Gout prevention and proposed medications

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you hear of arthritis you probably think of knees or hands but have you heard of gout taking a closer look this is a form of arthritis often called the disease of the kings now symptoms include painful joint swelling usually in the toe or other part of the foot in certain fish meats and alcohol can cause gout attacks interestingly younger men are at a greater risk and here to fill us in on the rest is dr. Chris Parker he's a Rheumatologist with the Austin Diagnostic Clinic good morning to you morning this trend is interesting because I was just telling you I had a teacher in high school who had gout but of course she was a little bit older and so this this trend that we're seeing shows us that it can happen to anyone that's right so we used to call this the disease of kings because the doctors of the day we've known about gout for more than a thousand years that this seems to occur in kings monarchs czars people that were rich basically and we thought well it must have something to do with rich food and rich drinks but over the centuries we figured out that this can occur in any adult men or women and what's happening is a normal waste product called uric acid can build up in the joints and cause intermittent very painful flare-ups and so now instead of calling it the disease of kings we call it the king of diseases and the reason that's because it's so painful it can be so it reminds me of a soldier that took care of an else in the army and foot soldiers are tough tough guys and he wanted me to make sure I knew he was tough and so while he was having the scout attack he said doc I've been shot before I've taken shrapnel I passed a kidney stone and that stuff's a Sunday picnic compared what's going on down here wow wow I'm sure those who have it don't feel like royalty either so first this buildup is it caused by your diet or anything that people are doing right so diet plays a role but some people even if they had a very strict diet they could still flare up so I tell them don't don't stay at home and feel guilty just because you had a a nice alcoholic beverage while you're watching a ball game I'm sure haven't got attacks you probably should try to get help because medications can be really helpful here and talk about the worst place I mean I'm sure there are some pretty bad places to have pain but you don't realize I mean you you need your feet you need your toes I had a toe injury in high school and it can really set you back you just can't do a whole lot so how effective is the medication that's out there so we have lots of medications both those who have been around a long time and newer things that are quite effective and the key here if people know they have gout is to get them started right away so it can quickly just turn a god attack off get it in the beginning yes very important we are already at a time a very good information great story about the soldier that's gonna stick with me I hope you come back and thank you for joining us too on Easter weekend problem thanks for having me yeah if you miss any event we're gonna have the information in this interview plus a lot more about gout on our website a little bit later this morning on kxan.com

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