3 Painfully Disappointing Career Choices For ENFPs

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Hey Dan here and in this video you’re going to learn about three careers ENFPs often get excited about, often invest years and tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars into education to pursue and then ultimately end up being pretty disappointed and this is based on my own experience as a coach and ENFP consultant I guess we could call me working with hundreds of ENFPs now around the world and what I have heard from you guys about disappointments and the difference between a perception of what a career could be like and the actual reality now if you’re new to the channel my name is Dan this is dreams Around The World and my mission here is to help you become the best version of yourself all while creating the most awesome life possible for you and those you love. So before I jump into these three careers one thing I do need to say is that when you’re looking at a job and your enjoyment or success in it there’s more to it than just the category or the title.

For example in law you could be the lawyer fighting the big fight against the evil company and you’re working with a small team of people you really love fighting for justice or you could be at the lowest rung of the ladder in a corporate law firm where you’re essentially a glorified secretary, you’re a lawyer in both cases but your day to day experience is pretty much a hundred percent different so that’s something to keep in mind with all of these examples is often finding the right fit and the right company to work for or maybe starting your own company can be a solution to work in the field you’re really interested in but perhaps generally does not align with your personality.

Number one is architecture I have talked to more than a few ENFPs who become architects they were so excited about design about doing things differently about changing buildings and just creating things and then they got into an actual job as an architect and we’re like oh wow this is really boring there’s a lot of admin work I spend way too much of my time dealing with like permits and this sort of stuff rather than actually the designing and the sad thing about this is I’m guessing I’ve never been to architecture school but I’m guessing an architecture school you focus a lot on designing things right you’re in charge of your whole project so you make things and you have a lot more creativity and output which as an ENFP is probably awesome and then you get into a job and if you’re in a larger architecture firm which everyone thinks that’s what they want you end up at the bottom of the ladder doing permits and doing paperwork and it’s really not nearly as enjoyable as you think it will be one aside here there is a very famous Danish architect that I’m almost positive is an ENFP after watching a documentary about him I’ll include that information about him in the show description and maybe that is someone you can model if you are an ENFP and you still want to go into architecture you can model what he’s done in his career as perhaps a blueprint for a really successful highly creative architecture career.

Number two is digital marketing. I have talked with ENFPs who get really excited about digital marketing they’re like I love technology I love marketing or I think I love marketing I don’t really know what it is they say but it sounds really exciting right move to San Francisco and get a great job at a progressive firm as a digital marketer and then they realize that basically means looking at spreadsheets of Facebook ads and SEO optimization all day and it’s like the worst possible ENFP job this can happen in a lot of marketing and advertising jobs where the part of those jobs us ENFPs are really good at would be like the creative part maybe copywriting coming up with the sales copy coming up with the concept being really creative maybe even understanding our audience and market research a little bit the reality is with digital marketing it’s no longer the Mad Men era where you’re sitting in a boardroom getting really creative and coming up with the best slogan and pitch there are still some jobs like that but most digital marketing is a lot more like spreadsheets tracking tweaking these sorts of things which I don’t know if you ask me not very exciting not something I’m very interested in now add to that that in many cases if you’re working for a digital marketing agency you don’t really get to control what kind of clients you work with so maybe they’re big clients that are fine but they’re boring like it’s a our company you’re not really excited about selling their cars or helping them promote or maybe you end up having to help market a company that you’re not really morally aligned with and that’s even probably worse right so another potential downside to a generic digital marketing career now whether or not learning digital marketing skills as valuable as a whole another question and as an entrepreneur myself and as someone who encourages people to become entrepreneurs in many cases learning some digital marketing skills to apply to your own business in your own style and with your own freedom could be really valuable but as a career for any ENFP probably not the best fit in 90% of cases and the third one is being a high school teacher or perhaps I can say just being a teacher in public school in general a lot of ENFPs love helping people we love teaching the thought of being a teacher that I could impact a life that I could make a difference that’s exciting I would love to do that the reality is your one is really fun your two still fun you’re meeting new student you’re creating the curriculum you’re getting to understand these children you’re getting to change lives your 3 4 5 from what I’ve been told from teachers the bureaucracy adds up the frustration adds up of being in a system that’s so confining and of having to teach the same lessons over and over again and having to be really strict on what you can teach in many school systems right this is the kind of stuff you have to teach this is how you have to teach it so well on the surface being a teacher is something ENFPs are amazing at we’re great teachers we’re great storytellers we’re great at mentoring and developing other people actually being a teacher within the school system in many countries ends up being really frustrating and limiting and quite disappointing for ENFPs now before you make any drastic decisions about changing your direction I want you to think about what I said at the beginning of this video not all environments are the same there are environments where an ENFP could thrive as an architect where they could be an awesome digital marketer whatever that even means and have a great time and be very creative doing it and I’m sure there are many too positions ENFPs are excellent at but you’ve got to put in the time to find the right environment and what I would suggest doing for that is finding someone who is really happy and successful in the career you want to do and learning from them or at least buy them a dinner and find out about what they did differently what route they took and any advice they’d have to find a similar environment for yourself where you’re gonna be a lot happier thank you for watching if you are new to the channel I publish new videos every Sunday Tuesday and Thursday at 6 a.m. Eastern so hit that subscribe button hit the bell and I will catch you in the next video soon.

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