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MUST WATCH – Tony Robbins Economic Warning 1/2

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hi this is tony robbins listen I want to pull out this special message to you and alert if you will an alarm a cautionary tale something for you too just to consider right now the stock market is as you probably see a beginning to grow again and expanding and people putting money back in the market and I've had the unique privilege of spending the last 18 years of my life personally coaching one of the top 10 financial traders in the history of the world this is a man who in 1987 when the stock market crashed it's largest single percentage in a day still he made more money than he went had in history on that day he made literally you know half a billion dollars in a day today that doesn't sound like much when her trillions of dollars but back then that was the most money anyone had ever made in a day it was a day when everybody else lost money so he had the ability to see what was coming to anticipate it and he was so effective the press the United States called him and said what do we do he literally called the market like a week in advance almost hour by hour with incredible accuracy he wasn't somebody just channeled this it was just brilliant unfortunately after being so accurate and after kind of like walking on the moon what do you do after you do that he lost some of us focus in his edge and he lost money for many years after that and I was brought in to work with them to do a turn around and I'm proud to tell you that over these 18 years he's made money every single year that I've worked with him and in 2008 when many of the hedge funds were losing 30 40 50 60 so much as eighty percent he made more than twenty percent and profit that year a year when all hell's breakin was so I tell you that because I'm putting up this morning not because I'm so smart or I have all these answers I'm not coming to you as a market trader our timer I should say I'm not coming to you to tell you what to do I'm just coming to you to kind of say right now is a time you might want to consider really educating yourself and deciding is this a time to take some stuff that you've made investments of lift off the table if they're in the stock market especially obviously if they're in manufacturing or retail or banking or god forbid in the area of you know home building or housing or something of that nature I'm telling you this because I want to give you just some things to consider and you make your own decisions I'm not tell you what to do i'm not a financial planner or enormous selling you any form of stock I just I feel bad if I didn't warn you when i say warned you learn you want something to consider i'm not saying this is how it is i'll give you little history for two seconds in april of 2008 having worked with this gentleman and other top people in the financial world i obviously got a real good look at what was happening with credit default swaps what was happening with the over leveraging of various financial institutions and the insiders were talking about what was coming at that point and so I took my best clients my platinum partners and I flew them to Dubai and said listen you guys I always bring you the best I try to give you an advantage in advance of anything that's coming the financial world as you know it's about to change radically and levels you won't even imagine it's coming real quick I can't tell you when but I know it's coming quick sometimes next three four five six seven months it's going to happen and we spent three days where I brought in experts to paint them a picture of how they should protect himself because people get so seduced into why don't you make money when things are going well they think you're going to go well forever when things are going lousy they think it's going to go lousy forever and so we make stupid mistakes it's why most investors over a ten-year period of time ninety-five percent of them lose money they ride things up and then you know they rock it back down and they get eaten up alive so there are a lot of people disturbed that weekend but the ones that listen which was majority of them made some very smart moves some of which save themselves hundreds of thousand dollars some millions of dollars because they were able to know where things are going and if there's one thing I knew in my life I've spent my whole life doing its trying to know the road ahead if you've ever had the humiliating experience of playing a video game against a child you know it's humiliating because they always win and they win for one reason not because they're faster not because they're strong or not because they're quicker because they played this game before you know they usually say come on try this little game with me and you're like no no I'm not apply and come on uncle come on auntie come on mom or dad and just point and shoot you go Boing blink and you know you're dead in 3.2 seconds and the kid comes in goes choo choo choo choo choo into to do too in about 45 minutes later you get your second turn and it's not because they're quicker it's because they know because they played this game before that's where the first bad guy that's where the second bad bias and so they have the power to anticipate instead of react reaction will always cost you across your Norma's stress so I'm sending you out to a messages i'm not saying this is what so I'm saying anticipate this possibility of what I'm bringing forth let's look at some real quick logic go do your own homework and make your own decisions whatever you decide that'll be your decision i'm not here to tell you what to do but i do want to alert you to a few things which is why i'm putting out this real quick blog so without going with steph i'll tell