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Tony Robbins: The Power of Momentum (Part-2 end)

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I don't need to sit around and wait for the perfect plan you need to get going so get focused on me but you want get a proven plan but there's nothing to be perfect get a partner somebody's already succeeding a role model make them your partner and get going get the momentum going you know I have a key thing that I teach people around this and that is if you're gonna succeed never leave the sight of setting a goal without doing something towards its attainment what I mean by that is when you get in state and you say okay I'm really gonna do this that moment you got to take action or you say I'm really gonna lose this weight I'm gonna transform a relationship I'm gonna I'm gonna start my own business I'm gonna turn my finances around I'm gonna learn in your language I don't know whatever I'm gonna connect with my children I'm gonna connect I'm gonna meditate I'm gonna you know go to church I'm gonna do whatever I'm gonna do walking into your schedule call somebody up right in that moment you know book a meeting you know set up you know a chance to work out do whatever it is but do it in the moment because in that moment you have momentum in that moment if you do something to commit you to follow through you'll take the second step the third step the fourth step and so on if you go into the fire walk you know the power of that event unleash the power within and you know that all you got to do is get yourself and stay and you take that first step so all you got to do take that first step my hardest part of working out is getting in the gym the hardest part of turning finances around is telling yourself the truth and getting with somebody to coach you to the next level hardest part of the relationship you know walking across to connect with them and saying those first words all right for the final walk take that first step but once you take that first step baby you'll take the second third fourth fifth and six steps won't you you get momentum could you start the process and now you're committed so make sure you get that process of momentum going you're like fifth thing that I'd say is keep yourself going you know if you immerse yourself and you keep changing your approach something doesn't work change your approach you're gonna make progress you're gonna and progress is gonna make you happy you don't have to be at your ultimate target yet for you to feel like okay my life's working if you're not where you want to be financially if you're not where you want to be physically if you're not where you want to be in your relationship your career whatever if you'll just get started if you'll just take the first steps and you'll just start making the progress you're gonna start feeling strong again you start feeling alive again that's the power of a momentum so but what's your in that environment also pay attention to the environment you got yourself in if you want to keep going you're a sprinter and you put yourself in the environment full of but I don't care how fast you are you're not gonna do terribly well and who you're spending time with will also determine whether you keep going or not who you immerse yourself with who you spend time with this who you become so why you want a successful partner and the project of change you want take a look who you're spending ajaan with on a daily basis and are they making progress as well then finally number six I keep this tight cuz you go listen this on the audio and then actually do it I'm I create a little kind a PDF for you cuz I'm a big believer and it's one thing to think these things go yeah this makes sense it's another to write it down and create your plan and to analyze your year and figure out what you want going forward but a six step is you know if you want to succeed and yet you know what you want and you got a plan and you got a great partner and you got momentum because you keep taking action and you keep it going and you surround yourself the right people then it's just about giving more than you expect to receive it's about San you know in every year in my life this year how can I give more so many people are trying to figure out what they can get right now especially when they're fearful especially when they're stressed and all I can tell you is I remember vividly you know early early my career I I was probably probably eighteen years old maybe nineteen years old probably eighteen I can remember vividly driving down a freeway near Pomona California I'll never forget I was I'm driving my 1968 Volkswagen Baja Bug and I had a journal I still have the journal to this day and I wasn't doing well I was frustrated and I was upset that things were going my way and I'm struggling financially and and you know I really wanted to do well why don't help people but I was getting more caught up and I wasn't doing well and I pulled over the side of the road and I wrote on this full-page lava today who wrote the secret the living is giving and then I honestly sat there and started to cry because I had lost track of what was most important I lost track of how amazing life feels when you know you're a giver in life not a taker when you're everybody receives but if your focus is around yeah you're gonna prosper in your business if you're focusing on how to give and your intimate relationship you're gonna have a raving fan for a partner you're not gonna have to figure things out if you're really focused on that if you focus on how to give more to your children instead of you know how come they're not doing what you want them to do you'll change that relationship if you try to take care of your customers and you really do more for them add value to them they're gonna feel what's real with you so we all know these these are fundamentals but the little workshop I'm gonna take you through it's all in audio so you can take it and jot it down it'll walk you through these same six steps but it'll get you to take a little action or each one and again help you extract some real value out of this last year and set yourself up for this new year so I hope you take the time to give yourself this little gift some time 45 minutes to an hour well worth it to get some clarity well worth it to learn some lessons and well-worth have set yourself up moving forward okay and you'll get some more of these videos from me we'll do a few more of these pieces out there for you and again I'll keep you posted on some of the new programs and some of the new events we're gonna create for people to deal with the challenging times that are there and learn how to take advantage of them but I'd really appreciate it if after you do this process if you drop me a little note on the blog I love reading those you can see I'm commenting on them and I like so many of them but that's what I do in my little spare time here at two o'clock in the morning I go on there and take a look so I look forward to hearing back from you and hearing some of the stories of how you're applying this and what you got out of this little process okay so as usual live strong and live with passion and god bless I'll talk to you soon

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