Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins – Date With Destiny, Miami 2014, Day 1 Review

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so welcome to the review of the day number one with this is actually morning number two and yesterday we had preparation day here at date with destiny in Boca Raton i'm going to start off with something that you probably know if you've heard of tony robbins or if you've been into personal development a lot and its energy is everything and the amount of energy that you can produce on a consistent basis will determine your results right and energy also creates momentum and if you don't create your own energy you will not be in the state to perform or produce or create the relationships that you want or whatever it is for you and what i think is important is that energy can be produced by demand for you putting the man on your physiology for you putting the man on what do you actually want answer that question in your head what do you want and what produces massive energy for you like this when we're just on this beautiful beach or is it being with your in your intimate relationship or is it your mission your work or whatever it is for you what is creating massive amounts of energy in your body and in your mind and soul this is number one number two if you haven't heard of six human needs which for me is a change of mass loves hard hierarchy of needs but it's a much smarter one I believe because of what we have today with in the Western world we don't have the problems that existed when mass love designed the pyramid the six units if you haven't if you don't know them they are certainty uncertainty variety significance connection and love growth and contribution and what is kind of cool and that i didn't notice before is that certainty and uncertainty while they are counterparts if you have one of them you can't have the other the same is with love and connection and significance if you're ultimately really really significant and really special and really unique and separated from all the rest can you really be loved can you have a deep connection with the same amount of the same people and this is this is a very interesting thing and how to balance that so that you meet your needs not only significant uncertainty but very meeting uncertainty variety and meeting of course love and connection and for me for me it's clear that I I've trained myself so that I really want and really have love and connection at the top and contribution as number two and after a short discussion with with Tony and Scott it's it became very notable for me that I have a threshold and when I go over that threshold I got get back to certainty and significance I'll see you a little bit later and we'll have an awesome time today as well

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