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here in one okay so today is probably the number one tip to prevent cakey makeup now I’ve done some videos on this before but this I kind of witnessed this today actually while I was traveling so this is why this video came about one of the best things you can do in your makeup to keep the longevity of it before it starts to break down is to block the skin after you’ve applied your moisturizer primer and then after you’ve applied your foundation and concealer before you put powder on and there’s a video down there for you to have a look at in the description bar but let’s just say you’ve gone about your day done your makeup you’ve set your makeup you put powder on it you’ve even used a powder and a puff to really lock it in and then the oil starts to happen again and then you reach via powder and you kind of powder up those areas now this is the first mistake what we want to do first before we powder is absorb the oil and what I tend to see most of the time is that we’re not absorbing the oil we’re just putting powder directly on to an oily greasy face and that creates that heavy thick makeup look that cakey look that we don’t want so you just want to absorb this so simple but it’s so easily forgotten you just want to absorb the oil first we’d like some blotting papers priming pinkos work just while you can get those really really cheaply just take the oil absorbing sheet Pat it onto the areas that are oily absorb the oil first then you can go in with a brush knowledge ease of a brush but whatever this is my fan brush pen brush number fifteen available you know available and then you take your powder and then you dust over the areas that were once oily this will absolutely prevent that cake face that cakey makeup look that heavy look because you’ve ever applied applied powder on to oil it just looks horrible it looks thick and heavy and it doesn’t really deal with the issue but absorbing it first then we will take you through hours more and keep the longevity of your makeup intact the other thing you can do is to make sure to really make sure your foundation staying place so make sure that you you go with the premise of light versus like so oil-based foundation oil-based moisturizer water-based foundation water-based moisturizer silicon based foundation silicon based moisturizer because that way they’re not competing oil and water don’t mix but absorb the oil first with a pack with a sheet of you know firming papers or oil blotting things then just dust with powder lightening and you’re good to go but try and get out of habit of applying powder directly onto all your skin that’s all release time to come through before blotting first if you have any other tips on how to keep your makeup intact then pop them into that comment section below and I will look forward to read them because I like to learn you start I love learning new stuff and that would be really cool thanks so much and I’ll see you soon bye bye hello so if you are looking for a video that will make you Instagram flawless without the filter without all that other jazz then this is a video for you this is a buffing technique video and all you need to do is click my box and you can open it to a new video or if you’re watching on mobile device the link will be down there in the description bar this video will teach you the buffing technique which is a technique using powder to buff the skin with an immature site to absolutely photographic perfection you will not believe it until you try it so click this video click my box or click the link in the description bar thanks so much for by

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