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hi I'm Daniel Ventura and welcome to the pro mix Academy now if you are looking to start the keto diet here are some of my top tips [Music] [Applause] now if you're looking to embark on the ketogenic diet for the first time it's very important to first of all ascertain the reasons behind it is it because it's a the latest fad or a trend or is it because of a deeper issue as a personal trainer I get clients coming up to me all the time and their main issues being weight loss thyroid issues type-2 diabetes and sometimes in certain cases is epilepsy now if any of those four issues relate to you then the ketogenic diet would be the perfect diet for you and would work very well but if there are other things that you'd like to achieve like muscle building or you know general strength training then the keto diet necessarily wouldn't be the best diet for you to entail now a lot of people ask me what can I expect when I start the keto diet do I have to go cold turkey and cut out carbs completely or do I gradually build it up now this all depends on the type of person that you are and how you've lived your life up until this moment in time now as a personal trainer for many years now I've met two main types of people those types of people that live by carbs love their carbs and can't live without them and there's also people similar to myself that have always lived a low-carb diet and happy with things like salads now if you're the first type of guy then this is going to be a little bit of a struggle for you at first so I would never suggest going full keto straight away what I'd like you to try is maybe one day of Iquitos style eating and eating day habits and the next day go back to your old carb eating ways and alternate one day on one day off for the first week the second week why don't you try eating a keto style breakfast keto style lunch but then go training in the evening and after your training session then load up on carbs and then replace missing glycogen in those muscles after you workout do that for a week and then in the third week try full keto now that would be a much gentler approach and I feel that that would be a lot more sustainable for those of you who are used to a carb loaded diet now if you're the type of person that likes salads and and doesn't eat too much carbs normally then the keto diet is going to be a piece of cake and you can jump straight into that one if you're embarking on the keto diet for the first time there may be a few signs that you'll spot in the first few days first up would be lethargy you may feel a little bit more tired than normal initially also brain fog and you may experience muscle cramps now when you stop eating carbohydrates or restrict them drastically your insulin levels will drop quite drastically as well now insulin holds onto sodium in your body so every time you go to the toilet you'll be letting go of your sodium and all your essential minerals so if you lose in all your minerals you're not going to stay hydrated and henceforth you will feel lethargic also brainfrog and if you haven't got enough water in your muscles that's why you're the experienced cramp now a very simple way of avoiding this is topping up on the essential minerals so these three symptoms the lethargy brain fog and the muscle cramps are sometimes referred to as the keto flu an easy way to stop this and avert this is by having a teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt in some water a pint of water would do it swish it around down the hatch and instantly you should be feeling more energetic brain fog should start to dwindle and muscle cramps shouldn't be a problem so how can you tell without urine strips without breathalyzers whether you're in ketosis well as I mentioned to you before things like lethargy brain fog and sometimes muscle cramps can be early stages that your body is going through a transition spate stage into ketosis now why does this happen why does the body react so aggressively and it's because the body is trying to tell you what it wants now carbohydrates and glycogen stored in the muscles in the liver are the primary fuel source for the body and when that starts to be starved out as it were the body's not not stupid and it will start giving you sugar cravings so I'll give you new carb cravings and it will say I want carbs I want carbs give me carbs give me carbs now of course if you can resist the body's not stupid it knows that there is a secondary fuel source and that is body fat but of course the body doesn't want to use up all this fat preserves it wants to save that for the future so it will resist and it will try and force you to eat carbohydrates at some stage in the near future and the way I simulate this is to pregnant women now you've always heard the pregnant women having cravings now if a pregnant woman needs salt in her body she will get a craving for a Donna kebab or some anchovies but for example or if she needs sugar her body will be craving ice cream and sometimes the two combined they wanted on the kebab with ice cream at the same time and that's because the body is very clever at giving you signals and telling you what the body needs at that moment in time and so this is why the body is giving you these signals that the brain fog the lethargy that the muscle cramps and the cravings especially it wants you to start eating carbohydrates so it can have its favorite fuel source back in this body but if you can over to overcome this short-term inconvenience there is light at the end of the tunnel once your body starts to realize that no way you're not going to give it any carbs it will eventually release ketone bodies and start burning its own body fat so you will then become fat adaptive but once you go into ketosis you will find that your energy levels will be ten times greater than they were and ten times more sustained than they were when you were eating carbohydrates for example if you ate carbs undoubtedly two hours later you'll be hungry again you might feel a little carb crash and you'll want to eat again but when you're in a high-fat diet you can have one meal and that will give you sustained energy for eight nine even ten hours without even thinking about food so there is light at the end of the tunnel and once you reach that state of ketosis you'll understand why for any of you who are really struggling with cravings right now rest assured there is a simple trick with a quick online search you can find the keto alternative to absolutely anything that you desire a simple search for keto bread keto muffins or whatever you want a simple alternative will be unfound online now believe it or not the secret to longevity with the keto diet is carbs yes so carbs the thing that we've been trying avoid all this time is actually the secret for long-term keto lifestyle now there's a few reasons why carbs are essential if you look at the keto diet as a whole is geared around fat loss and you will lose body fat as long as you were in the calorie deficit and you're not eating too much you will lose body fat subcutaneous fat from your body but of course there will be a limit there will be a point where your body will say no I'm not going to burn any more body fat because otherwise you would disappear off the face of the earth so what you need to do is stimulate your metabolism and kick-start it again and occasionally throwing carbs into the mix but there's another reason why long-term ketosis is also advisable for you to incorporate carbs at some stage and that's because of potential thyroid issues there have been a very small percentage amount of people that have had thyroid issues from sustaining the keto diet for too long now it's very rare so it's not something I'm personally worried about personally but it's better to be safe than sorry so throw in some carbs on the weekend every once in a while and your body will be happy for it and your metabolism will stay spiked and you'll keep on burning fat and staying healthy now if you'd like to see more of these videos don't forget to hit like and subscribe [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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