Manifestation de Ruffec 2014-12-18 vidéo 2

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cents per liter is what could help or even save farmers from goats in the region they always demand a rise in the price of milk and will demonstrate tomorrow at ruffec in front of the central purchasing center of the Leclerc centers al marri baillargé his basket naoui ans met at the breeder who evokes the difficulties of the profession it has been four years since the sector goat is in crisis in 2010 the price of milk falls the year last the breeders lead actions punch in supermarkets and get an increase of 5 cents per liter half of that they considered necessary to maintain their operation for a year longer late assessment 25% of Picto Charentais breeders have disappeared it's difficult months ago when we ask ourselves the question is this that it takes what not rather stop everything and then find a job elsewhere are they not hungry afterwards it's a passion it's here I have always wanted is a breeder and I hope to be there as long as possible so that david remains breeders he should be paid 4 cents more per liter like many he suffers from the drop in prices paid a paradox because in France there is a shortage of 50 million liters of milk compared the dairies are lacking in milk that should drive up prices we need a milk price much higher than that we are missing these four cents what do these four cents per liter for consumers? will not smell but for us it is vital for us in the first producing region goat cheese, a standoff has been engaged between the breeders and the large-scale distribution so that a price agreement finally exists david wants to be able to face the financial problems of his operation and live decently from his job with

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