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You MUST RAISE Your STANDARDS! | Tony Robbins | Top 10 Rules

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[Audio Length: 00:34:07] RECORDING BEGINS: Evan Carmichael: He's a American motivational speaker, personal finance instructor and self-help writer. He became known from his infomercials and self-help books. In 2013, Forbes estimated its net worth at $ 480 million. He's Tony Robbins, and here's his top ten rules for success. Tony Robbins: Finally, if you're going to have lasting change into something, you're really talking about just raising your standards. I mean, I always tell people; If you want to know how to change your life, I will give it to you in three words, boring as it sounds, "to raise your standards." Now, what does that mean, corny as it sounds, "raise your standards"? "Well, thanks for the breakthrough thought, Tony. I'm glad I wasted my time looking at this little email with you. " Think about it. Lasting change is different as a goal. You do not always have to reach your goals, but you always set your standards. Maybe that will help to think about it this way. I try to explain standards to people with a different set of words.

Think of it as everyone in life they get "moss." They do not get their "shoulds." Think about it. Most people have a list of "Shoulds"; do they not? Do not have a list of "shoulds," things you should do, should you follow through on? "I need to lose weight." "I need to work out more." "I need to do more." "I need to respond faster to my email, "whatever." I need to get in the office sooner.

"" I need to be more confident. " What your "must" list, people love to have their "must" list adhered to, but it is such as New Year's resolutions. If that's the case, it's really exciting. If this does not happen, what is the most of the time, it's a little disappointing, but you kind of know it's not going to happen. When you decide something is a "must" for you, an absolute "must" when you cut off any possible … you say, "I'm going to find a way, or I'm going to make the place." Human beings, when they solve things, when they make a real solution within themselves, they raise the standard and they make it a "must" they find the way.

Think about it in your own life. Do not have some area of ​​your life where you grew up your standard, and your life has never been the same? Maybe, at some point in your life, you smoked cigarettes. Or you have something, and you have had it for years. You tried to change it, try to change it and keep telling yourself, "I have to." Then, one day, something happened. Something just clicked you over.

Do you have something about bouncing point and in yourself, you say, "No more" It was a very, very different experience. was not it? Something is moving inside you. What was a "must" a "must" and you never go back. Is there an area like this in you life you can imagine? Again, have you ever smoked cigarettes? Have you ever eaten a certain way, drink a certain form of alcohol and then finally say, "You don't have to anymore," and you just not to go back? Note this; it does not really take any willpower, anymore, because somewhere, when we click this, when we have something a "must" we attach to it.

It becomes part of our identity. One thing I learned, in the last, gosh, 33 years of working on people from, now, more than 100 countries, four million people, are human creatures absolutely full of who they believe they are. If you said to me, "Well, I'm working really hard to quit smoking, but I've been a smoker my whole life. I am a smoker, "I know your days are numbered. You're going to be smoking cigarettes back, again, because we all act in accordance with what we believe we are. I tell people the strongest force in the whole human personality is this need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves.

If you define yourself as someone who is truly conservative, you are not going to be crazy and act nuts unless you are really drunk or something. Then you can say it's the alcohol, when it really only you finally get permission to be yourself. The alcohol is your excuse. If you're a very crazy person, you're going crazy, outrageous, playful. You do not have to act conservative because that is not who you are. Very often people say, "Well, I can not do that. I'm not that kind of person." I always say to people, "Are you sure? When did you define yourself? I mean, really, how many years ago did you come up with what you can and could not do in your life? How many years ago? "Most people, If they really look at how they live their lives today, it's based on a set of standards, a set of beliefs they made choices about 10, 20, 30 or more years ago.

Very often, We decided our youth, or a very young one, on what to believe, on what we were able to, about who we are as a person, and it becomes the glass ceiling, if you want, what controls us. There's a corny metaphor, but that's true. I remember once, I was at the circus with my family. There was a person there, and They have this big, giant elephant. You look like this elephant. They take this little rope, put it around the elephant's neck, and they ride this stick into the ground. I mean, you look at this, and you know that elephants could rip off the whole tent with almost no effort.

