4 Big Benefits of Eating Pistachios

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we're going to talk about the four
biggest benefits of pistachios I realize pistachios aren't really a true nut it's
a seed of a fruit but we're going to talk about it today as an actual nut
because that's what people are used to there's many benefits of pistachios but
there's four big ones number one out of all the nuts and seeds it has some of
the lowest amounts of oxalates of any of the nuts almonds have the most oxalates
so if you're sensitive to kidneys stalin's for example or even arthritis
or even oxalates in general you would want to consume pistachios or if you
have a history of kidney stones pistachio is your go to nut all right
number two very high in potassium we're always
trying to get more potassium loaded with potassium good amount of phosphorus if
you've ever heard of something called ATP that's the energy currency of the
body which is made in the mitochondria that stands for adenosine triphosphate
so phosphorus gives you energy zinc very important in over two to three
thousand enzymes so I think there's a lot I've done tons of videos on that in
fact let me just put a link down below because if you haven't seen some of the
videos I've done on zinc this one is actually like a rock star it's one of
the most important minerals that you can take okay
vitamin k1 will help if someone has excess bleeding b6
very important in a lot of different biochemical reactions also it can help
edema and swelling especially if someone's pregnant and they're just
swelling up with fluid this can help b1 one of my favorite vitamins it reduces
anxiety it helps you sleep it helps excessive thinking all the time 24/7
it's good for stress it's good for a lot of things and then we have full-length
which is not just important in a growing child to prevent birth defects but it's
also important and in dolt to prevent breaks in your chromosome in your DNA so
it helps in the repair process if you efficient you have all sorts of damage
in the DNA vitamin E vitamin E is a important antioxidant but it does a lot
more it's very beneficial for your muscles for hormones for your endocrine
glands and your skin also is vitamin C and then chlorophyll which is like the
green stuff in a plant that's why I pistachios are green because it has more
chlorophyll this is a good healer in general and also for your inner skin
like anything going on like with irritation on the inside of your
esophagus on down through your colon this is very very important now in the
center of chlorophyll you have the mineral magnesium so pistachios are high
in magnesium which is good for a lot of things not just for muscle cramps and
sleeping and stress but also to make energy and also to help with your heart
rhythm because it's one of the key electrolytes alright number three it's a
good source amino acids it's a good source of healthy fats it does contain
an omega-3 fatty acid called ala it does have to be converted to DHA the active
form and EPA but still it has a good amount of ala which is kind of a
precursor to the active forms of omega-3 fatty acids there's a lot of other fatty
acids that it has and those are also good for many different things related
to cognitive function cardiovascular function immune system and the list goes
on also it's very little carb so it's
perfect keto higher fat low carb medium protein and number four antioxidants now
your body makes antioxidants you also get them from your foods and so both of
them combined make up your network of antioxidants to protect you from the
environment creating oxidation and free radicals and also from your own body
making free radicals because that's kind of a byproduct of the metabolic process
so antioxidants can greatly reduce the complications of certain illnesses and
like diabetes for example that generates a lot of free radicals
inflammation in general so these are really good compounds and giving your
body additional health benefits that go beyond just vitamins and minerals it has
the carotenes which are pre vitamin A tocopherols which is part of the
vitamin E complex and there's a lot more as well some that even help with macular
degeneration all right there you have it the four major health benefits of
pistachios hey if you're liking this content please subscribe now and I will
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