Supporting Diabetes Prevention Week – Mike from This Time Next Year

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[Music] my motivation for change was I'd been to see my GP for my latest hba1c results and that point my doctor said that Mike I'm running out of oral medication for you if you don't make changes and make those changes quickly that my only option is in Chile and that was a role that I didn't I just didn't want to go down I'd come back from a GPS and TV programs on cough this time at share so I'm sat there feeling morbid thinking I do need to kick up the backside and I emailed the show I email them saying that I wanted to lose a lot of weight but the side story to my weight loss was the type 2 diabetes the point I emailed the show was 22 stone when we started filming I had already lost the stone so I was 21 stone for pound I did some research into what's called a very low-calorie diet but it wasn't till I sat down and worked out what yet but I realized four to five thousand calories a day that's an obscene amount of food and the very low-calorie diet is six to eight hundred calories a day this very low calorie diet was working the weight was coming off I was feeling better than ever and my hba1c from attacks II was also coming in the same direction I was taking ten tablets metformin I was also taking click azide I was also taking lisinopril and I was also taking medication for cholesterol fast forward the year after filming we did some more hba1c results from my type to score a drop to 43 and just last Wednesday I was back at the GP and my hba1c is now 41 so my doctor has asked me to stop taking on diabetic medication which feels fantastic I completely understand why people who are big like I was or bigger find exercise hurt that there are a couple of things women you go to the gym and you think that it's going to be full of these beautiful specimens of humans that that look amazing they weren't born like that you know they understand that when you go to the gym you are there to make changes and they are really supportive but exercise hurt and I was having a conversation with a friend and his dog was having problems with his hips and they took it to do water therapy where the dog would walk water so I tried that I tried walking and running in water and as the weight came down that turned into a swim that meant turning into gym work and I'm now back playing football and just yeah really really active now and just loving it so if you're on the cusp of type 2 diabetes if you're free diabetic or you are tattoo diabetic find your reason find your focus my reason my focus was to live longer my reason my focus was my children I've got five children now and I want to be around for them and don't get me wrong I'm not sitting here like it's easy because it really isn't my journey was one of many twists and turns but all the will say is yes exercise is difficult dieting is difficult there are trials and tribulations tears and tantrums along the way there was for me what I will say and you know absolutely the diet and the exercise are difficult the difficulties that you'll face with diet and exercise far easier than the difficulties attached to diabetes without shuttle without [Music] you

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