Still, the elephant did not struggle, did not try. Why? Because the elephant's conditioned. They were able to take this elephant and condition the elephant when it is a baby elephant. Dis how to guide them. When it's a little baby elephant and it does not need the power, but, they have a great rope around it, and they ride this great interest in the ground. the elephant fights and fights and fights. One day, finally, that elephant decides, "I'm not capable of pull it out. "Once it touches on the definition of an identity of someone – an elephant, in this case – they do not even have to try, anymore.

"It's just who I am. It's how it is. It's just the way it is in my life. "I would like to ask you to take a look at a instead you have a restriction and ask yourself, "When did I decide to accept that restriction?" You can not even see it as a limitation. you can see it as just, "This is who I am." So often, in our lives, we have to adapt a certain way so that we do not fail or so that people will like us or respect us. It's not necessarily who we are. Joy comes when you are spontaneous.

It's really hard to be really happy when you are not yourself, and most of us have no idea who we are. A big part of my job – if you has ever fallen, you know – is to get people to do things spontaneously, without thinking, for that is when the real you arrives. That's when the energy comes to life. When you it does, when you start your true connection nature, suddenly, there is energy available for you to a higher standard for setting what you want in your life.

It is what it is really all about. When I talk about "standards" or I talk about "Shoulds" versus "moss," think about your own life. I know there are areas in all your life where, at some point in time, you just shift. You have the default, and your life changes because everything people have their identity on, they live. We live what we believe we are. This is just how it works. I will give you an example.

Look at your physical body. Your physical body, today, is an absolute reflection of just one thing. Not your goals, not your desires, but your standards, the identity you have for yourself. If your standard is you are an athlete, then there is a certain amount of power, a muscle tone, an energy available in your body, on a regular basis basis, because that's who you are. You do everything necessary to maintain that identity. Again, the strongest force in the human personality is this need consistent with how to stay our define ourselves, because if you do not know who you are, you will not know how to act. Once you lock in that identity, your brain finds a way to keep you there. If you say, "Man, I'm overweight. I've always been overweight. I'm a big-boned" and that's the story you have.

have, then you can always go find a way to get back there. This is your point of establishment. This is your identity. This is where things come into play. When you see someone, who is in very great shape, they ask you, "Did you work out?" you know the answer, "Yes." "How often?" they will tell you, "Three times," "Four times," "Five once a week, "whatever. In a seminar, I'll ask people, 'Who, here, works out at least five days a week? Stand up. "You look around that room, and you know they work out. five times a week because you can see their body. You do not just need a result without a kind of action, without some form of ritual; "Ritual," meaning actions you consistently perform. Now, do you think the people out there, doing out five days a week, do they have more time than you do either me or anyone else? Of course not.

Is their life less busy? Of course not. It's just a "must" for them. They need to work out that way. They have made that turn, and changed their lives. I'm not saying you have to work out five days n week. I'm just saying, what you really want, “want” not to meet consistently; "Standards". Whatever you can identify, "This is who I am." It's not so much about changing your identity, as expanding it; decide that, instead of your goal is to lose 10 pounds, which is not compelling, what if your vision was to "Come back to my fighting weight"? "This year," "This month," "The next 90 days, I'm going to transform my body.

I'm going to take on a new challenge. I'm going to find some technique or strategy. There are a million of them – who can recognize myself are. "Or:" I want to feel younger, stronger, more vibrant than ever before. here are my reasons. I really want the energy to make my life work because it's hard out there, and I want stronger than I ever was before.

I want to go in front of the mirror, and when I'm naked, do not want to laugh. I want to to look there and take a good look, and go 'Yes. I'm proud of everything I see there. " Whatever it takes. Something is going to make you laugh, smile. Something is going to annoy yourself, but something is going to move you to another level. If you identify yourself in a new way, you own what every day and that becomes the standard of how you live, you will find a way to make that standard real.

Money is the same way. Think about it. It no matter what happens "in the market." People who make money find a way to make money, no matter what, do they? I mean, most people's standard is to pay their bills, so this is what most people find a way to do it. Even when economic times are tough, most people, If this is their absolute standard, they will find a way.

