manifestation a paris oui aux cirque avec des animaux :1

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and yes today as you could see there is a demonstration in paris therefore for the animals in syrte so that they remain in the sirh and for the town hall authorizations to smooth angola so we put a small extract now from this demonstration go let's go a little video with photos and videos [Music] music] m Oh m [Music] m [Music] [Music] ah ah [Applause] [Music] ok on this beautiful piece of Marseille I hope you enjoyed this video subscribe leave thumbs up blue trying for a few mentors if you liked this video So here we go we'll meet again next time new video festivals worlds with exclusive roger falck the youngest as so others awarded by Princess Stephanie at the prestigious festival international circus of monte-carlo perhaps also came to prodigious trapeze artists the elephants awarded at the massy la circus festival piste aux étoiles also features the largest traveling menagerie with his herd of elephants his collection of guests including the extremely rare lions white and 10 go white [Music].

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