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[Music] the term manifestation can be defined as using energy from different dimensions or levels of consciousness and weaving it into a cohesive collection through thoughts beliefs feelings and behaviors for you to create your manifestation the collection of these energies must be brought together and influenced by you the energies of the higher dimensions are available to each of us and are more easily accessible than many may believe to be true working directly with these higher energies helps to bring about changes much more quickly than working with 3d manifestation let's examine how manifesting from a third dimensional perspective works from the third dimensional perspective all things are created and generated under the laws of attraction and reflection we have an idea or an inspiration of something we want to create and we begin to work on an emotional frequency that matches this thing so we can attract it into our lives we then must learn to believe relax and allow it's the universe's job to find a form that matches the frequency we're carrying when we're free of the outcome and open to receiving whatever comes back to us the universe can bring us multiple forms at once for example a person might find out they're receiving an inheritance from a family member they never even knew about or they may come across a new business contact that opens up a world of opportunity to them it doesn't just have to be a winning lottery ticket and this is why it's important to release the howl of the manifestation coming into our lives when we attempt to direct how we limit all of the other possibilities and make it more difficult for the thing we desire to show up in our lives many times during the manifestation process we are working directly with other parts of our consciousness that are providing us with clues and information that we need to fine-tune our 3d manifestation process for instance another person or situation will often reflect things back to us that indicate what may be blocking what we want from manifesting these are usually those undesirable instances that we prefer just disappeared however they are a reflection of what is happening underneath the conscious layers of our mind they show us how we truly feel and what we truly believe in fact it might best be considered to embrace and give gratitude to these situations and people for the data that they deliver they're an attempt to help us clear what stands in our way so that we were able to manifest what we desire in an easier and more free-flowing manner most of us want to create something that is of a higher vibrational frequency than what we're currently experiencing we don't consciously intend to create something bad or negative in our lives but third-dimensional manifestation is much like throwing a boomerang out and waiting for it to return if we are not in the same location or vibrational frequency as we were when we released it it will not find its way back to us the boomerang will always come back to the location where it was thrown from and this can take what we perceive to be as time if we drop our frequency for some reason during this timeframe by doubting becoming impatient or simply giving up we're no longer in the location we were in when we threw the boomerang out consequently we will miss the manifestation therefore in order to manifest in this way it's crucial to be mindful of our thoughts and beliefs and the emotional fuel that drives them our frequency is the same as our emotional state and it is our frequency that brings the boomerang back to us a person can make affirmations regarding what they want for hours on end however if those affirmations are filled with frustrated emotions more frustration is what they will get because that is the frequency that they are carrying our emotional bodies are the fuel that manifest our reality and those emotions come from our thoughts and firmly embedded beliefs in third-dimensional manifestation we are constricted by the illusion of linear time we believe it takes time for us to manifest things and often this is a good thing if we were to instantly manifest whatever we think of there's the possibility that we would create many painful uncomfortable or challenging experiences because over 90% of our thoughts run unconsciously in the third dimension based on the programs that we've developed over the years the nature of our reality also comes from the source third-dimensional manifestation is training ground the lag and time gives us the opportunity to clear the things we believe about ourselves that go against the nature of who we really are it's an opportunity to elevate our consciousness ascend in frequency and lessen our degree of what we believe to be a separateness from all that is what is known as the fifth dimension is actually the fifth frequency band from a multi-dimensional view of existence not all will adopt this view as it is much broader than the view that what you are experiencing right now is the one and only reality the various ancient schools of thought each count the planes of existence differently but many agree on the functionality of the fifth dimension in the 5th dimension of reality manifestation is immediate there is a simultaneous experience of all things time is not a factor the 4th dimension is described as space that a person can get to by traveling in a direction perpendicular to three-dimensional space but it is the fifth dimension where manifestation becomes instantaneous we're each learning and raising our consciousness so as to ascend through the frequency bands into higher planes of existence as we ascend through the densities our reality changes for the better because the outer world is a reflection of our level of consciousness because our consciousness is expanding our manifestations expand also what is known as time in our 3rd dimension doesn't really exist what exists is event space-time was invented by man we view our lives in past present and future terms a line of events strung together like beads on a necklace but at higher frequency levels there are simultaneous time lines occurring the events of each phase of life are happening all at the same time these are known as parallel event streams or parallel realities in which a person can jump back and forth from one time line to another based on the vibrational frequency they are carrying we are each gradually ascending from the 3rd to the 4th to the 5th frequency band and higher and according to string theory there can be no less than 10 of these frequencies although this number is debatable amongst both scientists and mystics nonetheless we each go at our own rate sometimes we exist in the 3d construct with the illusions of ego time and space at other times we increase our frequency and can access the 5d construct where time is just a marker but many have not advanced enough to stay there permanently so they oscillate between the dimensions until becoming fully proficient at maintaining the higher frequency states from the 5d perspective we understand our power and perfection and you may realize that you have moments where you fully experience and embrace this you may find times when your consciousness feels so pure and so aligned that you don't ever want to leave that state this is when you know you've moved into the higher frequency bands another way to understand the difference between the third dimension and the fifth dimension is that in third dimension reality we have a very emotional experience we use our emotional body to throw the metaphoric boomerang that brings experiences and things to match those emotions in the fifth dimension we know more how to influence our frequency States directly in order to create and dissolve manifestations from this standpoint we use the law of creation to instantly manifest things because all is now so how do we manifest from the fifth dimension think of something you'd like to create in fifth dimension manifestation you simply become completely aligned with this thing through your frequency for it to be manifest you don't worry about how it will come to be it's as simple as seeing a reflection in front of you of what you want and having an awareness of it also in your heart center not in your 3d mind this is the center of where you radiate your vibrational frequency you think about the essence of this thing the frequency it carries what it represents to you for example joy happiness excitement and freedom then you simply decide if it's a frequency you want to continue to align with or if there is something else that you would like to experience in 5d manifestation you're not attracting like in the example of the boomerang you're intentionally matching the energetic frequency of what you want by sending out that vibration which allows you to alter creation around you think of your 5d identity as the observer and your 3d identity as the part of you that is in your current physical reality if you felt as though you were experiencing a negative state of being or an unpleasant emotion you can choose to go into your 5d identity as the neutral observer and simply see what the 3d U is experiencing for instance if you were to separate yourself from yourself so to speak you might say I am observing that I'm upset I am the neutral observer that is witnessing this emotional state and from this viewpoint I can see all the potential responses that might be manifested because of it from this larger viewpoint I now choose to change this emotional state and therefore my frequency into one that aligns with more joy and freedom this larger dimensional viewpoint allows you to access the many potential timelines and possibilities in front of you so you can consciously decide to align with the one that is the brighter outcome rather than the one where your unpleasant feelings rebound more unpleasantness to you from this point of view you are working with event space rather than against it or with no knowledge of it practice this technique of separating yourself often to begin accessing the fifth dimension realm of creation the more you separate yourself as the observer and consciously choose the frequency you will carry from the place of your heart center the one that aligns with the possible outcome that you are able to observe from this point of view the easier it will become for you to acclimate to this frequency and type of manifestation for those who are already able to do this with proficiency their most profound remarks are that every moment must carry focused intention this is the direction we are all going in it's simply that many of us still have homework to do to get there the more consciously we apply this level of understanding and the more self-aware we become in the process the more unrestricted we will be in our power and the more accountable we will be for everything that is created in our lives

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