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Brian Tracy Ambit Energy Conference Part 2 C

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healthy thin rich popular and everything else is that said pretty consistent of course actually according to the studies there's four major goals that all people have number want us to be really healthy and live a long time whether we can afford it or not yeah number two is to have great relationships with people that we love and who love us number three is to do work that we really enjoy that we feel makes a difference in the lives of other people and number four is to become financially independent one of the wonderful things about ambit is it makes all four of these possible at a very high level yeah okay because one of our major causes of psychological problems is stress and worry about money money is the biggest single thing that we worry about aside from him or her but the second thing is that it enables us to joy enjoy great relationships to be able to provide wonderful things for our family to have all the money that we can possibly earn and the third key doing work that we enjoy is you're doing work that is enjoyable that's meaningful it's purposeful it's having a difference in the lives of other people when we're talking earlier about quality of life I was at a conference of speaking for Walmart a couple of years ago in st.

Louis and what they do is they take over the whole town Umbreon a hundred thousand people from walmart all over the world and actually take the major sports stadium and they build a Walmart within it for the course of this three or four days and that all the new companies that are bringing in new products they set up little stores like little booths and things just exactly as they would be in a walmart store well I was speaking to a small little tiny subgroup of 2,000 managers that was off in a different hotel and in the middle of the day the president the new president of Walmart came over to talk to the these are all managers to talk to the the troops and he gave a little talk and this talk was about ten minutes he talked about what Walmart believes in and when I saw Terry's symbol up there i suddenly realized well Walmart is the most successful retail operation in the world they said ladies and gentlemen our vision is very simple he said we live to provide the very best products and services at the lowest prices for our customers who are people who live from paycheck to paycheck and have no financial slack in their system you our job is to improve the quality of life of our customers to enable them to buy the things they need at prices that are the lowest they can be so they have more money to spend on their families this is the walmart philosophy and everybody in walmart from the president sam walton all the way down to the lowest person believes that we are here to improve the quality of lives of our customers by giving them products and services in a cheerful way at prices that are so low that they have more money to spend on their families is that a good philosophy and they believe this just fanatically I mean this is not just a window dressing philosophy they believe it and in a way i was when i was listening to you talk that's what your philosophy is to is to help people lower their costs of energy so they have more money to spend on their family on their lives so what you're doing is you're working to improve the quality of the life of your customers is that a good is that a good reason for going to work in the morning yes it's a good reason it's you know it's it's it's an interesting aside but the only way that we get meeting but Victor Frankel wrote a book called man's search for meaning many years ago which had a great influence on millions of people but he said the deepest need of each human being is for meaning and purpose and what we have found is that you only get meaning and purpose in your life when you feel that what you are doing somehow benefits other people is we can't get meaning and purpose but from pleasing ourselves we only get meaning and purpose when we feel that what we're doing is somehow enriching the lives of other people and these are the happiest most joyous most fulfilled people of all and when I look at this company and how passionately committed they are to you and to making sure that you're happy and that you're provided for and that you're well taken care of and your wealth service and that you're well paid and this this commitment is in the DNA of this company and then your job is a passionate commitment to improve the lives of others that is a pretty good formula for success than it has a pretty good formula well so so anyway it's like to talk about a hundred things but I want to talk about just one thing and then a couple of other key points and and that is how top people think in terms about their of their work if you look at average people average people think in terms of their income by looking at their annual in their annual salary or how much they are in per month so when since income is so important to us we looked at and we look at the top 10% of people ask how do they think about their income in other words what is their approach toward income we find that they approach their income differently they think in terms not of how much they earn in a year or a month but they think in how much terms of how much they're in each hour they think about their hourly rate and you'll find by the way whatever you go the top people think in terms of hourly rate what is my hourly rate so we talked about doubling our income a few minutes ago so let's imagine that you're making fifty thousand dollars a year now for some of you that will be an improvement in some but that would be a decrease and you divide it by the two thousand hours that the average entrepreneur works in our society that works out to how much per hour remember your teacher told you cross off the zeros okay how much per hour not too many mathematical geniuses here all right okay use calculators if you like all right how much is it $25 all right now what this means is that if your goal is 350 thousand dollars a year then you must earn twenty-five dollars for every hour that you work because the law of sowing and reaping cause and effect you cannot be paid money that you don't earn you can't get money for nothing unless of course you in the government and so therefore if you're if you're a fifty-thousand-dollar a year person macrocosmic Lee you must earn twenty-five dollars every single hour and you must not do anything that pays less than twenty-five dollars per hour now let's say you want to double your income to a hundred thousand dollars a year this is going to be an easier question / two thousand is that that's fifty dollars now what this means is that if you are truly if I'm you are truly a hundred-thousand-dollar your person that's your goal then you cannot do things during the working day that pay less than fifty dollars an hour they must be fifty dollars an hour or more and so you have to use the greatest time-saving word of all there it is time saving word of all is the word no say no no and we don't do things that pay less than the amount that we have decided to earn so the starting point is say what are the things that I do that pay fifty dollars an hour or more of course recruiting an excellent consultant is something that pays really well okay sitting making coffee making your own photocopies reading the paper surfing the internet doesn't pay anything it doesn't pay 25 or 50 dollars an hour so what you do is you ask yourself but I pay someone else 25 or fifty dollars an hour to do what I'm doing right now but I pay one take out of my pocket right take it on my children's piggy bank and pay someone else 25 or fifty dollars an hour to do what I'm doing right now and all day long you ask this question you hold your own feet to the fire and if the answer is no then you stop doing it and start doing something that pays you to your desired hourly rate stop doing something that pays you big money because why the natural tendency of human beings is to seek the path of least resistance and to do it's fun and easy rather than what's hard and necessary and you have to fight this resistance all the time you have to fight continually against this temptation to do things that are a low value because you only have a certain amount of time and if you spend them on things with low value the time is no longer left you don't have it available to spend on things of high value so your job is to work at 25 50 75 100 now here is one of the keys is to is what we call the law of three now the law of three is one of my discoveries that says that if you take a list of everything that you do in this business or in your work you'll find that there are only three things that account for ninety percent of the value that you contribute there are only three three things we take people through our courses and we have them make a list of everything they do in the course of a week or a month and then we say we can now take this list that we will analyze it using the three magic questions

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