Some people's standard is to pay their bills most of the time, and so most of the time, they do. Some people's standard is not just to pay their bills, but to take care of their family and maybe even some of their friends. They find a way. In fact, some people be in a family where, if they are not satiated money … They barely have money to pay their bills. They took their guts out, and then someone – their mother, someone's father or someone otherwise, their sister – gets sick. There is not enough money to take care of it. Nobody else have money in the family. They do not, either, but they find a way to get the money and take care of their mom or dad, do them, and pay their bills. They never could do it before. Why? The situation has raised them to their own standard. Not everyone does that. Someone else in the family may have money and still not take care of their mother.

It all comes down to the inner game, my friends. The change of your life is a change in the interior games. The rest of the world, you can not control, but you have absolute control over this one, If you learn the dynamics of what you shape. Identity is one of those simple, clear, fundamental basics that if you start moving it, everything else will move in your life, as well. Someone will, by the way, need more than enough money to do what they want, when they want, where they want, with whom they want, the way they want to contribute. As it is their "must" they find a way. I know it sounds too simplistic, but it's true. Someone once said you can take all the money in the world out of the hands of everyone, out of all the rich people in the world who are truly successful, give it to others people. It would not take too long; the people would have it back in their hands. It is not because they are manipulative.

This is because they have the standard. Some are manipulative. Do not get me wrong, but they have a standard of what they are going to find a way does not happen. I'm just telling you, take the three magic words and live them. increase your standard. Michael Gerber, the man who wrote The E-myth, talk about why so many businesses, young businesses fail. One of the things he says Most people are not really entrepreneurs, but they think this is what they should be. They think it's the sexy thing, it's the most beautiful thing, it's the best answer. What I am telling you is that you have to separate the vehicle from the outcome.

What is this what are you really going to fulfill? What is it that you are going to give that extraordinary life? What's going to make things beautiful, on your terms, terms not someone else's, your father, your mother, your background? What is it, really? Separate the vehicle. There are many ways to get that vehicle, but I say, sometimes you need to reevaluate what is really going to make you fulfill. What is your gift? is are you an artist? Are you the talent that can produce something that no one else produces a skill, a product, a service or an impact? Are you incredibly good at management level; you really know how to manage or guide people? Are you an extraordinary entrepreneur who it can take giant gut-load risk, create the vision, attract the talent you need, the managers and leaders? You can have all three abilities, but what one really fulfills you the most, is going to be the critical question. We tend to want to do them all, especially in a room like this, because you're all overachievers; right? Me too. You say, "Well, I can do all this." Yes you can but what will it do to you quality of life? See, again, the secret is going to be this.

What is an extraordinary life, on your terms, today? Things, things are not going to make you are happy. This is good news in a difficult economy. This is a good memory. It does not matter what you get. It does not matter if it is money or opportunity. All those things maybe excited thanks for the moment. Even a relationship, as beautiful as it is, can be exciting for power for a while, but if you do not keep growing, that relationship is not going to stay exciting.

The secret of true happiness is going on. Progress equals happiness, and if we can make progress on a regular basis, we feel alive. That's why, at the beginning of the year, We get this thing like, "Okay. I can have this new beginning. I can really do what my soul desire. I could expand. I can grow. I can improve. I can change. Or maybe, better than change, I could progress. "See, think about it. Progress has a liveliness about it; is not it You do not have to work at changing. People say all the time, now, "Well, I change jobs." Do not worry about it. You do not have to work on the change. Change is an automatic. Your body is going to change, whether you like it or not, depending on the years pass. No matter how hard you work, there are going to be some changes going on there. The economy is going to change, no matter what what you want to do it. The weather is going to change. Relationships are going to change.

Everything in life is always changing. we do not have to work on change. Change is an automatic, but progress is not. If you want to make real progress, then you really need to look at your life in a different way. You have to say, "I have to control this process and not just hope it's going to work out, "as people do that make a resolution. Treat people, at the end of the relationship, as if it were the beginning, and there will be no an end. It's not just your intimate relationship. What Happens When Your Customers … What Happens When You Fall in love with your customers, with your customers more than your product, more than your company? If your whole life is about meeting their needs, if you will do what for your customers or customers, will you do what? If you love your customers and clients; you want to do something, guess what? They're going to love you.

Most people love their customers and clients as long as they buy from them, do what they want to respond to them. If they do, they do not go, "This is the end." You want customers for life, not just customers, to fall in love with they. This is a different focus; is not it It's a different meaning, and it creates a different live because you make decisions differently from there.

