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hey guys so today’s video is going to be me showing you guys how to avoid something that no girl ever wants to be called okay face now I’m not saying that this will make it look like you’re not wearing any makeup at all because truth is when you’re wearing foundation and you’re wearing makeup it’s going to look like you’re wearing makeup I’m not saying that this video is gonna be like supernatural face makeup you know no one’s gonna tell it’s not i’m saying i’m going to be showing you how to really blend your face makeup hey make it melt into your skin and not just sit on top creating the illusion of a cake face so i am going to start with a foundation I’m using the covergirl nature line this foundation is the most natural-looking foundation that I have hence the name nature works I guess says that it is a liquid silk foundation a hundred percent I agree with this because it is a satin finish foundation and I think satin finishes looks so good and so natural it just feels like an extra layer of skin it feels so natural it just feels like I’m putting on flawless skin in a non-creepy way and I find the most natural way to apply this is with a sponge you can use your beauty blender or your knock on food blender whatever works for you and whichever is going to give you a natural finish I actually switched sponges because the one that i was using sucks and just crumbled all over my face so I got this is where a lot of girls go wrong when applying foundation you really only need one thin coat or too thin coats depending on your preference the coverage of your foundation also is a factor but for the most part with right your foundations from the drugstore like this one you don’t need that much purpose of foundation is to even out your skin tone not to cover up any blemishes or anything like that a lot of girls go crazy trying to cover up their acne with foundation not what it’s for that’s what concealer is for so you just need enough to cover your face and make it all one color once you think that you have done that it is time to move on to concealer honestly I don’t have that many spots that I want to cover up the consider that I usually use for this is my benefit Wayne concealer but I ran out so I’m using covergirl right now and a lot of people use synthetic brushes for concealer which is fine but just know that using a synthetic brush is not going to really melt it into your skin and let it blend but you can use a brush if you want to as long as you remember to go in with your finger and blend it out next I’m going to be using my lighter concealer after I have applied it with my sponge I’m going to go back with my clean very clean fingers ensure that it is blended all that it can be blended another mistake that people make is using powder foundation on top of liquid foundation you guys have seen me do this in my videos but it’s usually because I’m going to be filming another video why what maximum coverage because you know the camera sometimes takes off some of your makeup if that makes any sense or I’m going out with my friends at night I am totally a night type of person where I like to go out at night to the movies and stuff like that so it’s usually dark light so you really can’t tell my face isn’t look cakey instead try a translucent powder Oh in today’s video I’m going to be using this one from bareMinerals i believe and it’s their mineral veil I’m not going to go into depth about my blush contour and highlight if you guys would like to see that video then definitely tell me in the comments boil because I will happily film it for you but after I apply that I’m going to take a setting sprayer you can use any setting spray that you want you guys enjoyed this different kind of video where I show you how to avoid cakey makeup if you do it differently or you have any kind of tips or any advice that you would like to share with me and anyone else that watches this video so go ahead and comment it I hope you guys enjoyed this and i will see you my ex video hi

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