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Completely Clean Up Popups, Ads on Google Chrome Browser

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hey YouTube in this video we are going to see how to completely clean up your Google Chrome that is how to completely get rid of ads pop-ups Wireless toolbars viral new tabs and malicious home pages and make your chrome more faster and deliver better performance in your browsing experiences firstly go to google and search for chrome cleanup tool here here is the search results in the first person itself you can find the chrome cleanup to just click for that and here you can see the chrome cleanup tool just download it and install it so exit the license and download the chrome cleanup tool this is an official tool by google chrome for removing such small ways and that weighs on your browser it just completely scans your google chrome extensions so that it could find out the maliciously performing highways and extensions which are causing problem for your browsing speed and provide advertisements 60 drop so that it can't find out unclean does make your browser more faster and kick oh yeah now the download has completed open the file that Zelda chrome cleanup tool and just run the file with the Run button for starting the run your prom queen of food yeah now you can see a window will appear for scanning the malware and adware program already installed in your Google Chrome so it will finally returns a list of programs if there is any Marvis or address in your Chrome extensions so that you can find a single click to remove completely they and they marvel at their programs so here you can see there are no programs form since I have already removed something so you can click the continue button if there is any results you can clean app and click continue now the chrome reset settings window will appear and you can reset if recreate it is recommended for resetting the resetting will restore the original default it will reset your homepage new tab and search engine disable your extensions can't believe all the tabs so that you can make your chrome a fresh version and get a better faster browsing experience so that's all about using the chrome cleanup tool it helps to remove completely the popups and ads and help to improve the speed and performance it does creating a better browsing experience through your Google Chrome if this tool doesn't solve your problem that is after restarting your PC the chrome behaves again as infected by that waves then you can try the adware remove tool you can find the tutorial and download links on the description of this video that where the move tool helps to remove completely the address from your PC so that it won't again install the and malicious extensions to your Chrome browser of this tutorial could solve your problems with the browsing kindly like share and subscribe the video

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