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फाउंडेशन कैसे लगाएं – How To Avoid Cakey Foundation Hindi | Anaysa

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Hello.. friends I am Anishka Today’s video is so much special as I share with you How to apply foundation perfectly… you have seen so many people whose foundation looks cakey or creased this occurs due to they don’t apply it properly this makes your foundation cakey appearance If you face these problems related to foundation then in today’s video I give you solutions to these problems along with I will share with you some tips and tricks which helps you in applying foundation perfectly and give your face a flawless look so lets start with today’s video first I am going to apply primer why we use primer??? I am using aloe-vera gel as a primer as this also works as a makeup primer primer is a cream which makes our skin smooth and our foundation perfectly blends primer is little bit sticky thus helps foundation to stick with our skin which makes our foudation long- lasting you must apply primer before foundation otherwise foundation enters in your skin pores increase the risk of pimples or breakouts now its turn to apply fondation there are so many foundations or BB creams available in the market let us first check our foundation’s shade apply its thin layer from face to neck you can see that this foundation matches with my face take some foundation in your clean hands now put dots of foundation all over the face as this helps in blending evenly understand this way foundations will equally blend on both cheeks If you have under-eye dark circles then apply two layers of foundation under your eyes now its time to blend the foundation for this I am using a makeup-sponge first dip it in water for few minutes you get this makeup-sponge in any makeup shop under Rs 50 to 100/- press it for 4 to 5 times squeeze it to release extra water why we wet this sponge??? this moistens our sponge due to which it soaks our foundation properly this way our foundation blends properly you can see the difference between a wet or dry sponge this one is dry & this is wet one tap it gently on your face which is must to blend the foundation this evenly spreads the foudation on the top layer of our skin & this doesn’t allow the foundation in your skin pores this gives a natural look to our face you have seen so many people whose foundation looks cakey and seems like that they have applied lot of foundation if you follow this method to apply foundation this gives your foundation a flawless look and gives your face a natural look don’t forget to apply foundation on your eyelids under your eyes and neck done with foundation many of you leave as it is which makes your foundation cakey apply compact powder after foundation understand this way when we mix foundation with cream both gets biend but when we mix powder with foundation doesn’t mix well makes your foundation cakey means both foundation and powder are different solution to this problem is apply compact powder with a wet sponge this slightly moisten your compact powder due to this it sticks properly with the foundation if you don’t have makeup sponge you can use powder puff instead of makeup sponge wet and squeeze it just as we do with makeup sponge Here I am using Lakme’s compact powder apply this in the same way like foundation with slight tapping one more thing apply powder according to your skin type if your skin is sweaty then apply it all over the face if you have combination skin then you must applied it on T-zone area means on your forehead and nose area if your skin dry or normal apply it all over the face but try to apply it in very little quantity as this doesn’t develop dry patches on your face look upward when you apply it under your eyes to apply it properly under your eyes at last we apply a makeup setting spray this slightly moisten your foundation and powder this blends both foundation and powder this makes your fondation flawless you can also use rose water instead of setting spray try to keep setting spray 10 to 12 inches away from you and is in front of your face this evenly spreads the spray on your face just let your setting spray dry done with this foundation you can see my foundation looks so natural so girls whenever you apply foundation on your face remember these tips Do like and share this video plz subscribe to my channel don’t forget to press that bell icon to watch my latest videos Do commenting below if you want to see more makeup videos in future and follow me on instagram so will see you in my next video till then take-care bye-bye

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