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How to manage Mozilla® Firefox pop up blocker settings in Windows® 8.1

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hello friends pop-ups are windows that appear automatically on your firefox browser when you visit any particular website pop-up blocking is turned on by default on firefox browser but you can easily manage the pop-up blocker as per your requirement let's see how on the Start screen click on the Mozilla Firefox tile to open it at the top of the Firefox window click on the Firefox button go to options and select options from the submenu on the options window select the content tab to turn off the pop-up blocker uncheck the block popup windows checkbox to turn on popup blocker select the block popup windows checkbox you can click the exceptions button to allow display of pop-ups for specific sites type the name of the site and then click allow to add a website to the exceptions list if you want to remove a website from the list select it and then click remove site click remove all sites to remove all of the web sites in the exceptions list click close and then click OK to close the options window wasn't that helpful thanks for watching

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