Neville Goddard Technique: “Isn’t It Wonderful?” | Easiest Manifestation Method!

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Do you have so many things you want to manifest
that you don’t know where to start? Are you looking for a simple method that doesn’t
require visualization to manifest your desires? Then this video is for you, because today,
I’m going to share with you one of my favorite methods from Neville Goddard that requires
zero visualization skills. You can also use this method to manifest multiple
desires simultaneously, so make sure to watch this video until the end to find out how! What’s up superheroes! Welcome back to my channel, the place where
we make the impossible possible! I’m Scarlet Grace from

I’m a manifestation coach and today’s
video is all about manifesting multiple desires at once, no visualization needed! If you’re new here and you want to learn
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You’ll find the links in the description
below. Alright, so we all know how to do imagining
sessions to manifest a specific desire. And if you new to Neville Goddard and the
law of attraction and don’t know how to do that I’ll put my step-by-step video in
the card at the top right of this video if you want to learn how to do that. But what happens if you have multiple desires
that you want to manifest? Say for example that your boyfriend left you
and you want him back, but you also need a new job and a better apartment and a new car
because the one you have right now is falling apart, and you would also like to lose some
weight or improve your health.

Of course, you can use all the usual techniques
to manifest each of those desires individually: imagining sessions, scripting, affirmations
etc. But if you want to manifest more than 2 or
three desires at the same time, or if you are in such a dire condition that you truly
NEED to manifest several things at once because they are all top priority for your wellbeing,
then having to do one imagining session per day, day in and day out, for, say, 6 different
desires… it can get pretty overwhelming pretty fast. Fear not though, because Neville has a technique
especially for that! And if you struggle with visualization then
this is a great method for you, because it doesn’t require visualization. I mean, you can use visualization in conjunction
with this method, but you don’t have to, and it will work great equally well without

Now if you’re new to this channel or haven’t
heard of Neville before, Neville Goddard was a spiritual teacher from Barbados who lived
most of his life in the United States during the first half of the 20th century. Neville believed that the human imagination
is God, and that if you have a desire, any desire, you can manifest it in your physical
world by focusing your imagination on how it would be if you already had that desire. So first, I’m going to give you the method
and then I’m going to share with you a few quotes from Neville’s lectures and books
so that you can see how he recommended using this method, and some success stories from
his students and the people who used this method to manifest their desires. So this method is called “isn’t it wonderful?”
and you’re gonna see why in just a second. Here’s how to use this technique: instead
of focusing on each specific thing you want to manifest, trying to see a scene of you
already having that thing, try to capture the feeling of already having that thing in
your life.

For example, let’s say you want a new car. How would you feel if right now you had a
new car? Perhaps you would be happy for your new car,
or maybe you would feel relief, because your old car was breaking down and now you know
you have a reliable new car you can use to get to work. Now if you want to manifest more things then
capture the feeling of having those things too in addition to the car. How would you feel if right now you had a
new car, a new job and your ex had not only come back but apologized for everything and
proposed to you? Capture that feeling of joy, of everything
having changing in your life for the better, of having everything you wanted. And then, while still feeling that feeling,
repeat to yourself over and over “Isn’t it wonderful?”. That’s it! See, the reason this technique works so well
is because we think that the feelings of joy or relief are a result of us having the things
we want in the physical world, but in reality it works in the opposite way.

The feelings of joy are what create the things
we desire in the physical world. So if you can feel the joy now, if you can
feel now the joy of already having these things you desire in your imagination, then they
have no choice but to manifest in your physical world too. Now let me read you what Neville had to say
about this method first, and then we’ll move on to the success stories. This is an excerpt from a booklet that was
released in 1948 that was called “Neville – Class Instruction”. It is a series of 5 lessons in manifesting,
plus a Q&A session. I’ll link everything in the description
below by the way so you can go read them if you want after watching this video. So this is from the Q&A section of the 5 lessons
booklet: “Question: Is it possible to imagine several
things at the same time, or should I confine my imagining to one desire? Answer: Personally I like to confine my imaginal
act to a single thought, but that does not mean I will stop there.

