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How to Install or Replace a Universal Telescopic Bottle Trap for a Bathroom Basin or Kitchen Sink

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this video demonstrates how to install an easy flow telescopic bottle trap firstly remove the outlet knot and place over the waste pipe followed by the plastic washer and the conical rubber washer ensuring the chamfered edge faces the trap outlet place the trap outlet over the pipe and align the outlet up to the threat hand tighten clockwise now to fix the trap to the waist loosen the lock and not the adjustment tube and then be set to the desired height once at the correct level connect the SP not to the waist and remember to retighten the lock melt but the universal vision used 40 ml 232 no plastic adapter and tighten to the waist prior to installation repeat the steps shown previously however for this installation remove the conical rubber washer and instead use the larger rubber adapter to clean the trap empty the sink and use a suitable container and place underneath turn the base of the trap clockwise until the bowl can be removed empty the water and clean the trap once clean reapply the bowl by turning anti-clockwise you

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