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droppy everybody random Frank peeing guess what we got this goat simulator game logging and you can make them goat noise and everything awesome alright so here let me show you how to get all of the goat trophy collectibles and please this helps you about any bit even if it helps me get one trophy please hit like and subscribe because it really helps me out so get right into it you probably want to get all the trophies to be the ostrich the giraffe and the whale well in order that you can start off right where you spawn and get that first one right ahead from you that's going to be your first trophy to get you on the journey here now the second trophy is going to be not too far away when I go over to write the waterslide areas and you want to climb all the way up top to where this diving board is and right there on top will be your second trophy and then not too far away right over there to your left you want to go over to the the main slides to get your third trophy and it will be right underneath the little bigger slide there to the left and right there it is and then again not too far away either you just want to turn around and go right up the little mountainous area and take a right ready to use like it starts to plateau a little bit and then it'll be your fourth trophy just sitting right there in the Sun now for your fifth trophy in order to unlock a be a giraffe of a tall goat you want to go into the little garage over here by the gas station you'll see this zach galifianakis guy over there let's knock him down and right there will be your fifth trophy to unlock the tall goat with your ass hey giraffe oh then you want to go to the the crop field ish area where this big tunnel thing is where you can jump down at that space tunnel and eye right there yeah jewel will be your six trophy next you want to go into the studio little house that they have which is like their development studio I guess you're making fun of and upstairs you're gonna see it right in the the one office room it's kind of like sitting on the desk so I'm pretty easy to get but it's definitely easy to miss because there are some my houses you can go in itself but that is right here and now you want to go outside to the the right side of the house and comes a little ladder because this next part requires you to get to the very top of the building this one I jump up here to the second little the highest area of the roof then it'll be right on the little chimney stack right there for you not too far away this one's pretty easy you want to go to this little like shack kind of thing with the fans on top and it's just right there but I don't want to weigh yet because you're gonna want to look up it's kind of tricky and yes we're gonna want to go on top of those uh electrical lines there so all you got to do is just jump on top of the little fan thing here and it'll shoot you up and with your crazy trapeze goat senses you know if I just want to go in slow motion of course you're gonna land on the wire this is you're gonna lock the 10th trophy for the feathered goat or as normal people like to call it you can unlock the ostrich here so there's your tenth trophy right there on the power line so make sure you don't fall off because that would suck it's crazy ostrich time now while you're up there mantle just jump off the people that are protesting because it's your necks trophies right there so while they're protesting their penis-shaped foods right there behind the little stage is your eleventh trophy you can just knock this guy off is an ass and from there from number 12 you just want to go across a little guard area I guess over here and go to the greenhouse and it's just sitting right there waiting for you to pick it up this is an easy one alright next you want to go into the little house for the people having dinner downstairs you get Zach alpha max in the corner again but go in his room and let me hold in his closet there will be a secret and it'll be another trophy awesome what's up when we go next one in the middle of town is by this weird little small house Shack thing and it's just right there in the back behind the house and next you want to go to the construction area and one of easiest ones it's just sitting here in this little blue crate and there you go all right now you're probably familiar with this one this is that blue crate hanging from the crane so you're gonna go on top of the crane and jump off and try to land on top of this and work your way into the box but there's a row bottom there so you want to hit him before he punches you out he's gonna do it so hit him head bottom lick them do whatever you can just to knock them out for now because next time you go up he'll be dead you can just walk in like you own the place and take your trophy they can do this all in one shot if you're skilled but I'd knock them out of there and on the top roof of that little construction building where the jetpack age men go all the way to the top and then at the end a little platform will be another trophy now this one's pretty tricky so you want you want to go rag doll on the trampoline on top of that roof right want to do that a few times so you can build enough bounce to get on top of the crane now not to where we we're before we were inside that little area you want to get to the complete top of it because you're going to want to climb the top of the wire there and raise you go on top I think it's going to be the highest point in the game not 100% sure but on top of the little platform of the crane will be your what is this 13th 14th I don't know it'll be the next trophy and this one's got a tricky to get so you're welcome now from there you see that big red spot on the map you want to go over to the hole sacrificing is going on you want to go under that little Tower it's kind of difficult it's dark under there it's very hard to see but if you look hard enough right in the middle there will be a darkly shaded trophy for you guys it's very easy to miss let's start going to there now go to that of giant boulder things on the hill and right behind it there's another one they want to go to that big crop field again you'll see that uh I'm not sure the definition for that machine is called and once you have thing avoid it they'll pass the car and then just sitting there and a little open will be another shoe run past a little crop circle area over there and go to the outhouse we can take a nice goat dump and then to the side of it outside it will be another show fee thanks for the mark your territory just knock that thing down this is my dumping spot then when you're done taking care of that you just want to run over to that big tree in the center of the field thing you over here and right now – it will be down the trip then go back to that big pool area jump off of the trampoline try to land on top of this little house building thing over here where the church bell is because the next rope is actually inside that so trying to do is just go on top there and once you get up you will see that it's kind of difficult to get in so what you want to do is ragdoll because it won't let you fit in otherwise so but a ragdoll mode fall down there and just collect the trophy this one's in the antigravity building this took me actually a lot longer than I thought it was kind of difficult so that's why I put it at the end what you want to do is when I go for that little integrality chamber and get this little tunnel thing gets sucked up at the top of there but as you do go ragdoll immediately because uh if you don't get sucked to the other edge and then right there and the top was another trophy now actually got to this point by falling through the ceiling up top when you fly out through the antigravity chamber kind of tunnel thing and just land on like the little trellis area up top and then scale the area you'll find another trophy to sit in at the end and the last trophy to get yourself the fat whale is on top of the antigravity chamber building you're gonna see it here it's the back the back right spinning anvil you just want to go in slow motion and try to time it right and land on it it took me like 15 60 tries and I was so aggravated I wasn't recording at the time so you're seeing a bunch of fails but do say this once Alaska it is very frustrating and you know you've got to go in slow-mo and hope for the best try to time it out but I don't know it took me so many tries to get it it's just so difficult but yeah that'll hopefully unlock you the whale skin or the fat whale whatever I'll thank you very much for watching though I hope this helped you out and like I said earlier if it helped you out even a little spit you to even get you one trophy please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel check out some my other videos you might find something you like I don't know that'd be great so have fun that with your goat simulator being a goat a flimsy stupid giraffe an ostrich and now this ginormous whale that does nothing all right thanks guys thanks checking out the video have a good day

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