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Hey guys, what’s up and welcome to my channel So today’s video is going to be helping you guys out with foundation and how to make it not look cakey But yet still being able to use all well Majority of the products that you like to use it on your face and still get that good coverage But yet look really smooth and flawless on your foundation, and that’s my goal with today’s video And you guys know I do so many reviews and fun stuff like that on my channel, but today I love like TG makeup and teaching tips and tricks, and I kind of feel like that’s kind of how started my channel with like tutorials and my Hox videos and like all my Do’s and don’ts and tips and tricks like if you look back like that’s what I did like all 2016 and 15 I feel like kind of those years were the years I spend doing that and then I Shifted a little bit more into reviews I’ve so much fun doing reviews, and you guys really enjoyed those But I love kicking it back sometimes and doing the little cheetah cheetah chat Teaching videos and just talking makeup with you guys and how to perfect it and get it to looking a specific way so today We’re gonna be talking about how to get the makeup it looks super super super smooth on your skin This Friday, I will be announcing when cats pajamas is coming back in stock So if you’re not following the larlie los angeles Instagram page we should follow it if you want updates on my brand new stuff coming Out and when things will be back in stock also I’ve had a couple people buy the palette off eBay and received a fake palette I can only assure you that you will get an authentic couch with you if you buy off morphe brushes Beauty Bay or larlie Los Angeles calm that’s the or the morphe store.

Those are the only places that dupatta is being sold anywhere else There’s so many fake versions of my palette already made I was like Daniel don’t waste no time But that it’s just fact and I’m had people email me saying is this a real palette and it’s absolutely not a real palette It’s just a waste of money So be sure that you aren’t buying it off the Amazon eBay because I can’t guarantee that those are gonna Be real, cat’s pajamas palettes as you guys know the world of fake makeup It’s getting really really big, so beware I don’t know. I don’t know what they do when to make that makeup Anyways, I just want to say that for the safety of all of us Okay, so without further ado I have to each my ear and without further ado do we’re gonna sing a little Subscribe to a channel Did it subscribe to my channel before you Gone subscribe now let’s go ahead and jump right into the video Okay jumping right into this video.

Let’s talk about skin I think just getting like that flawless oh oh so smooth and silky it finished I’ve no makeup on my face my basis and my eyes are done, and if you have a lot of rough texture exfoliating helps somewhat So I put a good Exfoliator right here that I enjoy using one is from your ad it’s just super super good and our recent just well the Kate Somerville one it’s really good superfine green exfoliator, however I don’t recommend over exfoliating because then you will all of a sudden and start getting a rough Skin if you’re overdoing it because your skin on your face is still very sensitive It can’t take that hard abrasive scrub every single day your skin will start to build up a tolerance It’s trying to protect itself from the scrub so I like to exfoliate Once maybe twice a week and leave it at that and we my skin feeling gentle I feel like it really helps buff away the dry dead skin, and then I’m sure to moisturize Over moisturizing, I put a good moisturizer right here a gel one cuz you guys know the tea I’m Jill moisturizers on my channel if you don’t like water-based moisturizers Which are gel versus the cream based moisturizers which a lot of time cream ones are old based So they’re a little bit heavier if you have mature skin you might like the green ones better than the gel but the gentleman are very very very hydrating especially the Garnier moisture balm or The Aqua balm which is a little more pricey? Gosh, there’s so many the origins ginseng moisturizer there So this is so many gel moisturizers that are great They hydrate your skin leaving it really plush and get rid of dry spots without Overdoing it because if you overdo it you can get little whiteheads or milia on your face Which again is texture, and it’s not gonna look so smooth here we moisturize But you might just be overdoing it and clogging pores, which we don’t want so now that we’ve touched on skin I will recommend to priming Products so priming the skin hey you’re gonna have to find the prime of this right for you because the farmers right for me might Not be right for you and vice versa if you were dealing with big pores And you need to smooth that area out I recommend getting a pore filling primer the professional is a great one from benefit If your skin is dry and you’re not so much worried about pores.

You can use something like this for Sally one I think it’s super-super skin and retching it’s super moisturizing and also the also the one from smashbox the prime Iser it has hyaluronic Acid which retains moisture into the skin super super super great for moisturizing, so here is some tea on Primers and not getting your makeup to look cakey with them if you’re using a hydrating one I’m gonna show you both just for the sakes of the video, but I will take something like This guy, and I’ll kind of rub it all over because my skin is dry it all over Moisturize a thin layer all over My face, but let’s say I didn’t just apply this to my face normally.

