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Hello folks it's Barry i'm here with Phoebe
oh we're doing the gangster thing alright rock and roll we have been asked to do something
called the bean boozled challenge it's a box of jelly beans tell them about it Phoebe there's
lots of groups of the colours some of them are nice and some are gross and me and daddy
are gonna taste we're gonna pick one up each and taste it to see if it's gross or nice
yeah couldn't have described it better myself give me five mate so all the beans are down
here scattered around lets get going and see how we get on. Right we'll start off with the green ones
which is either lawn clipping like mowed grass or a lime just to let you know that there
is more than two in the box so we both could get two nice ones or two horrible ones is
that exciting are you ready? 3, 2, 1 I got a lime that's nice what did
you get what does that taste of what does it taste of bogies that's not bogies I mean
grass how do you know what bogies taste like so it's more like bogie grass? yeah.

Right so next up are either toothpaste or
berry blue ok so pick which one you want wait for me ready 3, 2, 1 socks?socks that's toothpaste
mate that's not even nice toothpaste either you've got toothpaste with princesses on that
tastes quite good but mine taste yuck yeah toothpaste. Right so these ones are either baby wipes
or coconut are you ready to try it you need to eat it all pick one the 3, 2, 1 coconut i've changed a lot of
nappies in my time but never eaten a nappy or eaten a wet wipe I know you've got coconut
mate but I just had wet wipes that was a bit blurghh I never used to eat wet wipes when
I changed your nappy did I? no.

Phoebe is like praying these ones are either
liquorice which I absolutely hate or skunk spray alright what's a skunk um if you go
near it it smells and it stinks that's right it's an animal that could be a good description
for some people and also green steam comes out of it green steam ok here we go pick your
weapon wisely my friend i'm actually praying for the skunk one actually wait for Daddy
here we go 3, 2, 1 I put mine on a tissue! What did you have? skunk spray i'd rather have skunk spray I
put it in a tissue did you? that's very polite of you! Right so these ones are either bogey you eat
your bogeys anyway you told me yeah so I will like them because I eat my bogeys, why do
you eat them? I don't anymore though you're growing out
of them are you so it's going to be either bogey or pear are you ready? straight in I want to see you eat it all go
straight down I do not want to eat this one that is bogey well it's not pear eat your
bogies mate no it's gross yeah it is I like pears too.

Right this next one is either rotten egg or
popcorn so that is one heck of a contrast right there you going for it? here you go. Oh my god that is amazing rotten egg that
popcorn is so good it's like in the cinema are you ok? I got rotten egg not gonna eat it anymore?
you've done your shift soldier are you ok you gonna be sick? I feel like it. I'm glad I didn't have to eat that one good
girl good effort mate you ok yeah it made me sick yeah good daddy. Right so next up is either mouldy cheese or
caramel corn are you ready give us a little pray that you're gonna get a good one praying
is optional here we go i'm gonna take mine and this time I want you to put the whole
thing in your mouth close your eyes and chew it as fast as you can you've got to eat the
whole thing – go! Oh my goodness I keep getting the bad ones
i'm not setting this up you're getting the bad ones sorry mate are you ok yeah you gonna
punch me? no.

Ok that's good. So we've got three left next up is either
dog food she's getting in the zone are you ready dog food or chocolate pudding come on
I want to see you take a big chew on it with daddy ok after 3 – here we go ready, go. I got it again! That was chocolate pudding I want a chocolate
pudding one well you're gonna have to take a guess mate it could be another dog food
that was really good and you got dog food… urghh so it must be this one no! So out of the 4 there was one chocolate pudding
and I had it! Don't worry mate i'm gonna have to take her
out on her bike to cheer her up I really like chocolate pudding don't make me feel bad it's
a game – are you crying? alright I thought I upset her then crying
on the video – awkward!! Are you ok? no I don't want the dog food anymore. There's no more dog food mate I promise you've
got 2 more left the dog food made me sick.

I'm sorry mate. The next one here is either stinky socks or
tutti fruiti ok ready tell me when you're gonna do it 3, 2, 1 go chew chew chew…..
urgh socks what are the chances of that socks are you serious? yeah. Mine was tutti fruiti let me smell it I am
not rigging these sweets honestly that's probably what I should really do but there's no way
of doing it i'm sorry mate what's the last ones you just put in your hand? We've got barf – that's like sick do you know
what sick is? yeah it's probably how you are feeling right now or peach huh peach here
we go which one are you having we'll go for that one now this one you've got to eat it
all oh – yes! No I got it.

I'm the champion no you're not the champion
mate the real winner is these bean boozled alright I think we both had our fair share
of horrible stuff although I think Phoebe got the worse end of the deal right that was
disgusting that last one though so i'm gonna have a glass of water now but that's it now
guys just a little bit of fun you guys asked to see us do that so check them out for yourself
and if you want to you can try out them and try the challenge yeah let us know how you
get on if you enjoy this video let the boys in your house get the bad ones and the girls
get the good ones other way round boys are better than girls right no girls are better
than boys if you enjoyed this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up share subscribe
and comment and we'll see you again next time. Bye! Cheerio.

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