What does it take to create world class marketing? What is the unique selling proposition? What is what we call "value-added marketing," VAM? Today most people are sick and tired of advertising for where is it? Everywhere. In fact, I have a question for you. How much of you, in this room, do not even see banner ads, more? Literally, it's there, but you not literally see it, as your brain flushes it out. Raise your hand if it is true.

Keep your hands nice and high, and look around the room at the moment. You will see 98% of the people were it out so they are not for sale unless you are going to make something truly unique. It's a total waste of your money and your time, in the world we are in today. Today, what creates marketing is when you do not just market, but you add value to people. You're doing something. You teach them. You give them an insight. You give something valuable what does it cost them nothing, and then they look at you as an expert. They look at you as a person who adds value. They want you to provide them with more information, more experience, more products and more services.

If you lend me this whole business over the meeting your needs, you can run a successful business, but it will be a job because you will never be able to sell it. Even if it's just meeting your needs, it's not a system. It takes you attention, your connection. It gives what you want. In the end, it's not going to give up someone else they want so you can not sell it. If you can not sell your business, if you do not have an exit strategy, you have a job. I do not care about how successful the business is. That does not mean you have to sell the business, but one of the most important decisions you make in business is, ultimately, "If I were going to sell this, if I chose to, I have to know who I would sell it to, so I have long term value, not just an income along the way. I have this critical mass here.

I have a multiple of my business. "Most people do not have a clear exit strategy. They think, "I'll come up with that one day." You have to start with the in mind. That have to be part of your focus, if you are going to be successful in your business. I can remember the man who built CAA in Hollywood. It was the biggest, most successful agency, right? Michael Ovitz, remember that mention? He co-founded Nike, Coca-Cola and this billion-dollar trade. Finally, Michael Ovitz has to go sell that business. he has never thought through an exit strategy, and He has almost nothing for it, because the laws prevents him from selling it to a studio.

He had to sell it to some of his employees for pennies at its real value. Mike found a way to make money, later, in another instead, off of Disney, but the bottom line is the guy does not have an exit strategy. It was brilliant. He has a lot of money. In the Finally did not get the value. When people fail to achieve their goals, 99.9% of the time, they ask you why and they will tells you it's due to a lack of resources. That's what all this is about. "I have not has the support, "right?" I do not have the money. "" We do not have the time. "" We did not has this. "" We do not have that. "There's a resource that people believe is lacking, and that resource faith structure then keeps population, all together able to truly lead for what leaders do, they are a way to maximize all the resources they have, as little as they can be.

They do not believe in limited resources. I will give you an example. Let's take a business For example, to start with. In 1974, a man named Sam Walton built up his small company. He came up with an idea. He started with $ 20,000 in, I think, 1962, if I remember correctly. by 1974, within 12 years, he had 78 stores, and you know how he did it? In the middle of the night, he wants to drive across the border, and he wants to go study other people's stores. He wants to buy everything the cheapest he could, in the middle of the night. He wants to go to the shops' other people.

Whatever was going on, he thought. success late clues. He came back and had it in his store. Whatever was going on in a store, in any competitor, anywhere he could do it, He did it. He figured out how to maximize the small resources he had, his 20,000; built 78 stores. If you read any of the people behind him – The company went public in that year – They were all told: "This is what He is maximized. His resources." He has just as much money.

There are just as many cities that are going to appeal to the "discount" mentality; right? This is it. That's all he can do, and the word on Wall Street was "sell." Now, what's interesting is, at that time, you were looking at Sears and Kmart, and they were formidable companies, they were not; 20, 30, 40, 50 times, 100 times its size or more, probably? At that time, they were the leaders, and they knew what was going to happen. has things change; Yes or no? Did he suddenly get mass amounts of capital? No. Here's what they do not understand? Sam Walton, now, or the Walton organization, Walmart, is the most successful retail industry on earth. When you talk about Bill Gates who the richest man in the world, this is only true because Sam's fortune is divided between a bunch of different family members. You put them together, they dwarf Bill Gates. Sam Walton has it. How did he do it? What people underestimate is that this man could go to 4400 stores, do 250 billion. where is Kmart today? They have already shrunk. All of them has been shrinking, and he is the dominant force on earth.

