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Add Clickable Links to Facebook Page Stories from Desktop

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Hello beautiful people it's your girl
Ms. Ileane and today I am logged in to Facebook in the Creator Studio the
creator studio of my facebook page and if you haven't gone over to your Creator
Studio yet just look up at the top of your Facebook page and fact let's
backtrack and go through some of the steps to get there and I'm on my
Facebook page now and I have a link to creator studio here but you may notice
that you have to go into publishing tools now I'm in my Creator Studio and I
have a new button here that I did not have before and that is add story oh my
gosh they're giving me access to post to my Facebook page story from my desktop
okay alright now I'm gonna click my main page
because I have access to five pages here but I just want to go to my main page
now have you ever seen this interface before probably not guys because this is
brand new I just noticed it for the very first
time today and I get the option to add a photo now I'm going to add a photo here
and I'll pick out one that promotes one of my youtube videos here I did a
YouTube video about how to create your Facebook Avatar but notice that it's
kind of getting cut off a little on the ends well there's actually a little all
I had to do is click on it and there's actually a little resizing tool here
just slid that over to make sure nothing got cut off but what I can also do here
is slide this up if I want okay and position it where I want now in this
particular case I'm going to leave it like this but depending upon the image
that you have here you also can rotate it you can rotate it now I wouldn't want
to put that one upside down but you like I said it just depends on your image and
then that also repositioned it so let me go back all right get it just lined up
maybe I just want to go right to the edge with my image so that the
background that Facebook added doesn't really peek through too much but I don't
want anything to get cut off I don't want my hair to get cut off on my avatar
so now here is what's really really cool now this is going to be something that
everyone is not going to have access to guys but I want you to know that it's
going to be coming to you and make sure that you have the Creator Studio on your
Facebook page because this is what you're going to also have access to okay
so here I can add text to this so watch the video and I can also change the
color of the text notice there I could make that text dark let's let it let's
put it move it down some so you can see it I should get rid of it because I
won't you'll see what happens and I get to add a button do you see
this over here on the left hand side this means I can put a URL in here so I already know the link for this
video is okay so I can now also change this what
it says on the button I could say learn will see more learn more
shop now of course I'm not selling anything on that book now call now get
direction so let's just go with learn more okay and that's why I took the text
off because I know that it adds this button because I've been playing with
this all day and just like that I can share that to my story
OMG isn't that amazing and let's go back to this was the first one that I posted
this morning I already got a hundred and four unique people have seen this and
then I posted a second one and then this is the one you saw me just post just now
and when I click that learn more button it takes you right to my YouTube video
about the avatar and you can add a text story and in this case I'm gonna say Be
Sure to like Better Than Success thanks so much for watching and as
always in parting stay beautiful

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