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DIY Bathtub Drain Removal and/or Installation Tool and Procedure

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today we're going to use a do-it-yourself that tub drain removal tool to remove the bathtub drain from an old bathtub so we start by removing the old drain plate and then my purpose for doing this is I want to replace the old-style drain plate with a pop-up stopper so in order to do that we have to remove this collar right here from the drain and so instead of ordering a special extraction tool I've actually created my own ax to It Yourself extraction tool that uses a noodle needle nose pliers and an adjustable wrench so what we do is we take put the needle nose pliers down in the hole on the holes neither side of the collar so they're as deep as you can get them and fairly symmetrical and then we take they just wrench and we torque on it to remove it well it's difficult so I'm coming out very well moved a little what we do is we take to put some wd-40 out loosen it up and typically we have to wait about 15 or 20 minutes after we apply the wd-40 but in this case I already listened to this one so should I just paste it there we go here comes free you notice because this is old its rusty somewhat corroded so well we have this removed you probably want to do some cleaning clean up all that deposit so once we have the drain clean we're going to insert the new stopper into the drain and that's fairly easy to do just screw it in actually you might want to pull out unscrew proper mechanism again use the needle nose pliers to help tighten down lid right tighten that a little bit more with adjustable pliers now that I have the pop-up stopper installed I can test it to make sure it holds water so I'll gauge it go with a little bit of water wait to see if it drips it all seems to be holding then test disengaging it and voila I've now converted an old plunger type drain to a popups stopper

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