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How to install a bathroom faucet – Anzzi (KF-AZ127) single lever waterfall faucet.

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everybody welcome to the shank I'm Rick we're going to do a quick install of a faucet for the bathroom keeping with the Home Depot theme or you know the Home Depot products I come across and I'm sorry I don't know how you pronounce it it's a in zzi all of us on Zions a of thee um but they're kind of new tone people they have if you ladies want something really trick and different be real nice your husbands they have a tub in the shape of a high heel I didn't kid go to the website WWE and ZZ I comm check them out yeah pretty cool stuff there I mean some really really nice stuff so this is kind of like the introductory things into the home people so I have the kid here I'm going to stall it I like this one better than the one I had because this kind of looks like almost um varnish like the old pumps in the trough the water comes out so this doesn't have your typical Park or anything it's just a trough that the water is gonna run out on and I like that I've always wanted one and I've had I had an opportunity I'm going to check this one out I have it apart I have it laid out you know me check everything make sure things there but I do have a few concerns the instructions are a little bit bay so if you don't do this often it may be a little difficult because it really doesn't tell you a whole lot but basically it tells you cut the hole slap it in put it on in this order and that's it the problem mean water lines are not your traditional type one line normally we would have a water line that we screw on to the fittings on the faucet itself and when I took off to sink basically like this this would go into the faucet this would go into your water out of it under the sink this one is a little bit different and I've gone online there's really nothing more than this that tells you what to do and this is all so in that aspect I'm a little disappointed they don't go in a little more detail that is the box it came in this is everything out of the box we have your faucet like I said the trough style looking very nice solid I hope this runs out it's got a nice run off won't splash that much I think it'd be much better than when I had nice handle here hot cold as you see there's nothing coming out here as far as your water line what you do you want to screw this and if you can see in here right there is where you've got screw your lines into if they would have had some copper lines come out here to connect it been a lot easier I'm not sure about that comes with your a dream to messed it these are what you put on you put this on the counter this goes in and go through your hole and you put it in in this order the gasket steel ring and then your bracket underneath that and I'm not sure how that works it doesn't say what these screws are for I'm not sure and then it comes with you still braided line your hot and cold lines and also has a little allen wrench here which I'm not too sure what that's for because the directions really don't tell you nothing other than that huh okay so I have these I got a twist in to that once it's connected how do I know that this isn't going to leak that's not tight so not too sure about this but we're going to give it a shot I'm just a little leery that it may leak that I can't get in here and tighten that knot over time just to Snug it into the housing of the faucet here me I should put that in first then thread thread these two through that connect it slide it into the countertop and go from there and I guess you just screw that up so far then you use these to push it down snug I like this faucet it's new to Home Depot but there's a few concerns I think I'm just going to wing it I'm going to say you want to take these out of this I have to see now this is going to fit in here prior see what fits oh my I couldn't fit it on first and get that ready one thing I can't see in here that indicates hot and cold okay what I did was on the handle here this sides hot this side is cold so I went ahead and put the hot line on this side hooked it to my hot outlet turned it on turn the hand till hot turn that on and it works oh that is right so if you have one hot goes to the left cold goes to the right I'll take this off put some plumbers grease on that definitely going to hurt it put it back in snug it and then we'll move on and I'll actually do a little dab of plumbers grease on this just so it helps here now feeding through here that is much easier to do it that way and now as it says put on the rubber washer the metal washer and the locking nut and that order those go on this goes on that's tight then I guess I just tighten these up okay so I'm going to use a little Phillips here and I want it making this up a little bit just doing it by hand I can use an impact or anything that's tight connect my waterline this is the cold and this is the hot one then when you do anything like this make sure you have a little bold or something underneath to catch any drips or any flow when you take the old one off I'm going to make sure they're snug that's tight do the same to the other one okay quarter turn bones one this man make sure you got no leaks no we're let's go up top and check it out I like that forward is hot water there you go hot water right back definitely cold water bring in the middle or that is me there's really that's it that's how you install an end I on the I on the are you pronounced oh I'm sorry I don't know faucet I think I like this one so when I get my new counter I'm gonna have my soap dispenser put over here somewhere I think I'm going to have that mounted off to the side so I'm going to have the faucet over here and I have my soap dispenser over there so I'm going to open that up so I'd rather experiment with this old countertop prior to get my new one so I know exactly where I want it yeah that was easy and simple I really wasn't too sure on the water line application how it was going to work out but it wouldn't matter if you get one of these make sure on the handle it says hot and cold I guess that also represents the inlets hot and cold works fine there's no issues with it I like a look I like wait comes out is a smooth water flow and that was real simple took all of 10-15 minutes so always when you are going to replace this turn off the water supply if you have the old-style multi-turn bow I highly suggest you go down get the quarter turn bowels shut off the main water supply pull those off put new ones on you'll be much better off in the long run believe me remember this is the new brand coming out you see the very very nice faucets for the bathroom and kitchen this is the bonsai k-f a z12 7 single lever waterfall faucet check them out go online WWAN zzi calm and you'll be blown away by what they have to offer they got some really really nice stuff as always be blessed get out there take back your Shack follow me as I do mine stay tuned for more home improvements follow me on Twitter subscribe so your stay informed of everything that's coming up thanks again for watching see you next video you

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