Money Manifestation Challenge Step 2 (Inspired by Teal Scott)

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hey everybody um I hope you're having an awesome day this is money manifestation challenge step 2 video to this is all about visualizations so step number two is visualize what you want why you want it and what you're going to do with it so that means that you want to find a nice quiet place to do this visualization you want to get okay then a couple of like little notes underneath that you want to get as specific as possible going to like every minut detail tap into all of your senses during this visualization you know feels as if you are imagining a house you want to buy then you know see the carpets you everything you know look in the kitchen see the light coming in through the windows everything like that number two is make it believable so have it something that feels good to you if there's something that you're imagining you're like no no way like this is so far out of reach that it doesn't even feel good really for you to think about it it doesn't feel possible then okay make it more accessible scale it down to something maybe smaller that feels good to imagine you want to be able to have fun with this visualization as much as possible even though it's going to be a new thing that you're doing so there are going to be some learning curves for sure little man on the camera ok the other thing is that at you want to ask why you want it so tap into that why I find helpful to connect that back to this to your own happiness so you might discover that you wanted something out of a pure ego reason and then you might you might realize you don't even really need it if it's something that you feel would really be an extension of your happiness and go for it so I am blogging about this experience and if you want to see these all this all written written out I'm gonna link that I'm going to kind of try to make these videos more about sharing my experience of doing this so um it's funny because over the past few days I mean I understand that I'm out in the country and get it there are bugs everywhere but it's like there have been certain ones was kind of seeking me out driving in the car huge grasshoppers like hopping in through the car while I'm driving on to me freaking out as a passenger and a driver having flies just to really seek me out a lot of gnats like it's just funny because I was trying to do this visualization it's a what better place to a visualization that a hammock you know out in the countryside beautiful weather laying out there and I could not I was getting super attacked by bugs um so I went inside and I have to say I there was more challenge to this than I thought that there was going to be um it was challenging for me to visualize first of all that's challenging and um but honestly I was able to do without too much trouble what the really core of everything was for me was doing this on youtube and blogging about it and everything it's a very public way for me to change by my paradigm money is something I had not allowed into this new paradigm of creating my own reality and it's sort of freaking me out I mean I just started thinking that I'm gonna seem nuts to people and you know reach that point of like am i nuts you know am I nutty am I saying you create your own reality because I'm delusional it's like even as I was thinking this I could tell that it was my fears all coming up so I wasn't built really believing it or buying into it but even that alone something to have me kind of panic might you send my ego into that panic of I don't believe that there is you know such a thing as you can do it all for naught I don't think that's true I think everything is a growing experience everything is learning you're expanding in every moment but somehow I still thought that you know where I felt really is more accurate that it could be detrimental or you know I could be publicly shamed and I think really this was more the fact that these were all criticisms I had in the past of like money manifestation honestly when I saw that I was going to do something about money manifestation like this part of me just wanted to roll my eyes so bad and so dramatically because I just it's like money manifestation like oh I just think it was such and there are a lot of things out there that are really scammy and not cool and um so uh yeah having come from you know seeing those or just my own biased perspective in the past um that was really shut down it's really difficult for me I was like it wasn't I was like gosh I keep doing this and that was like heck yeah and then I ended up getting so much love and so much validation just when I needed it from all the right people and feeling really good in my blog I wrote about a dramatic dream I had so that was amazing and this awesome dream where I ended up anyway just go read my blog I don't want to make this video super long but and I also write my blog about how I got offered a job yesterday so I'm new to this area obviously don't have a job part of what i'm doing here is relaxing into myself because I've been so nervous even while I've been here I have to keep reminding myself like it's okay to be happy it's okay to relax and be happy because that is when I'm creative and that's when i'm open to possibilities every time that I start worrying you know I get constricted and I start looking at the clock kind of like okay how much time do I have got to make this happen and I do trust that I can make it happen it's funny because the job offer that I got was at a restaurant and that's something that I have Vincent you know I know that that is not my ideal but I know that I can make money in a restaurant I've done it but I definitely have to not turn into somebody I'm not but go into a different mode that is not my natural mode and that's okay but I came out here in part to kind of go to a different place and expand my horizons and expand in general and so you know I was like it was cool it was really cool to get that reflection of like okay like that's what I'm allowing now you know I'm confident in that and it was cool to just have this offered to me I did not ask anything about it it was just like straight up somebody's like hey you want to work here like we're hiring and that was really neat so I do expect that that will be happening on a much more on a scale it is much more aligned with me later on so all right mr.

fly is coming back again so I'm going to sign off have a wonderful beautiful day and yeah check back for me for step three which will be happening in a couple days all right love y'all.

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