Here is the thing he understands; resources are interesting but the ultimate resources are the feelings of emotion that make you inventive. Think of it this way; ingenuity is the ultimate source. What do I mean? What are the emotions that make it all possible? What is the fuel that takes an idea that in your head, where you, intellectually, know what to do? How many had an idea, for example, is it was a good idea, you are excited about it, and then you do nothing? Then, a day, there you saw it, on the shelf. You've seen it somewhere. Someone stole your idea. how how much did it happen? Say "Aye"? [audience says "ai"] The only difference between you and that person was not that they had more resources.

They were more inventive. Success and failure are not huge events. They did not just show up. You can not suddenly have successfully or suddenly had this disastrous event that makes you fail. It may look like way, but failure comes from all the little things. This is the failure to make the call. Dis fails to check the books. It fails to say, "I'm sorry." It's a failure to push yourself to do things, physically, that you do not want to do. All the small failures, day after day, come together to one day, some disastrous event, and you who blame. such a case happens because you missed all the little things. Do you agree with me? Success, by the way, is not an overnight event. It's all these little things. success is a vision. Success makes it compelling. Success is really seeing it and feeling it, every day, with strong enough reasons. success feels the sense that "I'm here to grow, and I'm here to give something to the world, more than just myself.

"All the little things, that's where success comes from. In business, it comes from delivering more than anyone could think. All the little things to add up, and to pull away "Wow. That's what I want to do business with. "This is true in one area of ​​your life. Leverage is critical. You know how I did so much? Because I do not just get it done. I know the outcome. I know the purpose and I look for leverage. Leverage is different as a delegation. What is the problem with delegation? Delegation is all you need to be done so that you give it to someone else. you tell them what to do, and when they do not do it, you are pissed off. Leverage says: "I can move the biggest rock in the world, with a little effort. I have something I can do it with, but I'm another part of it. "LEVERAGE is, if I'm going to do something here with Tom Leverage, I'm going to to make sure Tom understands the what? The outcome.

I want to make sure Tom understands the…? The purpose, the why and the action. I can tell Tom, "If you can do it without this action or better action, go for it, baby, and I want to talk to you on this date. We must promise that we are going to go in before it is necessary, so that no surprises. If you're having trouble, Tom, get back to me, because we're partners on this. "This, I call it" leverage. "You know what I do when I have no time? There is time. I just have to take advantage of it. You know what I'm saying? You say, "I have no one to turn to leverage it too. "Shane, here, right? I have all the things he wants to do can not leverage it. Shane's response was to hire someone.

Then he thinks about what it's going to take, and goes, "$ 125,000, I can not do it now." He gets caught up in a way to get the outcome. Lever. He goes through his list, and goes, "What happens if I'm going to do someone 20% of these things? I was able to spend 20 grand to get that much freedom.

I could pay for it once 10. "Hmm. If I'm really productive, my productivity need to improve the world. Not just in my clients and customers; but it must provide work for other people. If there's anything you hate to do, it's because you're either ineffective after it or you do not think it is very important, but it is urgent. You need to hire someone for those things, and ideally, someone who loves work. You will never grow too late when your time is eaten up for activities that are not so important. activity without high levels of purpose are the outflow of your fortune. Do it now. If you can not get it all now, do a part of it now. Leverage is power. lever is ultimate power. Here's what I made for my life, and someone I know has succeeded. I'm a 17 year old kid from mezuzah, california, with no real education, other than self-education; with no background; with parents who do best, all of them; with no money. I have a thing. I love people, and I have a huge banana [sp? 0: 24: 10.8] made on myself.

I sculpted my thoughts and my emotions to get me to do what it would take to achieve and to contribute, but to do so, I did it by changing the use of my body and my focus. I got it by putting myself in a peak physiology and the use of what I called "incantations." can you lead yourself to believe something; Yes or no? [Audience says "yes"] Absolutely. How many of you have ever made the fatal mistake go to Disneyland or Disney World, and while you're there, make the fatal mistake planning a ride called It's a Small World After all? [Laughs] What's going on about a week after you get out of that damn place? You're still singing this thing in your head, in 24 languages; right? Well, let me tell you something. How many of you have things, when you want to go reach, and it goes part of your voice, "It does not go happens "or" Forget it "? How many have a voice that interrupts sometimes that a good pattern? Say "Aye." [Audience says "ai"] What you want to do is lead a new one.

