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Fix Ashy foundation + Cover Hyper-pigmentation (not cakey)

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for more information check out my blog the guy comm follow me hey guys in today’s you know I’m going to show you how I color correct on my face to make it look more even if you’ve seen a few of my past videos you guys have seen me use a different color around this area of my mouth and you guys know that I burnt my skin using a cleanser that was just too harsh for me I actually was trying out this cleanser from Peter Thomas Roth which is an acne cleanser from Sephora and I wanted to try something new just to like share new products with you guys I guess and it was just a little too rough for my skin it completely broke me out on my cheeks and it burnt this area of my mouth and it left some dark marks there which I’m trying to heal but in the meantime I use a color corrector to make my foundation look more flawless I know sometimes with brown girls and with women of color I mean this is something that I’ve been struggling with my whole life this part of my face is a completely different color than the rest of my face it looks like the same color in person and besides like the little burn marks that I have but whenever I put my foundation here it’s fine I put my foundation here it’s fine I put my foundation here at sign as soon as I put it in this like goatee area like the upper lip and I guess side mouth and chin area it just looks great and it looks a she and it just does not look right like it looks like I have a goatee and it looks like I have like a five o’clock shadow going on I feel like that’s something that a lot of brown girls suffer with so I’m going to show you how to use a color corrector to make your skin it look completely even and get rid of that ashy gray looking foundation so for the tutorial I’m going to be color correcting and this half of my face as you can see it looks a little bit more flawless and did compared to this side of my face I didn’t cover crack to the side so you’re going to see the difference between the two sides on what a color character can do for you and if you don’t apply a color corrector so I’ll have a close-up of that a little later on in the video I did use all drugstore products in the tutorial because they’re affordable and they’re easier for a lot more people to get and the products that I use in today’s video are my absolute favorites from the drugstore they are equivalent to high-end products so I absolutely love them so if you guys would like to see how I color correct the darker areas of my face to make my foundation look more even and not gray or actually looking then please keep watching okay so there’s nothing on my skin right now the only makeup that I have on are my brows and my eye makeup done to prime it moisturize my skin I used my facility or old old elixir you guys have seen me a million in one time I really like to use this under my makeup because it keeps me hydrated all day long and because of the gold it gives me a really nice dewy glow as you can see there’s a big difference between this area right here and the rest of my face I always struggled with darkness around my mouth and I feel like a lot of brown girls or women of color we always have that issue with darkness around the mouth and it can also be under the eyes or sometimes post acne spots I think and get really dark and just stay there for a really long time so that’s where color correcting comes in the color corrector that I like to use is by la girl and this is the pro conceal and this is just in the color orange there are so many orange correctors of the market in the junk drawer high-end but this is just the one that I personally really like to use I feel like it works really well for me I’m only going to be color correcting half of my face you guys can see the difference between color crafting and corner carting and then you can decide when we want to color corrector you don’t honestly on a daily basis I don’t fully go flew in color correct because it does take a little extra time in my makeup routine so let’s just go ahead and get started I’m going to take my color lifter and I am going to apply a very little amount on the areas that are dark you don’t need this everywhere um because this is such a deep orange color if you put too much and if you put it everywhere it’s not going to look quickly it will give an orange cast to your foundation and it can look slightly boom-boom finish so be very light handed with this if you are very fair-skinned I don’t recommend this one in particular because this is a very deep orange color I suggest going for something that’s a little bit more peachy um Mac has a peachy color corrector that’s awesome so does Bobbi Brown but this one is just too dark in my opinion for fair skinned girls so the great thing about these la girl chiropractors is that they stand in place and that’s one of the reasons why I really love it so um that’s a bonus and a bad thing at the same time like if you use their concealers or whatever you fight all over your face and then you go through and blend it’s gonna be really hard to blend so I really recommend working on one spot at a time and when I went blending like a color correction out I just like to use my finger to kind of push it into my skin and blend it out you don’t really need to use a brush and I like to build this up so I put it on the areas that are dark and now I’m just going to add I need a little bit more I always have to start with less and then the more product is pill and just squirt it out like a bunch of like clear liquid okay so what were they saying I always like to build up colors instead of putting a whole ton on at once because you can always add more of it taking away is more difficult it makes it blue faces whenever I’m doing your makeup and that’s why I normally do a little work so I can skip through the ugly face parts but it’s nice just sitting here and talking to guys those are you guys are actually you’re with me getting ready so now just going to let this sit on my face and completely dry before I go to the next step of applying my foundation I think I really recommend though whenever you’re using a deeper color corrector like this you always want to use a more fuller coverage foundation because anything that’s light or like medium coverage is not going to cover that dark color as well whenever I’m talking to you I was using more fuller coverage foundation just because I feel like it covers it really well and it looks more flawless I wanted to keep everything a jet store for today’s tutorial because these are some products that everyone can kind of get their hands on and they’re affordable I mean and there’s some of my favorite products from the drugstore are still for my foundation today I’m using my Maybelline fit me foundation I’m mixing them evenly fit me dewy and smooth number 240 with the Maybelline fit me matte and poreless and then in the 2:30 not only does mixing 240 and 230 together give me the perfect shade and matches me so perfectly but I really like the finish that again so Matt for this Foundation and this one is a dually so when I look for looks together I get a really beautiful satin finish and it gives me such beautiful coverage so I’m just getting a mixing equal parts of these two foundations to create my perfect shade I’m going to start on the side that has not been color corrected yet um since I’m not color correcting I’m just going to go through how I normally just apply my foundation so I’m just getting it all over my skin with my fingers and then I’ll blend it out with my foundation brush you’re totally going to see the difference between the color corrective side and this side and you’ll see how amazing color correcting is it has been my best friend lately it