Brian Tracy

Clarity – Brian Tracy’s Keys of Personal Success #1 of 10

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hey guys it's Peppa here and I am glad that you have joined me today marks the beginning of a series based on Brian Tracy's ten keys of personal power this series will be over the period of ten videos so the first video today will be on just the first of the keys of personal power and that is clarity clarity is the starting point of all success and there are a couple of different components of clarity the first component of clarity is the ability to determine exactly what you want to be do and have in your life because if you don't know where you're going any road will get you there right and so if you don't have clear goals for where you want to go in your life then you're doomed to work for somebody who does the second component of clarity is decisiveness he says that fear of making mistakes is what makes us indecisive and decisiveness is is a habit that you can actually create if you just get in the habit of making decisions then you can create the habit of being decisive you just have to get clear on what it is that you want and the difference between successful people and and everyone else is is not but successful people make the right decisions it's what successful people make decisions right and how do they make decisions right well they make decisions they decide that we're going to make decisions and then they actually make them the third component of clarity is to have a vision where there is no vision the people perish as it says in the book of Solomon the best way to predict your future is to create your future so you can have anything that you want anything that you can that you can hold in your mind for a continuing period and are willing to pay the price to get you can have it so if you speak walk and talk with clarity then you are on the on track for success seconds in our series will be tomorrow we will talk about the second key of personal power and that is competence join us tomorrow at this same place and in the meantime subscribe to this channel or connect with me depending on where it is that you're seeing this video or you can just go to my blog at intentionally abundant calm and make it a great day

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