ENFP Advice – How To Succeed in Your Business or Career

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So if you are an ENFP there’s a very good chance that you have the tendency let’s say the habit of changing direction and not necessarily acknowledging your change in direction doing this way too often often this is called shiny object syndrome right you start on something when you see something that looks better or maybe this wasn’t as easy as you thought it was you change the next thing and the next thing but what Sen FPS do that’s a little different than a lot of other people is we don’t really acknowledge we’re quitting or we’re changing directions we do it all very suddenly and we just the way our minds basically process things we gradually change and we kind of think that we’re doing what we plan to do but if you look back six months or a year you realize that you’ve got totally off course and you’re not really doing what you meant to be doing now the problem with this i made other videos on dabbling in the dangers of dabbling is that it really eats away your chances of success and the reason is that we’re out there competing in a world of INTJs of infj the people who are pretty focused and dialed in and what they’re doing and consistent and so here we are changing directions every few weeks every few minutes every few months whatever it is how are we going to compete with other people who are basically focused in doing one thing now I know why this has been such a challenge for me in the past and it’s really because we get excited about stuff we like newness is enfps we like things that are novel we like variety we like new challenges that first part of a project is a lot more exciting than the end part right the little details and so what that ends up doing is it ends up pulling us into all these different things that if we don’t have the right systems in place maybe have the right outlook ends up spending a lot of time starting things and never really getting a lot accomplished i’m sure if you were to search for like ENFP blogs you’re going to find the highest number of blogs started and not finished if any and he grew up on the internet and that’s again as we like this starting but I want to go through some things that have really helped me learn to finish things and you’re new to my channel if you haven’t watched my videos are you don’t know my story I well I started out doing a bunch of different entrepreneurial things when I came out of school and most recently was working as a freelancer i use freelancing to help me travel the world I lived in I guess this country number 7 now I’ve lived in and I along the way started writing books i published about 11-12 there’s one I don’t really want to count so if they have published 11 books at this point I built the coaching practice i have online training courses and that so I figured out how to finish things and follow through and despite probably hearing the advice that you got to get a partner to do what you need to have your someone else to be the finisher that is good advice but I’ve done it without having that partner figuring out to do it myself the first thing that really helped me figure this out was changing my perception of time and so if you study NLP or you’re familiar with tony robbins i did my coaching training with him and he has a concept of time basically and how we all have different perceptions of time for some people a minute is a long time for other people a week is nothing a year is nothing you know you have people you meet and if you’re an ENFP this probably isn’t you who had the same job for 10 years 20 years and to them I years nothing I have a friend who’s very much like this where we talk about trip planning you know I’m like oh we’re going to come visit me in Europe and he’s planning two years ahead like it’s 2016 now he’s talking about 2018 we might plan a trip i plan my trip like a month in advance maybe maybe 24 something big and you know so we have different perceptions of time and how long something is an ENFP as we tend to have a mergency in our behavior right where we like to do things quickly we want results now and that is good in many ways as part of our strength part of what allows us to really drive projects and initiating there’s other personality types who will take a year to start their business an ENFP might started in a week on a hunt right and just go for which is awesome the problem is is this perception that things should be quick often leads us to not really stay the course and changes sort of our sense of success so for three months into something or six months into something we start to think oh yeah we fail this isn’t working because we haven’t got the kind of results we have expected because we’re optimists where I deal is we expect good things to happen and so because of this we end up changing her mind or sinking okay this isn’t work let’s try something different and the reality is that especially in the new world now in terms of the internet things take a long time now you might think this is a contradiction right isn’t the internet about making these quick and easy the internet is about making kind of consumers and quick and easy but if you want to be successful in a lot of things like you want to build a youtube channel or a blog or some kind of successful take a podcast where you stand out to people it takes a long time to break through that noise because you know if you’re living in a small town and you start doing public speaking well you’re probably the only person doing public speaking so it’s pretty easy to get a following right away if you come on youtube and you start making videos it might be a year before you get any real traction because there’s so many people and you’re competing with the whole world and so there’s something that I learned around this topic that really helped me get stuck with me it’s something i have in my email like I have this tree email course I teach that I have a whole email around it is its element in motorcycle school so I went to this really cool school for getting my motorcycle license where they used all these military analogies and all this stuff and it was that slow is smooth and smooth is fast so we know people and they said especially guys are really bad with this we have this urgency and when you’re riding a motorbike you try to like force it and that’s not the right way that makes a terrible writer and that really slow subtle movement make you smooth and by being smooth you’re actually fast so if you look at the best racers that the people who are the fastest they’re actually the people who have slow smooth movements and so I start applying this to thinking about my life is that rather than thinking about one week at a time you know like these short things I need successfully success thinking longer-term and having more of a drawn-out goal ok year out and realizing that it will take time to get there I have some friends have done very well in terms of like i’ll use YouTube because we’re on youtube in terms of their YouTube channels and getting a lot of success and what’s been cool as I’ve watched them from the beginning and put in months and months of work with no results and just keep going and I know if that was me I would quit right i would think all this YouTube thing is not working and I’ve actually done that in the past where i put up some videos and sort of quit and not really done anything with it and it was seen how much work actually needs to go into succeed would change my sense of time which is help me basically be more patient and have a longer timeframe and so in terms of applying this the first thing is just to