you that in october november of 2008 after trillions had melted down in the marketplace i was invited to go on the Today Show and they said would you please pump everybody up you know they've lost their life savings and I said well first of all I don't pump people up that's not what I do I believe in intelligence and telling you it's going to get better suddenly it's just not true and I got three minutes so when I try to do in those three minutes is share with people that this is a season change this is winter that in winter there are some sunny beautiful days but the game has changed the psychology has changed the mood has changed and that you're eighty dollar stocks that have gone down to eight dollars here's the good news some of them going to go into a dollar some are going to go to ninety-five cents if you look at the history of what happened in the 30s and what happened in the 70s and I explained our work with these financial traders and I said that sounds even more depressing but you're going to see some of those stocks that drop down to 75 cents or a dollar jump to five dollars like that someone will go back to 10 12 or 15 and you'll see a thousand percent 2,000 percent returns on your money if you can not be fearful and if you can get things straight nights and I'm not pretending to be the perfect market timer but I think you can know that there's opportunity here and I said you'll see it and sure enough I can never exactly want to happen because I tweeted and it's one of the few times I probably tweeted three or four times in my entire history to 1.7 million people I tweeted on March the second of 2009 look for a bottom I'm not telling you what to believe telling you to educate yourself but right now what it looks like it's the worst could ever be everybody i'm working with believes the bottom is coming and sure enough seven days later it happen i didn't plead any other time other than that to give you an idea I'm not telling this because I'm so smart i'm just trying to tell you that the warning is probably worth considering that's all I'm asking you to do protect yourself or consider protecting yourself out of 1 i'm sharing with you right now and so you know that gives you a kind of a sense of the track record of what's happening just now I've been starting to kind of warn people and say look we've seen this huge growth up and now we have some challenges so you got to look at what's the long-term trend you might go make some more money for a few more weeks or a few more months maybe even six months or nine months but maybe it's time to protect your assets a little bit and if you think the market is going to reverse and you're a person that wants to take advantage of that look at the ways you can make money in any market place so let me just give you a real fast first a quick question what drives the economy and then maybe seven things you should consider that might give you a sense that this economy may be getting a lot worse which my gut is you probably already believe this before it gets better so that you can think about how to take advantage so weird what drives the economy is it interest rates interest rates now are incredibly low they're about as low as humanly can be gotten if you look at history Japan brought inch rates down to virtually zero and they couldn't skim you like their economy when the mood changes the psychological mood when human beings have a different mindset they behave radically different that's my expertise and what I can tell you is that the economy is driven by one thing spending if people spend money then businesses have customers they're able to hire other employees they're able to expand that produces more jobs the cycle as you well know the more demand the more that the economy rises and the demand is all based on spending seventy percent of spending seventy percent of the economy i should say is consumer spending of that consumer spending you could predict over the last 25 35 40 years a certain aspect of our economy and that is this baby boom generation the largest generation in human history the largest middle class in human history was able to spend money at different stages in different ways when they were all babies you knew what was going to happen Viper sales went absolutely berserk because there are more babies than any other time when they went to school there weren't enough teachers when they got in the marketplace there was a lot of inflation because young people cost a lot to train and they'll add a lot of value when they got in that range of 35 to 55 which is when you're the art is strongest you can add the most value of the most history in a company productivity in this country exploded also they made the most money and so they spent that money during that time there is a natural life cycle may be different for you and I that way the way in which people spend money they get married at a certain age on average you and I might be an exception they buy the first house at a certain time so young people might be getting apartment and cheap furniture whereas somebody who's in the early 30s might be getting the first home after getting married whereas somebody on average at 47 or 48 years old gets their largest home or their second home at the region's between 48 and 50 through the last 50 75 years of history people spending tens the top for one reason the kids start to grow up for another reason they start thinking I've got to save money for the future and it drops off a cliff the spending it really tightens up well the baby boom generation is like this pig going through a snake wherever it is it bulges out now that they're no longer babies and they're no longer in school they're getting old then that baby boom generation we all know is going to make health care it already has made it incredibly expensive