Starting when I was 17, I started doing incantations, not solemn declarations. Confirmation, are you going, "I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. "What's the problem? You did not change your what? Your what? Physiology. If you do not change your physiology, you will not get anything. An incantation is not only what you speak, but you personify what you say with all the intensity you can. You do this with another repetition that it sticks in your head. Like It's a Small World Now, the conversation in your head is always the same, and it gives you the will you want.

Use your body and your voice. Seventeen years ago, I started doing things. I'm working for Jim Rohn, the speaker, and I was 17 years old. I have long hair, minestrone soup acne on my face. I tried to call on Bear Stearns-type people and convinced why they should go to this man's seminar and more successfully. I was doing a 1968 Volkswagen that I earned at $ 40 a week, as a caretaker.

The only way I did it was park far from the building and then go. I loved people, and I believe. When I myself able, I was able to influence people that were much more successful than I was at the time. I'll do something I'm still doing behind the scenes and what I've been doing for 23 years because I do not hope I'm going to be in good shape. I demand it, so I do an incantation. Using my whole body, I would say, "I do not command my subconscious caring to help me help as many people as possible today, to improve their lives, through me the power, the emotion, the conviction, the humor, the brevity, regardless what it takes to show these people and get these people to change their lives now.

"I would which literally drives in my Volkswagen around a meeting, in LA, on a freeway for 40 minutes. People would look like. I scream at the top of my lungs, and they go, "I know he is a serial killer. I know he is. "By the time I entered that room … When two meet people, if there is Rapport, the person most certain will always influence the other person, and I was absolutely not sure. They tried to revved to safety.

Do you agree with this; Yes or no? [audience says "Yes"] I will do another one because I was weak. I changed my mindset. I did things, but I never got beyond that. I would say, "God's riches are circulating in my life. His riches flows to me, in avalanches of abundance. Meet all my needs, desires and goals instantly by infinite intelligence. For I am one with God, and God is all. "I would think the abundance in my life, and I would feel so grateful. A year later, I stopped making $ 38,000 a year to a million dollars a year, in one year. Evan Carmichael: Thank you so much for watching. I have this video because Subash Limbu and my cameraman, Jason, asked me to.

If there is a famous entrepreneur that you want me to next profile, leave it in the comments below, and I'll see what I can do. I would also like to know which of Tony Robbins top 10 rules were the most striking on you. Leave it in the comments, and I'll join the discussion. Thank you so much vir look. Keep believing, and I'll see you soon. BONUS Tony Robbins: There's a man named Ken Blanchard who wrote those books called The One Minute Manager books. He said something very early in my life. He said, "Tony," he said, "a business will always consume only the available. "And, he said," I see you come with your first book. "I was 24, it was Unlimited Power, and he was going, 'You're coming out with this book, I think it's going to be a huge success.

Do not have that money in your business. Take the money and put it in a separate investment account that no one else touches. He said: I'm told you the business wants to get all the benefit from all the media, from all the things that are going to finish it, but the real dollar of that should stay out. " He said the same thing when I had an infomercial. He said, "Take the money and set it aside." Well this was one of the best pieces of advice I will ever get in my entire life because I put it aside and there were times when money was needed. But, I was like to it in a chapel, it was like putting it where it was holy money and it is not going to touched. If someone comes along and says, "You have no money for your business, but guess what Obama just has the tax 20% more for your business. "One would shout, you would scream, you will be upset and you will pay for it. so why not even sit down with your family? Why not a portion of what you possess, or what you deserve, I must say, because it belongs to you.

It does not go to Kate Graaf, it's not about Wall Street, it's about your family. The way you do it are you taxing yourself, it's a myriad of taxes. you go, "This is my freedom fund." It comes off the top. The secret is to automate it so you do not see it, it really is the most important thing. Very often you get what you are asking for you are just not aware of how common you are ask.

Clarity is power. The more clear you are about exactly what it is you want, the more your brain knows how to get there. your brain is a servomechanism. It's like a bomb. Those bombs, the missiles, they have a servomechanism, So if the target moves, it knows what the target and it does not follow. Your brain, when you state in which it, knows exactly what to go for for and it will find a way to get there.