actively think about it I noticed you may be lame advice but just start processing that way of thinking you know k slow is smooth smooth is fast and thinking that ok really i don’t need to be successful or achieve whatever it is you’re trying to achieve in a month you know if it happened in six months or a year or two years that would be pretty good and so kind of focusing on that longer-term and just keep it in my it takes time to get there and reminding yourself of that so if you spend a week working really hard on something and you don’t get any results you’re not going to be as disappointed because you’re coming in with the mental frame that this is going to be hard and when you come in with that mental frame you’re not as disappointed it’s just you know high expectations / optimistic views lead to huge disappointment lead to quitting so if you can reframe that and think okay in a way it’s actually more optimistic because what you’re thinking is ok if i put in a year of hard work i know it will be successful so i’m going to put in that time and I’m not going to change my emotions and react to every bad day or or negative event that happened i’m going to more focus on the long-term the bigger picture one thing that can help with this is having some form of accountability in terms of your goals and your planning i mentioned this earlier in the video enfps we are very good at basically lying to herself BS in ourselves about why we’re changing directions I’ve talked about in other videos the aspect of like lying to ourselves about eating dark chocolate or drinking a bottle of wine like all those antioxidants it’s good for us but you really just want to drink the wine right but you find ways to justify it in FPS are masters of doing this with everything if we want to change direction we can always find a way to do it even if it’s not the right thing to do so if we commit to starting a business we start working on it working on it and something bad happens that makes us feel bad and we just emotionally want to quit we can find a dozen ways to justify that only the economy changed oh I had this job offer this is whatever but really we’re changing our minds or quitting we let ourselves down and so I would encourage you to set kind of concrete destinations you could call them gold you call destinations like where you want to get to what you want to do and when you set that write it down and maybe share it with some people and hold yourself to that say this is where I want to go if I start to lie to myself and change direction and say wait maybe I should go here instead maybe I should do this just being aware that that is a lie right you’re lying to yourself about it and you’re letting your emotions kind of take over and so whatever you write down I also encourage you not to do it on a whim the way I CFPB’s tend to do so write down your your destination and then let it sit for a week kind of think about it really commit to it and in committing to it commit to it right so if you just scribble something down on a piece of paper one day on a win you’re probably not that likely to really commit to it and stick to it because you just emotionally made that decision so try to make something really concrete and then stick with that and that’s going to help a lot with actually changing your perception of time and just staying on course with it ok so back to this perception of time right one of the things that happens with enfps with our sense of urgency with our desire to make things happen quick and this is what I’ve seen in my own life and I’ve seen it i coached enfps at work within FPS 11 is a business coach and stuff which is really interesting because you see your own bad habits in them and it makes it so clear and as probably really helped me as much as in some ways help the client so when you try to go in these little Springs what can happen if you don’t have a unified kind of vision of where you’re going to is that you’ll go this way and then that way and then this way and that way and then back this way and you kind of end up back where you started and I got clarity with this with myself when i SAT back and looked at a couple years of my business where i was busy and I didn’t achieve some things I did grow you know the business in some ways but I look back and realize it because i kept changing directions in terms of like my marketing strategy in different aspects of where i wanted to focus the business I don’t really get that much done that at the end of say two years I look back and I really kind of mapped out like what that actually do and it wasn’t come on focus back on the face autofocus it wasn’t actually that impressive in terms of what i was able to do because i kept changing directions and every time you change direction you reset your progress at least to some extent not fully and so by doing sort of a three-month Sprint let’s try this marketing approach okay i don’t really follow their let’s try this nothing really comes of it and that kind of kicked me in the ass where I just realized that I’d in some ways wasted all this time because i didn’t just focus in one area and just keep going and that was a wake-up call kind of a shock to my system which really helped solidify this so keep that in mind is if you kind of zigzag you keep changing directions you do sprints and they’re not part of a unified vision like something you’re trying to move towards that you may find yourself in the same place a couple years from now and maybe if you look back now over the last couple years that might you know resonate with you where you realize that you’ve been doing the same thing that I was doing so one last little tip and then when the video here and that’s just that you are an ENFP and you have this need for variety you know the ENFP way right where you want excitement you like newness maybe find other ways to meet it aside from your career or your business so whether that’s playing extreme sports are going traveling more or whatever it is for you that will give you excitement when you meet that need for excitement in other places you might not need it in your business so or career whatever I talk about business because it’s kind of my world but this applies for all areas of of your life really if you don’t intentionally proactively meet your need for excitement and for newness newness is important for us right we like novelty new thing if you’re not meeting that need in some way then you’ll unconsciously meet it through probably more destructive ways right so you can choose to do things that are novel that will bring ´excitement´ and be in charge or you can leave it to your unconscious your ENFP need for excitement and then you’ll end up doing things that could be damaging self-sabotage like getting big fights with your partner or always switching who you’re dating or changing your business direction all the time because you need that newness and you’re not meeting that need elsewhere so I really encourage you to proactively meet that need for newness rather than just let it happen to you cool awesome thanks for bearing with me for this video here and that you’ve enjoyed it you know subscribe like the video leave a comment especially I think if you are an ENFP I’d love to hear your story you know does this resonate with you have you been through this you know I’ve as I said I coach some enfps and I’m one myself and I’m fairly a self-reflective guy but i’d love to learn more and kind of if you if you’ve had the same experience and that kind of thing it would be great to share it with with all of us here cool thanks for watching see you in another video

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