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Tony Robbins & John Reese Talks About Make Money Online Part 1

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I really want to follow up on a bit more on this million-dollar day I mean it really changed your industry it was the four-minute mile nobody thought it was possible and I think there's a lot of people at home that you know they want to change their life they they have a vision of what they want to make happen and they believe it's sorted but they never followed through and so I love it kind of get a sense of how did you get to the point you know you make a million bucks and you know 20 was in less than 24 hours yeah it was like 18 hours in 18 hours like a million dollars i mean it's on most people spanish a jump into that point the industry the kind of record or whatever the big thing that was thought it was like a hundred thousand dollars in a 24-hour period so she took a 10 X so it was august seventeenth 2004 I'll never forget that date one because when i lived in orlando at the time there was a hurricane hurricane charley that just annihilated central florida cut out all my power and actually had to break my garage door to get my car out me and a friend drove from my place a couple hours north to where my parents lived to actually manage the launch day of that project that was happening like the next day and it's it's pretty interesting it's almost like divine intervention because looking back on it um you know no one knew for sure how great that day was going to turn out I of course believe big and we can talk about that a little bit um but uh we can walk a little bit closer the neat thing for me was and just reflecting on when that happened with the hurricane everything else was that I end up getting to share that major date accomplishment with my family who was always very very supportive of me even when I was in over a hundred thousand dollars of debt by the time I was 23 years old you know they wanted to do this very failing at it yeah you know they had given me a little bit of money and even when I was a lot of debt they gave me a little bit more money not a lot but just trying to help me until they could no longer help anymore and I had to figure things out on my own just because they weren't in that position but um so anyways just mentioning that it was great to be able to share that accomplishment and have them be a part of it my dad actually managed a little white board that showed how many sales you know before we before the wholesale started I said this is the goal for us you know we're going four million dollars in the launch day for 24 hours because it's never been done anything like it and so we wrote on the board exactly how many sales were needed to reach the goal you broke her down yeah and every hour I'd report to my dad and he'd ask the update and he was so proud managing the whiteboard changing the number of how many more were to go and it was it was just an exciting day all the way around but none of that would happen if you hadn't had the hurricane coming in it would have been by yourself exactly and who knows maybe it never would have happened because of just you know the circumstances very cool but yeah it's interesting that that million-dollar day really changed a lot of people's mindsets you know people compare it to like the four-minute mile right you know Roger Bannister and you know you were tellin ya you were tell me off-camera how many people broke the four-minute mile once he did it well somebody's at 37 the real number is 24 24 people within a year for thousands of years this wasn't something that happen for a hundred years and then Roman times they're trying to do a four-minute mile it was thought the human body couldn't physically go that fast they even put a guy with a rope with a bull behind him to get the extra incentive so we wouldn't get gored it would happen but Roger Bannister ran that four-minute mile by rehearsing it in his head he can never get his body move that fast so in his mind he saw it over and over and over again until he got this little sense of certainty and kick it over the edge but the kicker is just like you and your industry once that happened 24 people want to format a mile in a few years and now high school students run for minute alright unbelieving now here you know filming this in 2009 five years later little less than five years yeah you know not only is that you know million dollar day been done by multiple people have actually done it several times myself now again but other people have gone way beyond that you know Frank has been involved with a massive day many times that but it was like a huge mindset shift in people to make that happen so let's talk about that cuz sure everybody has mindset you'll be searching ok we are gonna go wonderful you had a million-dollar day jerk I've never even had a 10,000 sure day absolutely so I what I wanted to get across though is you knew exactly what you're going after you had absolute certain you're gonna find a way to make it happen you envisioned it a we a week before and this is anyone can look this up online a week before the launch day I registered the internet domain name million-dollar day calm and it's it's it's fact it is registered people can go and look it up right now about what the date was when it was registered and it would have been like August 10th because the launch was a week later on the 17th so we this is what we've been talking about right yeah that you have this vision you made it so clear and me'll your mind so certain and then you found a way to execute and you had some grace right there's a rainbow a little gross involved so it's like what do you do you have to have three things you have to have this absolute obsession on what you want even who's never done before you got to get yourself so certain you gotta secondly execute because she's not extract and then you have to have some grace and those me things work but I want to get across something else before we had a million-dollar day right what was like a giant peak for you didn't you have like a hundred-thousand-dollar well about three months before that come sit down by the sure sure we'll sit down down here so about three months before that right um a mutual friend of ours Jeff Walker right who uh Jeff it's kind of a funny story because jeff was known uh you know Jeff orchestrates Park launches he's had a lot of experience with it more than anyone else in our industry and at the time back then Jeff was known he was called six and seven that was his little code name because he made six figures in seven days and so I was getting ready to do a seminar my own event open to this points been the only one ever did Frank actually got me to do it and I never sold anything to the internet marketing mark he said you know you really should just do an event people would love to hear just you teach for a week and I'm like okay I'll do it so before releasing it for sale i was talking to Jeff on the phone we'd become friends at that time and Jeff was sharing some principles with me on building anticipation in marketing you know not just coming out with something for sale building up to it you know it's just like the music industry when they released an album you know they'd let you know months in advance or movie comes out so so Jeff taught me some principles about building anticipation so I put that into my marking with everything else that I had kind of figured out from my own experience I released the seminar and I did actually end up doing like it was like a hundred thousand dollars that was made in the first day but it really all came in like the first 12 minutes before I took the site down you know I mean it wasn't going to do much more than that if we left it up but so it's– Jeff I was like you know you did a hundred thousand seven days I need in 12 minutes and so you know all of us there's really little good friends it's competitive we support each other you know I thrilled when Frank broke my record after i did a million-dollar day you know and so we're very supportive of each other of anyone in the industry because it doesn't take anything away from me it's good for them so so that happened so I had that milestone of a bell and what drove you and each of these cases was one to set the standard higher that's what all of you guys are doing like there you go higher in higher steps so do me a favor because Charlotte people go okay you blew me away with a million dollars in you know less than 24 hours you know hundred thousand twelve minutes right before you ever got there they were lower stairs sure sure bring me down cuz you didn't go straight nothing you can do it you could do it today because you've demonstrated restless like the four-minute absolutely but where did start even earlier for you before you got

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