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HOW TO Fix Google Chrome Updates “Disabled By Administrator”!

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Alright, a super quick video on how to fix
this problem here. This is Google Chrome, and it says 'updates
are disabled by the administrator' and you can't update your Google Chrome automatically. So what you do is
you hit start type in 'regedit'
On Windows 8 you just hit the windows key and type regedit
Hit Yes OK
Now you need to go to 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE' and then click 'SOFTWARE'
and then scroll down and hit 'Policies' and then 'Google'
and then 'Update' Now click that
Now where it says 'Update Default' it should say 0 here if you're having this problem,
change it to 1 Keep the hexadecimal the same and hit OK
Restart your browser And check whether you have that problem
'Checking for updates..' And there's all there is to it
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