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How to Get Rid of Discount Buddy, Toolbars, Pop Ups, and Extensions on Google Chrome

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hello and welcome to a video on how to get rid of discount buddy now this is an extension for Google Chrome and Internet Explorer that whenever you type something every now and then a little pop-up will come up and I don't know how discount buddy gets on your computer but it does it's like over words so see how like this is blue sometimes you'll put your mouse over and a little pop box will pop up and it'll show like stuff you know I already have ad block so it's weird and as you can see in your extensions it's right here and you can't disable it you can access all this stuff and so on so here's how I get rid of it you know I hit start down there sorry you can't see white speaker was in the way and you're gonna hit start and go to control panel now if you're on Windows XP this pen should pop up like right around here it'll be like add / remove programs over Windows Vista and some others it should be programs and features and double-click on that and all this stuff should show up as you can see and all these are actually for my toolbars and stuff so if you have to the bar so you can't get rid of that they'll be in here too and there it is so you can see where my mouse is just count buddies right there hit uninstall and this will uninstall discount buddy are you sure you want to discontinue using it and stuff and then I'll uninstall it and then others like toolbars they can't get rid of or anything else it should pop up in this area there it is so it's uninstalled successfully and as long as you have ad block you should never experience had an ad again and settings extensions and nothing there there we go so as I get rid of it stuff like that thank you all for watching and talk to you later

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