During the course of a day I may imagine many
things, but instead of imagining lots of small things, I would suggest that you imagine something
so big it includes all the little things. Instead of imagining wealth, health and friends,
imagine being ecstatic. You could not be ecstatic and be in pain. You could not be ecstatic and be threatened
with a dispossession notice. You could not be ecstatic if you were not
enjoying a full measure of friendship and love. What would the feeling be like were you ecstatic
without knowing what had happened to produce your ecstasy? Reduce the idea of ecstasy to the single sensation,
"Isn't it wonderful!" Do not allow the conscious, reasoning mind
to ask why, because if it does it will start to look for visible causes, and then the sensation
will be lost. Rather, repeat over and over again, "Isn't
it wonderful!" Suspend judgment as to what is wonderful.

Catch the one sensation of the wonder of it
all and things will happen to bear witness to the truth of this sensation. And I promise you, it will include all the
little things.” This was what Neville had to say about how
to use this technique to manifest multiple desires at once. Now let me share with you a success story
of a woman that used this technique to manifest really big changes in her life.

The following success story is from “The
Law and The Promise” book by Neville Goddard, chapter seven. “The lady in the following story so successfully
felt the feeling of her wish fulfilled, she made her mood the character of the night — frozen
in a delightful dream. "Most of us read and love fairy stories, but
we all know that stories of improbable riches and good fortune are for the delight of the
very young. But are they? I want to tell you of something unbelievably
wonderful that happened to me through the power of my imagination — and I am not 'young'
in years. We live in an age which believes in neither
fable nor magic, and yet everything I could possibly want in my wildest day-dreams was
given to me by the simple use of what you teach — that 'imagining creates reality'
and that 'feeling' is the secret of imagining.

"At the time this wonderful thing happened
to me I was out of a job and had no family to fall back upon for support. I needed just about everything. To find a decent job I needed a car to look
for it, and though I had a car, it was so worn out it was ready to fall apart. I was behind in my rent; I had no proper clothes
to seek a job; and today it's no fun for a woman of fifty-five to apply for a job of
any kind. My bank account was almost depleted and there
was no friend to whom I could turn. "But I had been attending your lectures for
almost a year and my desperation forced me to put my imagination to the test.

Indeed, I had nothing to lose. It was natural for me, I suppose, to begin
by imagining myself having everything I needed. But I needed so many things and in such short
order that I found myself exhausted when I finally got through the list, and by that
time I was so nervous I could not sleep. One lecture night I heard you tell of an artist
who captured the 'feeling', or 'word', as you called it, of 'isn't it wonderful!' in
his personal experience. "I began to apply this idea to my case. Instead of thinking of and imagining every
article I needed, I tried to capture the 'feeling' that something wonderful was happening to
me — not tomorrow, not next week — but right now. I would say over and over to myself as I fell
asleep, 'Isn't it wonderful! Something marvelous is happening to me now!' And as I fell asleep I would feel the way
I would expect to feel under such circumstances.

"I repeated that imaginary action and feeling
for two months, night after night, and one day in early October I met a casual friend
I hadn't seen for months who informed me he was about to leave on a trip to New York. I had lived in New York many years ago and
we talked of the city a few moments and then parted. I completely forgot the incident. One month later, to the day, this man called
at my apartment and simply handed me a Certified Check in my name for twenty-five hundred dollars. After I got over the initial shock of seeing
my name on a check for so much money, the story that unfolded seemed to me like a dream. It concerned a friend I had not seen nor heard
from in more than twenty-five years. This friend of my past, I now learned, had
become extremely wealthy in those twenty-five years. Our mutual acquaintance who had brought the
check to me had met him quite by accident during the trip to New York last month.

During their conversation they spoke of me,
and for reasons I was not to know (for to this day I have not heard from him personally
and have never attempted to contact him) this old friend decided to share a portion of his
great wealth with me. "For the next two years, from the office of
his attorney, I received monthly checks so generous in amount they not only covered every
necessary requirement of daily living, but left much over for all the lovely things of
life: a car, clothes, a spacious apartment — and best of all, no need to earn my daily
bread. "This past month I received a letter and some
legal papers to be signed which provide the continuation of this monthly income for the
rest of my natural life!" Now I love this story because as you can see,
this woman was in really dire need of multiple things at once, so instead of focusing on
each thing individually, she decided to capture the feeling of having all those things.

