The Manifestation of God’s Power (2) ….. by Rev. Fr. Obimma Emmanuel (Ebube Muonso)

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catalytix era it just makes the category libraries think military army attacked the leader I'm not even just got a spin-off night the Flemish defeated the so-called poison subject it only hurts when i got there badly with loving is accepting paulista today the guy just did morning google pa looked there is a new school license to host the current asa paulo the act of yesterday if i won think the sock can't say is that the mouth lips program you forget the botafogo decides to stay out of the hotel and the house at the top models as I did playing in the neckline injury after the request of the actor vitor only heartburn with fire to love to love buzz meth ice will not be new who will be from da hey hey hey pilot code back was the actor's are normal he never does to every fan of ours the look at his mother parazinho brazil only 15 billion stayed in rome doni battalion a of the ring road in the song I'm told mello good weather and china and for the headquarters for a whole tom black the lion nathan agopyan the donkey swing osenador shuffles so the workhorse and say nothing about soccer in brazil on saturday david now has the samba clip yesterday on the school's prompt response terrace, adopt I left with 268 goals but missed the shot but the local defender from the show called people poorer than the niche today the highest bidder on the ground there osmar obice leaves only sparkling making them goose to the woman deams that opto alex here we have how I'm not skinned here I came to the crisis said you 48 of the 42 rounds kick by roni espindola tunai mouse and jorgito john in man look at the traffic the crisis brings the kiss that tomorrow 7 last air tap below of 20 Jorge Jorge Louro Born in the Defendant maria clara ax battle square of bulge tarabatara bo given to brasília i i think the article 2 of jordan london the mother all her gherkin and sent me the attacked and knocked down from the ax now just for him at the time of skillful bossa nova truth where he produced dora that I look at him whitewashed because he doesn't say no to the frisson in front of that cried gaucho in the next exchange head slides go up final watch rachael do it all agreed that take the store will work from the hospital in order to more votes to father umar didn’t pay 9 for this new york and made it easier to leave bet the team of seven already the week the whole cup king's cup 11 am yesterday, the lawyer remembers the athlete is feeling is that ronaldo did not refuse to speak to him of the dilma says the note of the state called his horizon just left the sight of the pomegranates or paris to london the monk Angolan welcomes or not to put on the dance rodrigues yamaha and andrea rodrigues and drug the girl the father ae the eye announcement this saturday was the drop of blood bruno spoke to mother toni organized in botafogo street and hat next to oi oi os rodrigo os eyes' 'eyes on eyes' turned it on or turned on the partygoers called us called them called us the olhão connected the goals ara macedo of the vultures jec and yamaha medium eyes many hours today ian silva calls it a local sport show leaving jorge zahar year of the maguey before the river just pay the seat directs the forró band of the defender edinho gadget use baguette radio to do not get on the band good it go beyond the town hall of the family pack who spoke of the marine sea isaaa radio baguette to cry and to says maya scheid caló there guys to guys look the wizard is full of gold brought to think if i said but where throws the blood he doesn't know if he will use a model goiânia go yesterday had the purse won divine to le roy that hits is the day the Cuban island asked for barreto she eltinho which is mama noel a and jorginho and already dislodged from the goal ana money in the boot abandoned the doctor hei hei of a place to play the cup the queen is [ __ ] bagolin and i got husband or the bad guy the world the hashtag or isaaa there I love you isaaa optimistic isaaa r is golden the refusal of the bath called the little jorginho and a mere yamaha in the area where the boy jorge honel tomorrow & renata for this i was marking the beginning of a game where the call of the young carioca bomb from etá was born with him junino of the union imagine the pilgrimage imad nobody threw aside the magnum i am not found the goal now is just day the isaaa haidê isaaa is only god isaaa tomorrow today i would say isaaa ay haiti junior ronaldo advances on key west island look at that money and fled on foot and left the 2 the london john the player went straight on tomorrow morning in the morning padilha china plays the un launched subscriber abandoned the rica e henrique gaguim botafogo 2 to 0 crying took the sweet bread mexico lebanon gabon and jamaican its transfer in a press at night to the rescue today look at us just that I can't talk look at the end tomorrow we ended the flame of God's love in a voice and and guarantees no ronaldo yet dance in which the student of the king hey them and he comes home I hit the ride from glory hill and mount hellman goes as soon as the sea is the ninth on the green cried legatoria there or not the defeat would come goldman from the wine of douro will deny threw I look is not Jorge now is to take money there is gold there is today look kant eyes the fee is gold the Hague too box and chile tomorrow it's gold ah an but lia doesn't even look at the hole in the street good kick from bacchanal jumped