but it's going to get worse so you can predict certain patterns the other thing you can predict is even without credit default swaps and all the crazy financial leverage that's gone on this unbelievable credit you know explosion Utley ad in this bubble that we had even without that the baby boom generation the older ones are turning 65 and the younger ones are 48 49 and 50 right now would be starting to become savers anyway as a rule you might be different but as a generation when that giant pig stuff spending less money then there's less opportunity for companies to profit there is less opportunity for jobs everything starts to shrink and the generation that follows it much smaller but you got to throw on top of that that we've just gone through two of the biggest bubbles in history one of the biggest real estate bubbles on the biggest stock market bubbles in history is blowing up right now so as a result consumers are fearful and when that mood changes their spending changes when they stop spending the economy goes into a and that's what we're seeing happen and the government is trying to spend money and stimulate us to spend money but it's not working and so you have to decide if you think that companies can continue to profit by continued cut job we have right now jobless recovery we have eight and half million jobs that have been lost now if you make 150 thousand dollar zero you probably don't feel it because there's only three percent unemployment for people make 150 thousand dollars a year which is why you probably don't hear much from pundits on television getting too upset about the job situation the average American it's a little bit more than nine percent but people in that lower twenty percent of income earners it's thirty-five percent unemployment right now the average and we'll give you I'll give you seven quick reasons why you ought to consider the economy may be going to get a lot worse and then your future not to make you depressed because my whole view is if you know where things are going you can anticipate you can make more money when things are burning down when they when they're building up you can protect your family you can even profit during this time if you're smart if you educate yourself but if you think out of optimism and delusion that everything is going to go well or if you think that's what I teach which never what I've ever taught I've always taught to be smart see it as it is not worse than it is right figure out how you're going to take advantage of whatever season whatever cards are dealt you that's really real philosophy so I'm just trying to alert you to say here's seven things to consider one unemployment right now is at record levels it's pretty horrific we're talking 35.2 weeks we're talking the average person today he was unemployed has been unemployed for almost nine months eight months and three quarters to give an idea 8.3 it's insane it's insane and there's nothing to look like it's going to turn this around for the economy so you've got these huge number of people that are not spending money they're hanging on to their money what little money they have and then you're in really really tough financial straits as you well know so you're not going to get consumer spending stimulating the economy out of that second piece is where is consumer confidence well according just a few weeks ago the University of Michigan's consumer what's it called the sentiment index they said that they've seen the single largest drop that they've seen we've dropped the lowest level of confidence and consumers minds since october of 2008 when lehman was coming across and the only other time it was that low in recent history was right after 911 so consumers obviously are starting to feel and anticipate this economy this spending spree that we've been on they have stimulated economy temporarily but it hasn't solved problem and things are going to tighten up and sell consumers are not confident so they're not going to spend the money they don't spend the money businesses are not going to expand jobs you're not going to expand the economy is going to shrink that's pretty scary but it's what it's true you better know what's true you don't have to like it but you got to know what's really true third okay well how do we know how consumers are going to spend will make a look at that as the demand for credit I know this is really interesting the demand for credit is shrinking in spite of the government stimulating like crazy in spite of the government doing these bank bailouts a lot of people are screaming and say banks aren't loading enough money but the truth is there just isn't the same level demand you're seeing right now that studies that show that in the last year and year this last month year and here we've seen a drop that's the single largest drop that we've seen in 60 years in the demand for credit what's happening is there's only been two times in the last 60 years when we as a society have paid back more than we borrowed we're paying back when we're boring which is probably a damn good thing it doesn't stimulate the economy but we've been on this buying spending binge using credit for so long creating these giant bubbles in the real estate market giant bubbles in the you know the stock market giant bubbles obviously in consumer spending and people are saying I gotta hang on to my money I got to be smart and I gotta pay down my dad it's painful it's needed but it's painful and it's happening at a level that hasn't happened in fact it's only happened twice in 60 years and the amount that we're paying things down right now versus we're borrowing is two hundred percent more than ever was before at any time including the second most intense time this has occurred so you're seeing this

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