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Chapter 6 Ngala Conversations About Sleep: 24-36 Months

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she's full of energy throughout the day and whatever time she is awake she's on the go so it's hard to keep up with her sorry I got ya at this age stubborn is a really good word peekaboo you're two to three year old is developing independence and testing boundaries patience and predictability are the keys come on what we want you to go no more should we change their between two and three children's sleep up to 12 hours a night but their imaginations can trigger dreams and possibly nightmares if that happens reassure them it's okay most children have one or two hours rest after an early lunch but some don't rest at all at your child's behavior guide you during the day oh if I carry her for a few minutes and then sing her a song and put her to the bed she go to sleep just fine for enough for a one and a half or two hours during the day how are you hi hello and how are you how are you today from three years children have well-developed quiet sleep stages which is why they can sleep through noise there is actually no right amount of sleep at this age children are learning about themselves and life around them so during the day encourage active play because that exercise might just help them sleep at night we have some lunch shall we and mommy's going to make your sandwich at this age the key is to be patient a language Charles some decision-making power to give them the independence that I crave for example at mealtimes don't ask so what you want to eat rather offer two choices you want peanut butter or would you like Vegemite thank you look okay all right let's be honest this gives your child a power to decide on those things that are negotiable oh you want to do it okay I'm pleased with it I can you spread it on remember predictability and patience offer choices and put words to feelings to provide predictable and positive messages around your expectations including sleep it all helps your child feel supported and calm so when she was about to we thought perhaps we could introduce the whole bed concept can't my bed from two years a child can move from there cut to a lower bed it's important for parents to agree about this to give consistent messages about sleep places perhaps use a safety rail or a mattress on their bedroom floor your day care center will probably use a mattress check the room is safe for a toddler to wander around the Sun children lots of toys in the bedroom can be distracting for others it's not a problem let your child be your guide she had a couple of practice sleeps around at her grandparents house involve your child and the decision to move to a bed make it fun talk about it before it happens we sort of built it up into a bit of a game for her and and so she was willing to to go into the bed she's quite happy to do that well not beg it's okay if they hop back into their cottager in this time some children climb out of bed and come looking for you be patient as change takes time she does go to sleep on her wall but after a few hours she gets up and then she wants me wrong immediately encourage your child to walk with you back to bed be calm use few words the light and minimal eye contact repeat your bedtime message sleeping time now and encourage your child to self settle the usual way perhaps covering a Teddy prepare for several attempts others can refuse to get into bed when I'm putting it to bed she's quite easy very difficult yes I think she plays up for mum a bit more you cannot want your bed for me ok if your child is upset stay perhaps pad the mattress or place your hand on your child gradually reduce the contact stay until they're calm and drowsy tell them you're leaving and that you'll check on them repeat this process until your child settles and stays in their room it's all about predictability and persistence remember respond positively and lovingly to your child if they're distressed by now many parents have a second baby and expectations of their older child might be too high although two to three year olds are clever they're emotionally immature and still need parents help to calm down parents find fitting their baby into their older child's routine helps cope with competing sleep schedules try encouraging your older child to have some quiet play time during the day especially with me with having five I didn't expect a little bit more assessing and helping out all helping out with the little one helping out the other kids car with 50 with the little one you know keeping her room up for this thing you do it feel a little bit more prepare them I'm going to learn that you know mummy's going to be putting a little bit more time with another one so i would just prepare them in that sort of way that's for yummy you

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