through the orozine blackout in line or thanking him on our skin for the colon of corn to barcelona morning to johnson most of half an hour later on rue de soy in mines wow if you do the luu plate this morning on the radio and partner and my animal pity mom says the deal wouldn't have to be good for him and not about lina and dilma can't vote the eyes or be our main the needle today he us and for the soul or not so much fan of the 3rd future in a lake in the euro zone dollar and the world in the presidency and change the name to leave the colony look in addition the economy machine right in the world in 2011 says curl pro geek mandate cold natural kim han-sol botafogo doesn't want to leave the city on the day in the manifestation the deal badly to worse the goal of the azulão ana aso tourism cool china you need to know where haiti was when the ball rolls record friend and friend the snow in series b city defeated the lightning it may be even more that they vote does not help our state with a focus on right in the jonathan opel wave but the best was the hollow narrates the first breaks in the region where the apparatus race soon opened a hole at the entrance of the area he only says the band forró he is our father touches the ball more and kicked placed nobody touched the globe I'm in love so big now I’m fine, I’m fine and have already played for the goal elton de souza the ball still hit the ball said naidoo abandoned the leader of Angolan at the bomb look I'll give you a regional butt leaves with sudden breast changes in Brazil the demand is great on the big screen thanks in no way a sign of good training in another look will coordinate the work like this to take next saturday brazil the additional noel funds taught lengthy teaching of bauru taught us stole the ball on the bar the beret plays analyzed his next big winner with the guga and the work credit partner easier to steal a kick on goal it doesn't look very good and everyone will want to shoot and take a look an agogô house disappears this is ours says the lady from the 24th term hours not to pay a good the animal is no longer new but the maradona for nazi invasion in that area of team look for dialogue and I know that God will realize I see that I give take the goal battle and took the fan because of the cup and I made the things that say the polls use them haiti control grace machel jorge toni nenê is a good student in the wretched dow jones in the clumsy the world love gives me a global improvement of the dollar and the baby scoring a goal sent the boy not even it will be ok the oil barrel today is new canaã ie ii of law n I looked and yeah the campaign is good to see you here with the coin and work Look he read i change in the defeat of the un maria tomazela ae hockey it's otto robot hero duel i'm everton jo I remember beautiful analyzed baby look at the kiss woke up and would not abandon the idea normal thing say alone hey i don't touch me or not but you just duck mano did our talking that put the guys to one to one epitace theory o show after the fight the vice taj european games and now 11 thousand the ball neither global is cuba rats and lazio biddle nor so i to the kop of the name of our dj there and here the protesters our main assembly looks at vittorio everything is on the internet coffee but there tommaso with the orders and behold the young class marina of aci europe the injured and but I don’t even want me kaka that santos abandoned toró 69 gave the goals there good the player from barcelona already the term coach what i had been working the grandson my mouth will run out of water I drank it all and it only came out at 14min from lyon left the room looked at mrs marisa docile to the capital i didn't read anything ask a good size index because the normal campaign for bunches I notice us and the office there is trump in the position still in the 11th afternoon of north just know it's a shower do a lot of work in the boom boom room apodi johns I am not asking the clash taci oil to ask if the mourinho should take advantage of the run-run gonçalo will be able to choose just go back all the wedge team both want to scan the decision is aimed at the pilot needs now the pilot runs the motto with a little love love when no longer anonymous touched was behind the norway leads but much more is the insular points of the capital the group does not even sometimes require the total and fifa is the group’s calendar year bologna los angeles lakers remain on the blue components expiring the nellcor yen ship ruled it colombo i say in ie ii in June and still not ruled corporal grandmother score the goal runs in the good blue but the bucolic day one of the cable 11 the visit p quoted in the mill ordered the renovation of jean renato erzinger in the football stadium of flamengo juan cobo start up to press our task is more the kick rio the light white lombardi and bahuan so it is easier to win with formula consecrated with directional xenon beacon and night the closed signal of that my father is in favor of autonomy and crazy over there in the store's patio in Vila Lipstick opel unit now the breath when he spoke of the luis term bid and he clarified this in the power of your head as speaker 6 the white line fell and shows more pro look at neutral and now more spanish fans said white dora appears in the area and sent the flagstone bomb to that knot on the right and extinguished the jo point it launched an area for the jump of the union asking to go out there that failed the isolated teacher failed to 0 there that it was the hero it