Mike’s Prediabetes Journey | Type 2 Diabetes Prevention | Ad Council

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My name is Michael Jones. I'm a retired police officer. For the last four and a half years I've just
been traveling and hanging loose. When I was working at NYPD it was very busy. You don't take care of yourself like you should. You know, you just…eat whatever you could
eat, whatever fast food, junk food in the vending machines. The only thing I knew about diabetes was that
both my parents had it. My mother got it in her late 50s and my father
got it in his early 60s. I never thought about it.I just thought "I'm
young." I thought I was healthy. I was going to the doctor maybe once a year. And in the blood work they test you for everything. It was a wake up call…literally.

I was asleep one day and the phone woke me
up, and he made me aware that I had prediabetes. I immediately thought about my parents, watching
my parents take needles every day, and I just said to myself I couldn't do it. "Hey, how you doing?" "So Michael, you have peanut butter, what
is the serving size?" The counselors in the program showed me that
this was in reach for me to prevent.

And they showed me the right things to eat,
they showed me the right things to incorporate in my life. "Michael absorbed the whole program, and once
you do that, you know, you can see the results." We meet once a week. And we talk about what we do in our lives
and the changes we've made. It gives you a sense of camaraderie. You learn something new every time you go
there. Basically I just started shopping better. I cook my own food, baked chicken, grilled
chicken. Boiled potatoes. Steamed broccoli.

I make smoothies, lot of fruits, vegetables. Not too much red meat. Chicken and turkey. You know, you can use what's around you. I can do calisthenics right here in my living
room, and I'll just go outside and run around the park. The motivation for me is to watch my children
grow and be here for them. It may sound kind of dramatic, but it's like
I'm running for my life. The results of my blood work from my A1C test
are now close to normal. You really can reverse prediabetes. I'm proud to see how far I've come. I feel better, I feel stronger, I have a whole
new life ahead of me. I plan to do a lot more traveling, try to
hit every continent, and just live life to the fullest.

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