I would leave it at this I really like this cuz if you can see it gets a little bit tacky And I love I feel like it adheres the foundation on really well anyways so if your skin does not You want the pore feeling moment I recommend not applying pore filling products all of your whole entire face it’s too much makeup and it can make your Foundation not look as smooth and make it look a little bit cakey or trying to avoid Cakey makeup here in this video so I recommend taking something like this and taking maybe half a pea-sized amount like seriously the smallest dab I warm it up Which makes it apply a little bit better in between my fingers, and then see here’s my poor area right here So I’m just gonna mush it in and I feel like it fills those pores kind of press it So good And I’ll leave it at that maybe a little on the chin pore filling Primers or something that kind of sets on top of the skin And I do feel like they do somewhat separate your foundation from your skin and in some cases It’s okay, because it’s filling the pores, but I don’t like it all over my skin I think it makes the makeup look cakey so if you’re gonna moisturizing one I would put it all over my face using a pork filling one put it on those specific areas that you need it and that Is gonna help to cut down on the cakey cake alright next up is foundation actually applying the foundation And it’s so so very important that you find a foundation that is not too cakey lately They’ve come out with so many good ones if you want a full coverage.

That’s affordable the Milani one the three-in-one Milani one It’s amazing if you want to every day one the Maybelline fit me it’s great Madame poreless I’m gonna be using the hood of beauty 1 today. I think it’s great I think it’s super moisturizing and not cakey whatsoever also the new Laura Mercier wants another full coverage one that is great But not cakey and very long-lasting. I’ve so many foundation videos that break down foundations for you You can type in foundations like on the search of my videos that you’ll find so many breakdowns of what a good foundation If you already found a good one for you Let’s talk about the application now you guys have already seen me apply a foundation a bazillion times And I like to use the Wyatt 6 from morphe You can either apply your foundation dabbed on to your skin like this Or you can put it on the brush and stipple it.

I really don’t think it makes a difference that is your preference It’s not gonna make a break in the makeup so today. I’m gonna be applying it. I already have it on the brush I assumed you guys in a little bit And if you notice I always do this in stipple Foundation on so there’s a couple reasons I do this one is because it Really, helps cut down on the brush like strokes in your foundation. Don’t know if you can see the strokes stippling Helps cut down on though Whenever a makeup has a scent to it Which this does it’s not that I don’t like the simple whenever it gets really close to my nose And I try to talk to you guys and breathe it the same time so much is happening.

I’m always like My issue is I’m just applying it and not talking to you guys. It’s not an issue Anyways, I do CIPO because it helps cut down on the brush strokes It’s really really really good to give you that flawless airbrush finish it also pushes the makeup into the skin And I believe pushing it and stippling it with a brush or Beauty Blender This is my favorite brush to y6. It helps them make it to last longer Also, I feel like if you just put a primer such as the professional one like I just did all over my face I feel Like if you’re pulling and pulling and pulling you’re literally just moving that primer around whenever you are stippling I feel like you are pushing your foundation right on top of the primer without moving the primer around So these are really great tips to get that flawless flawless foundation Let’s talk about concealers so with concealers it all truly depends on the concealer that you’re using one of my favorites is the NARS creamy radiant concealer I Really like the new when wild one if you want an affordable option the photo ready photo finish or put it ready It’s a newer one from one.

Wall. It’s really nice. It has a weird scent to it, but it is a nice concealer I Just tried a wipe away a freckle that I’ve had my whole life. I need to get it together anyways today I’m gonna be using the NARS one I know this heart-shaped one is a tarp shaped Cape one is really popular so what I like to do is just pump into the thing once like one little and Then apply it If you are using something like Tarte shaped tape I can never apply this much of it because I will be blending it down To my freaking elbows. I’ll just put a little bit on my forehead whatever’s left I feel like adding too much concealer is such a culprit for getting cakey makeup And people wondering why crease and why it doesn’t last that long? And I feel like concealer just adding too much of it is a lot of the reason of that Tarp shaped a the thicker the concealer Let me just put this way the thicker the concealer with a more high coverage the less you want to apply to your skin Blend that out, and if you feel that later, you know what it’s just not enough consider girl I’m gonna need more you can then go back in and add a little bit more But you don’t want to start out applying an assload of concealer to your face.

It’s just too much it is going to leave you Creasy and So I’m gonna take the same brush, and I like to stipple back and forth so I used to not do this But I recently like this year. I have been doing this. I go. Oh did she mess up her winged liner a Little bit, that’s okay I like to go back and forth because if you notice if you swipe one way There’s like creases in the eye The product cannot get into so if I go back and forth It really works the product into all the creases, and it leaves you looking less creasy, and what bam baby So normally, what a lot of makeup artists will tell you to do, whenever they do your concealer and they dont want to crease, they’ll be like “keep looking up” And then they’ll go ahead and apply the powder back and forth back and forth back and forth To make sure the powder gets in all the creases so TTT on this it just depends on the person you are really and the makeup look you’re going for but I prefer you using a translucent powder if you don’t want cake a lot of cake so this Laura Mercier powder is a Foundation powder it isn’t meant to be worn kind of like a foundation It’s meant to be worn like a foundation or lightly over a foundation or a really lightweight foundation It’s not meant to technically But you want you can do whatever the hell you want being honest like what are the rules? But if you wear it on top of full coverage foundation after eight hours You might be looking a little bit cakey So I prefer to use something like the ethereal power about powder by Born This Way by Too Faced It’s a really good translucent powder.

