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How to avoid cakey makeup!!!

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hey everyone so I was asking a couple of my friends what kind of questions I should answer like makeup questions just general questions that other people would probably want to know and when my friends asked a really good question i get this a lot actually and that’s how do you prevent your makeup from looking super cakey like you put it all on it looks great inside you go outside then you realize you’re starting to get some so weird freeway lines going on you’re like what what what what what what whoa that was not there five seconds ago oh so now what what do I do now how do i prevent this okay easy let’s rewind how did you apply your makeup is your skin really dry have you exfoliate admiss week what acne products are you using to make sure that the skin is as smooth and even as possible if your skin looks smooth but you put makeup on and it looks cakey it’s not smooth it’s not smooth it off we need to rewind and go back to the basics definitely you want to make sure that you’re using acne products with some beads exfoliating products that have like some of the sand beats in them you want something that I can actually penetrate and you’re going to use maybe like one of those loofah buffs that small it’s made for the face it’s not those big no no no no no too harsh to rough know something that’s soft but still has a little bit that’s why a lot of people use those Claire sonics those brushes I don’t recommend those because it’s way too expensive when you can do that at home for like two bucks that you could get you know at dollar store and I’ve showed in a previous video how to do that but definitely starts with exfoliation the skin has to be super clear in terms of the oil and anything that’s actually sitting on top of the skin also do masks each week do just a regular facial mask leave it on let it sit in everyday use a moisturizer even if you have oily skin invest in a moisturizer that does not have oil in it this is very important a lot of people with oily skin think I don’t know no moisturizer no no no no don’t even give me that mmm not going to make my acne worse no no no find a moisturizer that’s made for oily skin something very specific because you do need to make sure that your skin has enough water content so that it does look supple otherwise you are going to see lions definitely oh oh yeah and drink water lots of water you don’t drink water it’s going to show up on your skin it’s going to look dry cakey and just sad we don’t want skin skin no oh sad skin so those are just a couple tips and tricks but another thing is using primer some of us just have skin that naturally will be more prone to caking using a primer before hand on your face is definitely helpful another reason that your makeup pic cake is the powder itself some powders break down because of heat being in your purse and some powders need a primer otherwise they just don’t look so good or definitely your skin there are some proud errs that just are not as good as others and no matter how amazing your skin is if the powder is not a good powder and it’s cheap or it’s expired a lot of people don’t know that powder expires makeup especially if you put it in your purse and you’re out in the heat a lot it will go bat a lot faster and and because we actually you know use our hands and actually put the brush in it or dip it through I mean the bacterial content will continue to multiply and multiply as we go on so after a while you’ve got to throw some of the stuff away those are my tips and tricks for just avoiding cakey makeup and having an amazing summer thank you guys for watching bye bye you

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