Your #1 Manifestation Super Power – 99% of People Don’t Know This!

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Today, let me share with you a super, super powerful manifestation
tool that is wasted by 99% of the population. I'll reveal what it is and how you
can use it to not only manifest your dream life, but also crush all
your resistance. Stay with me. Welcome back to choosing gratitude I'm
Karin from and this channel is all about helping you
live the life you deserve to live.

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choosing gratitude. Every day, I get questions like Karin, what
is the latest manifestation trend? What is the latest manifestation
magic or what is the number one tool? And most of us have this
shiny object syndrome, right? We always think that what we want is
out there and the shiny object is out there, but only by going out there
and get it, we can change our lives.

And we think that those magic
bullets will somehow just completely transform our lives. And
I'm here to tell you this, you may not be ready to hear this, but
stay with me anyway. Okay. Remember, there is no shiny objects. Everything you want is already within you. And if you don't realize this, then you will always be chasing the
shiny objects and you will never be successful at anything
you try to pursue. Okay? So ultimately the most powerful
manifestation tool you have is yourself. And today, I don't want to just stay on the
superficial level because I know that I've talked about this all the time. I want to give you something
even more specific. That is your voice. Yes. The super, super powerful manifestation tool, probably one of the most
powerful manifestation tool is your voice. And you may be wondering
what can I do with my voice? So I want to invite you to think
about this.

How do you use your voice? Vast majority of us use our
voices just for talking, right? We're just talking. And a lot of
times, or we're gossiping, you know, we are just using it for mindless things. And maybe some of us develop
a habit of singing and singing is always very enjoyable,
right? And some of us become singers. And I've always noticed that when
I'm singing, I'm pretty happy. And if you like singing,
and that is actually a very, very powerful way to
change your vibration. And I don't want to just stay at
a superficial level.

You know, user wise through seeing and
singing will make you happier. Yes, that's part of it, but
that is not deep enough. So today I want to dive even deeper, and first let's talk about why
your voice is such a powerful manifestation tool and why your
voice is actually the most powerful tool to crush your resistance.
And you never use it. Most people are never aware
of this. So first of all, you need to understand that everything
that is around us in this universe is all about energy, frequency and vibration. You have to see your lives
through the light of energy, okay? Not just these physical objects, remember all the physical
objects or your life experiences. Everything is made up of energy, vibration and frequency
and how you radiate your energy is within your control. And that is what law of
attraction is all about. Right? So the power of your thoughts
can shape your physical reality.

And how do you solidify the thought?
Because a lot of times, you know, our thoughts are really random and
also our thoughts can run super, super fast. If you try to watch
yourself, you realize, you know, your thoughts will go from one random
thing to the next random thing. And before you realize it, your thoughts
are going to start to criticize you. Your thoughts will tell
you you're not good enough. You don't have what it takes and you
have to go out there to find that shiny object, right? So how long does it take for your
thoughts to go from neutral about a random thing or about an observation
of something to something really negative and self sabotaging? Sometimes it only takes a few
seconds to go from feeling pretty positive or feeling pretty neutral
and at ease to feeling really, really negative. And usually these few
seconds is the time that you really need to capture in order
to turn your life around. Okay? Most of us think that we
have to do something really, really magical to change our thoughts, but the truth is there is nothing
magical about changing your thoughts.

Sometimes you just need to
interfere with a negative thought pattern. Sometimes it takes just
something that you say out loud. That's why speaking on affirmation
out loud is always much, much more powerful than just
thinking of an affirmation, right? That's why I want you to write
affirmation instead of just thinking it, because when you bring the energy
from your head out to your physical world, you have to somehow amplify
that energy and the best energy amplifier is your voice. Remember when you speak negative words
or when you're gossiping about others or when you're criticizing yourself or when
you're criticizing anything, you know, that energy is much stronger than its
initial state, which is just the thought.

So the goal is to change
the energy that you speak out. So the most powerful tool to
do that of course, is your voice, right? So always pay attention
to what you are speaking. So that's the number one way to really
leverage this powerful tool of your voice, be aware of what you're speaking. And if you feel that you're
speaking negative words, no matter is about you or your, or about anything like about politics or, or criticizing a certain person. You
know, just to tone it down a little bit, you can talk about facts, but you don't put too much of
your negative opinion in anything. That's a great way to
elevate your energy. Okay? And the second way for you to use
your voice, this is really powerful. And most people never use it. That is to record your voice
and record your affirmations. Nowadays, we all have cell
phones that can record, right? So just take out your cell phone
today and record your favorite affirmation.

