most important and as I would say track the way you feel for the next 14 days and start to really pinpoint where your emotions stem from do they stem from thoughts that are powerful or disempowering so what we want to do here is change your focus so for me for instance I focus on things that I want to achieve I don't dwell on the past I can't change the past I've learned to make peace with the past but I dwell on what I want to achieve in my life I think about it I plan about it and you know all these different opportunities come my way because I am more in control of my thoughts therefore my feelings therefore my words and therefore my actions so that today is a short introduction to the laws of the universe and instant manifestation techniques and in the next video I'm going to delve deeper into part two on steps four five and six so if I just go over it one more time for you quickly step number one or technique number one is becoming aware that your outer world reflects your inner world it's technique number two or step number two your thoughts learn to control your thoughts try and have more empowering thoughts and let go of the disempowering thoughts be certain to track your self-talk and ask yourself is this empowering or disempowering and then number three we start to ask ourselves well how do I feel do I feel good about what I'm doing now or do I feel not so good am i focusing on things that are not empowering so I look forward to seeing you in the next video I hope you took some notes down because this is really powerful stuff and this is how I turned a life of absolute frustration a life I truly didn't love living I was so anxious and so angry at the life that I created in my first 27 years because I didn't understand this stuff and nobody explained it to me and so throughout these videos I'm going to explain it to you in bite-sized pieces and so you can just take one step at a time one day at a time and remember where you're beginning right now is absolutely perfect and I believe in you and all of those dreams that you have so until next week's video I always like to say be bold be courageous and be fabulous gorgeous be sure to subscribe give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and you found value in it and please share it with your friends and those that you know would love to go from feeling frustrated to absolutely fabulous and living their dream life just as you want to okay gorgeous I look forward to seeing you in next week's video [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music]

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