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Tony Robbins on Oprah Segment 3

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right now I'm having people uncover what they're not happy about so they can see why and happy seems like such a trite term but Happy's just a gross generalization for when people aren't happy they're depressed they're frustrated they're angry they're sad they're guilty they're bored and so whatever the pattern is I want them to see that that pattern is universal I'm here with 4,000 people at Tony Robbins sold-out seminar in Los Angeles we've been here seven hours so far in this lesson Tony says fear is the biggest thing holding us back and he's about to show us how to deal with it can I get up can I get a strong guy and you strung volunteer guys physically strong strong guys sir come on up I want you to grab my wrist with both your hands really tight so I can't get away okay now squeeze tight he is fear okay how do most of us deal with fear well most of us try to do is pretend it's not there grab tight and if we try to put it was not there go ahead trying to take me someplace and watch happens if I try to pretend it's not there go ahead he's gonna take me I'm gonna get thrown off balance you can still keep coming to come back here hold tight if I go fierce here I'm gonna fight I'm not afraid hang on tight let me go I'm not afraid could he break my wrist yes or no yes or no if I fight him you break my arm if I ignore him he'll take me well you're not gonna do grab tight his watch take me someplace who do you think is tired fear will wear out did you let it run so here's the point what do we got to do without fear dance with it dance with it and the way to dance with it is start to recognize your story and erase that little bastard our 9/2 tony has an exercise it helps us figure out what the needs are that drive us listen to their six needs internal six the differences the people's not the needs we all the same needs Tony says those six needs our love certainty uncertainty or the need for some adventure significance growth and contribution quality of your life which one of these six is number one and two for you because that's what controls the direction of your life if your focus is uncertainty you're gonna have a very different life than if your focus is on love you want both you're gonna need both but what you prioritized if certainty is you're gonna go this way if we were looking and for adventure you're gonna be going this way I want to know how you currently are living truthfully what are your top two needs these are what I call your driving needs that's gonna be the first question the second question is gonna be what's the price of having those as your top – what's it costing you in your body or your relationship so your happiness or whatever and I want you to figure it out you literally have four minutes I want you write like crazy sit up in your chair with energy music on maestro go I love your dog how about the answer situation then we had to share what we wrote with our partner contribution and I think sir but I don't know I don't know the answer to this question okay I would say that – I'll be back – significant need to feel special significant special you need I would say that I would agree with that sherry and I discovered were both driven by the need to feel significant and we both paid a price for that I think that's the break soup for me today I want my life to be the teeter-totter it's never did yeah I think that is a movie that is the breakthrough no longer have to judge myself according to that standard you know I've had several breakthroughs already I met several breakthroughs already coming up an unexpected moment and later

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