It’s much more lightweight. It’s really I know you guys have seen this 110 times on YouTube But it’s really good for baking so again with baking in and out In and out in and out in and out and I like to use a butyl beauty Blender to do this because I find that the product sticks to the Beauty Blender And it won’t explode all over your face, and this is also gonna lock the makeup in place it’ll make it last way longer, and it will help you avoid that creasing honey and My smell lines are pretty gnarly Most the time so if you bake your smell lines a little bit it helps them not to crease so badly It just depends on the person, and we don’t all have these small lines that are just like attacking us every day Like me I apply a little bit of powder in the smile line area down the nose and right there in that t-zone the t-zone It’s gonna help it not look greasy and cakey And I really like to just beat it in there just beat it, baby Normally after I let this set for however long doing it So you can let it set for one minute you let it sit for five minutes.

Whatever you want to do I’ll take a fluffy brush. This is a G at thirty at five and I’ll buff away the majority of it that way It’s not too cakey The software to the brush the better for the under eye area because that under-eye skin is so delicate and you don’t want to pull On it. I’m still glad when I ready my line. I’m like Wah-wah you’re gonna have the wrinkles mama so I wiped away all the powder with this brush and Using the translucent powder instead of the foundation powder. It’s just gonna be way more lightweight, and if you can see my skin looks velvety Super velvety. I can’t help. I have natural like this is the shape of my skin I I don’t have filler in my under eyes I’ve considered it, but um I’m too big of a push to do it so I won’t do it But this is just my natural creasing that’s such bear like if I don’t have those creases there would be no crease at all because My skin, but I feel like it looks super smooth on the other eye We have good coverage so if I was going to do a cream contour I would have done that before I applied the transcend powder That way the cream product goes on top of a cream now on top of a powder which is a big no-no I just wanna mention that um you know you put a powder on your face And then you add a cream on top of it that You can run yourself into a cakey mess because the creams not gonna blend out as well having a powder on top of it I’m going to take an r14 brush.

This brush is perfect medium sized a contour brush I’m gonna go ahead and contour my skin today. I’ll be using it the hoola bronzer And I’m just gonna go ahead and contour, and I know again like I said, I look super powdery. Don’t worry about that I’m gonna show you how I get rid of like this super powdery look subs gonna buff this into the hairline and Again everything that I mention in this video I’ll link in the description box down below as I do 90% of the time? Sometimes your girl Laura gets really crazy and busy She only has time to list the products and not link them But I would try to get them all linked before this video goes live to help you guys Figure out where you can find the product or just look at the prices of the product or you know check them out So I’ve been using this blush non-stop.

I don’t think it really matters like what blush you use as far as cakey makeup I like to personally apply my blush a little bit like on back like I’ll hit the apples But then I really like to work it on back you guys know. I’m not like a blush fanatic or anything I really do like this peach blush from dose of colors the actual name of it is amazement Okay, next up for highlight i’m gonna be using glow glow glow goals from Ofra and nikkietutorials So I’m just gonna get some of this.

This is a R14, R36. What is she talking about? She’s used the R14 R36 brush And I really like to kind of keep this product a little bit more on the cheeky area Right up here, and not so much up here Because if you apply a highlighter more so in the pore area baby girl is going to pick up every pore in your being And magnify at times ten oh, she’s glowing okay, so the trick I look like super powdery right now And that’s no lie and I hate it and I used to not do this and I would be like use the powdery girl But what I like to do is I like to really not just to set my makeup But really to cut down on the powdery look I’ll take a Mac fix plus or whatever setting spray you got on deck and I’ll hit the whole face with it So let me hold this hair back Okay now what I like to do because you can see this setting spray sitting right on top of my skin I have to take a sponge Do you see that same spray sitting on top of the baby hairs? And I like to melt it into my skin.

I feel like it makes this makeup look I mean obviously it’s gonna look like I have makeup on but it makes it look a little bit more skin like and not so cakey And I’m not rubbing I’m padding so it doesn’t move the makeup around It’s just pressing it into the skin and a pop on a lippy you guys can’t know about yet. I think this is like the best color ever That is it for this video guys. I hope it was helpful, and I hope it broke down Do’s and don’ts and how to avoid that cakey makeup and less is more and apply right where you need it? I feel like my smile lines are not cakey it filled my under.

Eye, I mean I just have the creases that I’m just God bless me with but as far as like under here It’s not cakey. It’s super smooth. It’s like everything looks velvety. I actually do have a good bit of makeup on It’s just applied in the right way so again. I hope this video was helpful I hope you guys subscribe before you leave be sure and give this video a thumbs up if it was helpful And I will catch you in my next video, honey bye guys.

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