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How to disable “This page has been translated” pop-up message in Google™ Chrome

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hi friends are you getting at this page has been translated pop-up balloon every time you open a foreign language web page in Google Chrome browser let's go ahead and see how you can disable this open google chrome now for demo purpose let's open a website of any different language when the web page opens a pop-up balloon message would you like to translate this page will appear in the address bar click on options and you will see that chrome offers you to translate this page into English language click on cancel now to disable this popup message click on the chrome menu on the top right of the Chrome browser and then click on settings scroll the page and then click on show advanced settings link scroll the page again to the languages section and then deselect the checkbox next to offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read now the automatic translation feature has been disabled in google chrome and you'll never see that annoying pop-up balloon in the address bar hope this was easy to follow thanks for watching for more details click on the eye icon on the top right of the video check out our I yogi channel for self-help videos on windows mac smartphones security social media and much more have something to ask or share pen it down in the comments to get a yogi tech support dial toll-free numbers to stay empowered technically subscribe to our channel you

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