was hi colloquium it was hi it was there that the loss of the iphone failed the player called potter failed was the grandmother and the ill-fated fired and the spirit yemen may have to be the squid i say so start growing again today 13 000 warheads television studio the blues is back renan renan the league took unimed only who is good i live in design phew ganda miró it's good to take the medicine and it rains let boyz ii clubinho men to learn to unprecedented the love of the market god broke everything in life the power the narrator abr won the best not to die hey boring there looked there ae the cell phone was the xodó ii the cell phone was the iodó of ie10 there which was xodó do animal says joyce and jotas and only after publishing in looks during the battle where the stick office the organization is one voice israel is concerned i said motta by aig launched from the cast to talking about current tap stores that put the most pressure on são paulo stopped a war russian lamon shows or change the belly sir dirceu knows the piano in the morning in paris look at abortion in the union braga doesn't look at a glance that way acadepol works to satan those who stay now a bar where you take italy is with me or not there you in the struggling soul and from there on a lake at night the team attacked law behold if not lamotta this tour on all the way follow boring palette club team on sunday sony doesn’t wash on the planet’s moon with a yen isn’t coming but bro lamotta common letter of march rodolfo godoi easy and clear to our friends on the street and consultant you the empty amazon amateur 1 tomorrow already worked with the funk zone and the fadel animal only at the spirit level or only at villabate nos labbate nos the owner of tomorrow jorge henrique couto na gávea was america now looks at the program and malaysia and panama on the water and news and eyes all of us yesterday was on us stated the jumper damon in london role and abandoned pole of good where is a delight gaza this year a call from this year tomorrow that account of that nor to schedule in exchange nokia admitted however it will end all this is good in a statement drew from the mall and gilze being attacking the ball not only gave sign of justice is not bad not only for 2011 there was no winner of the nobel girl has already left the mouth of the marica bar in the neighborhood laws and newest nicky barmby los huesos boy story my son didn’t miss ramon in history to be bateman colony told them the retiree hei 44 victor failed soon the team got to walk in the fight race your inhabitants in 2000 for 28 the small details of the reason he killed and blue peace to steal what allows them today national with sun look all over parana fell hellman from the tv globinho to manifesting our school of cinema in raw meat but the owner won the calm midnight and will like ferrari where it would fall better grade for the children or the cup and said look at your signs point to suicide then evil knows how to read the block in maputo mall called its annual capacity of 12 schools where the brand is working well the team has stopped but the ball will keep the good level of the other situations against me looks on the bright side europe of the future the video calls I give a monkey goes to neurosis on the other hand there was no goalkeeper aníbal there is memory of a very strong cough when it ended I went to the demands this new school is already 13 apr eff aca naga was the top dj cris o madrugadão toyota 3 fell there agca rolling and that's it this line in the channel theory for the sun I do not fear the end of this shock gave everything search squid killed the mother owner hit the mouth nothing a skunk zumbles on the ball there could have juliotti piá london accent under our co also enjoy the girl is curious manifesting our main to cassava god there is no criterion yet football, only Fabio Túlio is a yellow from 3DS nabarro equality is collected and josi norma from japa lalá janeiro the ex boyfriend the battle at pina romeu said alan gross who presided over chile fight back with them look how I climbed that batuba abandoning the pongolle madonna rocco it was perceived piano work with road works affectionate couples that everything will go in bahrain natal spoke at the time the mother command in carabobo the student of a refill to the small mouth that just by passing luann we think that the Czech eta in the law to the assembly is canceled our friend our aim is to take the voice shift and who went back to the reef at night by the sisters I know that here and shows that in hemoce and mônica and I showed that in an extinct in nature gonon like I can of ridiculous figures button silva looks and dollar canadian kinross – i can see how i can beat buffon that its team got burned neither yes nor that is not seeing the glory and the lapa ué and ai ai ai is difficult to upgrade in degrees almost undoing a silly christmas goal said cox use an upgrade on guys in a un looking at our lady joy look at that church like our very good jps and I can leave here a scooter changes social work and we don’t even want to qualify to get there so it’s in his place gets in the small ass that was to deliver hi good night guys ai german go horse city of leh ad hoc horse hi today jorge gol the goal and not if the score look it was already a 12 hours with 12 goals at home in 12 bethânia bathroom of hey dem o goal spun win market early said hey android can manifest i cant speak robinho loves the vision of your album the family

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