wasn’t a healthy burns for my foundation brush today I’m using this one by it furless this is the pro 4f brush it doesn’t have any other name written on it but this is a flat brush and a lot of you guys have been asking in my recent videos what brush this was and this is amazing this is like my new favorite foundation brush it’s nice and big so it blends it out really quickly because I am such an impatient person I don’t want it wait so the fact that this covers most of my face and just a few little sniffles I love it and not just that it’s a synthetic brush but it’s not super dense so it just blends it out so perfectly and I would like to just Dibble it onto my face and just pounce it onto my face like I would with like a Beauty Blender or anything like that whenever I’m doing my foundation I like to push it into my skin I never like to kind of drag the brush because I feel like that just kind of moves it around and doesn’t give as flawless of a covering and I’m just going right over top of my burn on this side because we have with this area that has the corrector on there you never want to drag your brush like never go like this on to the color corrector otherwise it’s just going to move the product around and it’s not going to do the job that it’s meant for so whenever you’re applying foundation on a color corrected area you always want to stipple and pout the product onto your skin so I’m just picking it up onto my brush and then I’m taking it and I’m pushing it like this and beat in my face I finally understood what beat your face which is grandma I’m not like up-to-date with like the cool slime but I’m thinking my face now so I like to go all the areas that haven’t been color corrected yet and now onto the chin area I’m going to do the same process you always want to start off with just a little bit and then build the foundation up so I’m picking up a little bit onto my brush and then pushing it on and at first you’re totally going to see the corrector showing through but you have to work in layers with your foundation over color for the area it’s like those areas needs a little bit more product you could also go over top of that color corrected area with a concealer I personally just don’t like to use a concealer there because I feel like because the texture of this area is so different from the rest of my face but if you’re like I’m just wearing little masks transition and I don’t like that feeling like I personally like to just build up my foundation so I’m going through with a second layer and again I’m just pushing it on I mean you can really decide how many layers you want for me I feel like the magic number is three and that’s because I’m using such light layers every single time with them I’m really taking my time and pushing it into my skin so it doesn’t look cakey at all so that my foundation is done I’m just going to go through and highlight and contour and finish the rest of my face makeup and then I’m going to show you the final step to kind of seal that color corrected area into place for my concealer and highlight I’m using the Maybelline master conceal and then to contour I’m using the la girl Pro conceal and the color beautiful bronze if you guys are in the market for like a really good drugstore concealer I highly recommend this one this is the equivalent to the NARS radiant creamy concealer like it is almost identical it lasts all day long it has perfect coverage and it’s just such a beautiful concealer it doesn’t quit on me or anything and the way that I was find it works best if I use this with a brush and I didn’t like it too much so the way that I find it works best is apply it onto my face first with my finger and this kind of like how melt into the skin and then go through with a Beauty Blender and then blow that up blending that out with my black beauty blunder I love the black beauty brother um I tried to paint one and I liked it but the black one is just so much better I thought if it’s a lot softer so it makes things easier to blend out I feel personally you always going to make that bird oh thanks ready to come under the eye girl that’s a strong counter today right go for it do you guys have a favorite side of your face it could still funny I like to do my makeup on this side of my face but I like taking pictures on the side okay I have like an uneven face we all have an uneven face if nobody’s perfect so our thinnest face I’m not only to contour cuz I was over it but of course I came crawling back to contouring because I had a little of it for too long in one can it’s just so magical like if you don’t know what contouring is and you’ve never done it before it’s like okay it’s cool but then like as soon as you start doing it take an addiction so you have to contour everything okay so now that my face is done with the Queen product let me go through and set everything for my powder today I’m using the Rimmel stay matte this has been a favorite of mine forever now and I always like to pick it up on my damp Beauty Blender then they start on the area that I color corrected and I push that on this is the transparent shape but on my skin tone it still comes out a certain shade like it still comes out pretty light not be pretty light but it does give a lighter color which I personally don’t mind but just letting you know that in pictures and stuff this will show a lighter color so mean just depends on your preference but this is such a beautiful powder so I’m just going over the color perfect areas I always like the outside of my mouth to be lighter anyway so that’s why I’m using this powder and then I just kind of drag it under my contour and I feel like putting this powder on with my Beauty Blender it’s the most beautiful finish ad part if it looks flawless and then setting it with the butter if you have never used your powder that’s giving up Beautyblender before you are missing how you definitely will get tired it’s amazing okay now that my powder and everything is on or should I go through and finish the rest of my makeup okay so just finish the rest of my face makeup I just put on some blush some highlighter and bronzer and my lip color of course and now just show you the difference between the color cricket side and side it’s not card so if you look from here it looks more flawless and everything looks like a 1 even color like it’s been blended really nicely whereas if you look at this side you can see my burns showing through um I guess that’s the difference between color correcting and not color correcting it’s entitle it to you if you want to do this but if you have an issue with actually foundation or if your foundation looks great in certain areas I highly recommend color correcting and using an orange color corrector just to even everything out and get rid of that great cast and sometimes you can look like at 5 o’clock shadow and so that’s like 12 19 is awesome in my books like I have been obsessed with it lately it’s been something that I have been doing a lot because I’ve been feeling a little shy about my burns so yeah there is the difference so that was it for today’s video I really hope you guys enjoyed it and you learn something new on how to color correct if you did please don’t forget to give this video a great big thumbs up if you guys would like to see a full makeup tutorial on the look that I’m wearing today I’ve been obsessed with matte brown lip it’s and says I’m a go-to lip color at the moment but if you guys would like to see a full tutorial on this look right here then please leave a comment below and I can totally do that for you guys leave us some suggestions in the comment section below on what you would like to see next on my channel subscribe if you’d like to see some more videos for me I love you guys and I will see you in my next one bye you Oh

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