Have you ever had a certain outfit or a certain buy car and suddenly see that car or outfit everywhere? How many of you have had that experience? Say, "I". How come that car or outfit is everywhere? It's always been everywhere, but now you see it and the reason for it is because there's a part of your brain known as the reticular activation system, the RAS. That part of your brain determines what you see and what you do not see. Your brain spends most of its time trying to make sure you do not notice, because you will go crazy when you see everything. But, when you decide what's most important to you, your brain goes after it. everyone I know who's successful's build what I call an RPM plan.

RPM is built on the metaphor that the way to get out where you are to where you want to go is the fastest you have has to build power, as in a car, RPMs. The "R" stands for, they know the result in the roof rack, they know exactly what they want. If you do not know exactly what you want or If you let yourself get like it in something general, you are not going to achieve it. clarity is power. You need to know the specific leads you are following. What do you want. As you can not answer that question now in personal life, in your body, in your relationships, in your finances, in your spiritual life, then you are not going to be fulfilled if you want to be. Here is my assignment for you, if you want one. If you want to go from conversation to an action, here's a simple thing to do. What is an area in your life now that do you really want to improve? What is an area that is important to improve? If you have the body's great, how about your career? If your career is big, how about your relationships? intimate children especially.

Or your children. Or your relationship with your Creator, your spiritual side of your life. Or is it your finances. Figure out an area that really matters, decide that territory. Number one: Write down what your life is like in that area at the moment as specifically as to make possible. So, you could say, "Well, I'm 13.5 pounds' overweight. You know, whatever the weight is whatever the situation is. or, "My body fat's like this" or "I wake up exhausted in the morning. "And you're writing the truth where you are at the moment, so you're very clear. Or, I'm not in a relationship. I say I want a relationship, but I'm not in one. I do not seems to find them; all the good looks to get away is my belief. I really want to one, but I do not have it. Whatever your definition is, "I'm in a relationship and God I want I was not in a relationship.

I'm planning to escape. "Where you are. Or," I have a wonderful relationship, we love each other but there just is not enough passion. "Just write the truth of where you are. The area you want to change, but write how it is. The second step is, and this is where you have to be really honest with yourself, which are the rituals that sat there? because no matter what results you get, even if you are do not like the results, there are some rituals that are working on you in that place.

There are some rituals of what you eat or do not eat, how you move or move, how you sleep or do not sleep. There are some rituals in the lack of variety or spice or energy or focus in an area. There's something you do and it's usually not one thing, it's a bunch of the little things that your kind do consistently when you think about the way in a relationship, when you think about working out, when you think about money, you overwhelm yourself in a state of. You start thinking about all these things you can not control. Just write down all of the rituals you have. Here is the third step: What do you want? what is your vision? Be very specific.

I want to be my fighting weight; I want to be the strongest I've ever felt. I want to be. . .I am going to turn. . .whatever it is, be specific. Last Step Number Four: What are the rituals that will get you there? What would you need to do differently every morning if you're going to be that kind of energy, that kind of strength? How often do you want to work out? What days will you work out? What time? A ritual is something you do consistently, usually at a specific time, so it's an automatic. Let me tell you something, your strength will not last.

But rituals can last a lifetime. I bet you have some rituals that you do in your life that you do for years, even if some of them do not ask you to serve. I'm just saying, wake yourself up. If you want a new year and a new life, you do not have to start January first, start today. Start with this small video. Just start to see what happens and see how easy it is to get just a few small rituals. Do not do them all, do two or three new things. You know what's going on? you will gain momentum, because once you discipline yourself in one area of ​​your life, you feel yourself to do it in other areas as well. I always say something my original teacher taught me, I always reminded people; there is always two pains in life, there is the pain of discipline or there is the pain of remorse.

Discipline weighs ours, as my friend Jim Rohn taught me, regret weighs tons. You do not want to regret. So, right now, who specifically does what you want to change, what it really wants, what are the rituals you get there? That will do a little homework. If you do not sure not, ask the people around you, they will tell you what your rituals are. What do I really do want in depth, what are the rituals that get me there and then get yourself started some of those actions and lock them in place. End of the survey.

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