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Atkins Diet Misconceptions: Low Carb Diets and Gout

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I welcome to another episode and this week's episode comes out of a TV show I want watched the other week it's on the USA Network called Royal Pains it's about a concierge doctor who works with rich people and this particular person was having severe pain in his joints and ends up being that he has gout and the doctor on the show said stay away from all those rich fatty foods that you're now eating now that you're rich and go back to your old lifestyle and that got me to thinking well you know what misconceptions are out there about rich fatty foods and why was this potential person even as these scripted facing gout are we subject for gout if we're if we're following the low-carb diet one could do more research so let's go first what is God you know if you're like me I really before I started getting involved in the little carb lifestyle I never thought of what God was I had heard people having gout in the past but you know other than it being painful I really didn't understand what it was and in the past British physician Alfred Garrard in the mid 19th century identified that uric acid was a causative agent for what got gout as you built up uric acid within your blood system your kidneys weren't able to prune it all out yet started cool crystallizing into little spiny crystals and it was described by an 18th century person Sydney Smith as like walking on ones eyeballs it's so painful it's also considered a form of arthritis and the crystals can cause severe severe pain attacks as an Swan you'll often see red large puffy nests around the joints as the body attempts to attack the crystals with the white blood cells causing more and more uric acid to be produced so the critics have said while the suggested correlation between the low-carb diet and an increased risk of gout seems obvious gout is caused by an excess of uric acid in the body a diet compared comprised of foods rich in purines meat poultry nuts and eggs are later broken down into uric acid in the body according to the NIH eating fewer than 130 grams of carbohydrates per day can lead to the build-up of ketones in the butt in the blood and ketosis can raise uric acids so is that an actual case or is it not can ketosis and the food that you intake lead to an increase of the uric acid in the blood and is the diet itself main contributor towards gout attacks so let's go back to the history mom one of the fathers of the low-carb lifestyle William banking's with his letters on Corp corpulence has said I have a strong feeling that gout and another terrible parasite upon humanity might be greatly relieved if not cured entirely by the proper natural diet and sincerely hope some persons so afflicted may be induced to practice this harmless plant plan for three months as I certainly would if the case were my own to prove it but not without advice I just try it for three months and see if it betters you or not so with that said let's take a look at some of the foods that are on the Atkins diet and see if the diet in itself is a very acidic diet well as we've said in the past set on every phase of the Atkins diet are you suggested or encouraged or even recommended to eat vegetables and many of the vegetables that you're eating on the Atkins diet are listed as very alkaline vegetables extremely alkaline vegetables would be considered kelp or seaweed alfalfa sprouts avocados celery lettuce peas spinach bell peppers broccoli cabbage kale and squash all those are induction friendly vegetables that are very alkaline in nature let's look at the other half of the diet the suggestion is that the meat portion of the diet is very acidic and if you look at the diet in terms of the the meats that are encouraged I II if you look at what beef lamb pork the other white meats of chicken and poultry are not extremely high acidic foods like salmon and tuna those are considered medium purines or medium acidic foods beyond that let's take a look at if one's diet can necessarily lead to gout happening within the body and it goes to it's very analogous to the cholesterol theorem ie if you eat cholesterol within your diet now if you have a high red meat which has high dietary cholesterol it's going to lead to an increase in serum cholesterol ie your lipids panel will be worse if you eat red meat and weave red meat then if you ate only zero cholesterol foods and we obviously know that's not the case because obviously but vegetarians or vegans which are eating little if no cholesterol can ultimately have high cholesterol so let's take a look and it goes to the actual evidence according to Gary Taubes has always been less compelling an early vegetarian diet will only lead to approximately a 10 percent drop in uric acid levels as opposed to the what the analogy ie high Perrine's high ORAC acid low preens low uric acid would it would analogize to and it goes he goes on to say that there's little evidence that such diets reliably reduce the incidence of Goudy attacks and those afflicted those purine free diets are no longer prescribed for the treatment of gout as gout specialist Irving Fox noted in 1984 because of their ineffectiveness and minor influence on uric acid levels so let's take a look at why people may be seeing more incidents of gout in today's world as opposed to in the past and by the 1990s Gerald reven among others was reporting that insulin resistance in hyperinsulinemia raised the uric acid levels apparently by decreasing uric acid excretion by the kidneys just as they raised the blood pressure by decreasing sodium excretion so it is an increasing amount of insulin resistance due to the high glucose in intake that's leading to the increased amount of gout within today's society reven wrote the more insulin resistance in the individual is the higher the serum uric acid concentrations these observations would suggest that anything that raised insulin levels would in turn raised uric acid levels and might cause gaol which would implicate that any high carbohydrate diet with sufficient calories but this neglects the uniqueness of fructose within the within this equation the second piece of evidence of the high incidence of gout occurring within the community at large is noting that the high fructose corn syrup that is becoming more prevalent in 2008 researcher in the British Medical Journal noted that the soft drinks and fructose consumption increased the risk of gout and men in a huge study of 46,000 healthy professionals in Canada a survey was carried out and the they followed every four years for 12 years and over that time 755 people men developed go and compared with the men who never drank a sugar sweetened soft drink fewer than one a month the frequent soft drink drinkers were significantly more likely to suffer gout i if you had more than two high fructose corn syrup drinks per day you upped your risk of gout 85% a single soft drink up increased your risk of gout 45% and fiber sits soft drinks per week up the risk by 29% so you can obviously see that the risk of fructose and its impact upon the liver and the kidneys to release the uric acid is impacting the increase of gout which obviously demonstrates the fact that on a low-carb diet which is decreasing the amount of fructose in one body should also in this necessarily decrease the risk and vacations of gal happening for those low-carb people well I'll put all the science and the links below so you can do the your research yourself I can understand where gout impacts a lot of people and that people are seeking a solution to what is an obvious painful situation having seen the photos in doing the research for this video I can see where people are being debilitated by this disease and I can only hope that people might take the idea of a low-carb approach to see some relief and see some benefit in their life I hope this reaches everybody in good health and make sure you watch my next video coming up because there's a giveaway at the end of it talk to you guys later bye

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