And when you're driving,
when you're doing, nothing, just, you know, putting the headset and listen to it
instead of listening to some random music or some random things, right? Why not just listening to your own voice, speaking your favorite affirmation, and you can even take
it to the next level. You can write a script about
your life, like, you know, how you would like to live your
life and then record it and then listen to it all the time. And this also serves as a distraction
of anything negative around you, because you know, we all live
around a lot of negative people, negative energy, the
TV, the news, you know, in order to shut down everything,
you can use your voice as a barrier.

So use your voice to create a
positive script and just keep listening to it. It's actually
even more powerful than reading it. That's why a lot of people like to listen
to audio books rather than reading a book, try it. This is
extremely, extremely powerful. The next way to use your
voice is to talk to yourself out loud. I know it may
sound a little weird. Well, talking to yourself is like
a double edge sword, okay? Because we all talk to ourselves
in our head and that voice in 80% of cases is your parent's voice. So when you grew up in an environment
where your parents are always criticizing you or tell you, you're no good, that
voice becomes the voice in your head. Okay? So be very aware of that
negative voice in your head. And when you're talking to yourself, the quality of the self talk
is usually not very high. Okay. So if we bring this self talk out loud, you realize how ridiculous
it is. Okay.

So why not? Like before you talk to
yourself in your head, why now just talk to yourself out loud
and instead of saying, Oh my gosh, I did this wrong again. Oh my gosh. I
can never get to where I want to go. You can say out loud, this
is just a temporary defeat. I am on my way. I am
enough. I love myself. It's okay. It's okay that
I may not get it now, but I will get it sometime in the future. So when you're doing more and
more of these positive self talks, you're going to erase that negative
voice in your head that was formed from your childhood. That's more
than likely a voice of your parents. Okay? So start using yourself's
voice to replace the negative voice in your head.

Now I
have an ultimate, super, super powerful tool for
you to use your voice. And a lot of people may
not be ready for it. And you may not feel comfortable
about this. But listen to me, this is to make YouTube videos
and you don't have to be a YouTuber. You don't have to try to grow YouTube
channel becau se it is a lot of work.

If you're focusing on something else,
you don't have to do this. Okay? But recording a video of you talking is such a powerful tool, and that
has completely changed my life. Remember before I became a YouTuber, I was already practicing law of
attraction for almost 20 years, but I never experienced such a deep, deep transformation before
I became a YouTuber. So a lot of you may be saying,
well, that's too much, or
I'm not good on camera, but I want to encourage you to just take
out your cell phone and record a video of yourself, talking to yourself,
and then try to watch it. You know, most people can't even watch
a video of themselves talking. Most of the people hate
to see themselves talking. And if you feel that way more than likely, that's an indication that you
don't love yourself enough.

So make a couple of videos and you can
put them on YouTube or just put them on your phone and watch them.
And if you feel weird, just watch them over and over and
over until at some point you can fully accept yourself. You can
deeply embrace the way you look, the way you talk, your
voice and how you use words. If you have accent or no accent, you
may say, well, I don't look good enough. And that's the exact reason why you
want to look at yourself in a video. There are plenty of YouTubers, very, very successful YouTubers that are
not the most pleasing to the eye, but they are extremely charming and
you just want to follow them, right? So you really need to develop
the muscle of loving yourself embracing yourself and the best way, the powerful way to do that is
by looking at yourself in a video and be completely okay with
it. And also liking it. When I first started
making YouTube videos, I also felt really awkward on camera.
And when I first watched my video, I like, gosh, it looks so weird,
but you know what? Over time, even though I know I have haters, I
look at myself and I'm fine with it.

I totally accept who I am
on camera. And with that, I feel like I'm loving myself a
lot more than before I was making videos. So try this and use this as your way to improve yourself. Love, to feel more compassionate towards
yourself because you know how you feel about yourself is how
you radiate out energy. And when you can love yourself more, you will naturally attract
all the good experiences, helpful people, great opportunities. And that all comes from
listening to your own voice, talking to yourself and
fully, fully embrace that. Thank you so much for watching today. Make sure you give this video a thumbs
up and subscribe to the channel. I will see you in the next video..

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