The feeling of incredible and joyful changes
having happened in her life already. And she went to bed every night feeling all
these wonderful feelings and telling herself “isn’t it wonderful?”. And through a series events she couldn’t
have foreseen or predicted, in just a few short months she got to have all those wonderful
things in her physical reality. A friend she met briefly to discuss something
completely unrelated – a trip to New York- ended up meeting this mutual friend they had
that she hadn’t seen in 25 years, and that mutual friend who wasn’t rich 25 years ago
had become really wealthy in the meantime, and out of nowhere, decided to support her
for the rest of her life.

I mean, how incredible is that? She wasn’t even the one who met that old
friend! This is a series of events one could never
even think of trying to create through physical actions! Yet this woman went to bed every night feeling
she already had everything, so a series of events had to unfold to give her everything. And it did! This is what happens when you live from the
end. When you live from the end result of already
having all these things you want, and living in that feeling of joy and fulfillment you
would be experiencing if all those desired things had already manifested in your physical
reality. Now I’m going to share with you another
success story with this method, and this one is from “Imagining Creates”.

Here’s what Neville Goddard says: “Let me tell you a story of a lady I know
who traveled in her imagination. When this lady was about sixteen she lived
in Northern California. She was devoted to her father, who lived high,
wide and handsome. He supplied all of the family's needs very
well until the day he was killed. Then, overnight, the family discovered they
had nothing! Her mother, feeling she could not stand being
ridiculed, moved the family to San Francisco, where the girl – although possessing outstanding
artistic talent – found employment as a waitress in order to help the family.

Taking the streetcar home from work that first
Christmas Eve, she found the car filled with young boys and girls, singing and happy, and
she could not restrain the tears. Lucky for her it was raining, so she extended
her face to the heavens and let the rain mingle with her tears. As she tasted the salt of her tears she said
to herself: "This is not a streetcar, but a ship and I am not tasting my tears, but
the salt of the sea in the wind." While she physically held the rail of the
streetcar, she mentally touched the rail of a ship moving into Samoa. Physically tasting the salt of her tears she
imagined it was the salt of the sea. As the streetcar reached its destination,
she was entering the bay of Samoa, feeling the moonlight shining on her body and hearing
a voice say: "Isn't it a heavenly night." Two weeks later this girl received a check
for $3,000 from a law firm in Chicago.

It seems that two years before, her aunt had
left the United States, requesting that if she did not return, the money was to be given
to her niece. Within one month, the girl was on a ship sailing
for Samoa. Coming into the bay, she saw a ship plowing
through the water leaving lovely white foam in its path. As the moonlight touched the wake, its spray
touched her face and a man standing near said: "Isn't it a heavenly night." At that moment her outer senses experienced
what she had used her inner senses to make real! Now, imagination – being spiritual sensation
– is the creator of the world. With her five senses (sight, sound, scent,
taste, and touch) she transformed a streetcar in San Francisco into a ship in the South
Pacific, and within one month she physically fulfilled her imaginal act. Many will say that was just coincidence, but
it was not! It is reality, but how do I get you to believe
me? But whether you believe me or not, I know
from experience that God and you are one grand Imagination, and there is no other God! One day, Imagination in you will awaken and
you – fully aware of who you really are – will know that all things are subject to you.

That is your destiny. “ The woman in this story used visualization
in conjunction with “Isn’t it wonderful?” and once again, through a series of events
she could never have predicted or created through physical means, she got her desire! Now you can use visualization too together
with the “isn’t it wonderful?” method if that helps you capture the feeling
of already having your desires and how joyful and amazing that would be, but if you struggle
to visualize then you don’t have to. As you can see, this method works amazingly
well without visualization too. So why don’t you spend a few moments today
feeling how wonderful it is to have all your desires, and if you liked this video then
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